What causes irritation in the groin?

Medicine still does not agree in a single opinionin relation to the etiology of pruritus. In most cases, itching is accompanied by irritation of nerve endings. Such irritation is so insignificant that it can not cause strong pain, but it can cause irritability, as the rules of etiquette do not allow you to scratch the disturbing place in front of everyone.

Such moments can become intolerable, leading up tonervousness and reduced efficiency. Moreover, people are often afraid to consult a doctor with a similar problem, as many have irritation in the groin area associated with venereal diseases. Such thoughts are false, and the itching of your genitals in very rare cases can be caused by "shameful" diseases. In most cases, the cause of irritation may be other systemic diseases of the body. They include diabetes, liver and urethra, intestinal disorders, and allergic reactions to soap and disinfectant solutions.

Often irritation in the groin may beis caused by non-observance of simple rules of hygiene. It should be washed at least 1-2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, using natural disinfectants. Also avoiding itchy sensations will help to be careful in choosing underwear. Do not buy synthetic panties that do not let enough air in to the body. They only create a negative greenhouse effect, which promotes active propagation of pathogens of various diseases and leads to the onset of the inflammatory process of the genital organs.

In addition to the above, oddly enough,irritation in the groin, sometimes due to excessive care of the hygiene of your genitals. Most young women use expensive disinfectant solutions, sprays and deodorants, which only disrupt the microflora of the genital organs and dry the mucous membrane of the genitals. This contributes to the intensification of itching, so do not abuse the hygiene products that in the future will cause thrush or bacterial vaginosis. Under the influence of these diseases, activation of opportunistic pathogens, such as fungus and bacteria, is possible.

If you adhere to the above rules, andirritation in the inguinal area is more and more evident, perhaps it is caused by a heavier disease, for example, genital herpes, with an exacerbation of which discomfort is manifested. Human carrier of the pathogen will take a longer time to completely get rid of this disease. In most cases, patients return to therapy again and again, but not always the result is positive. Genital herpes is more common in people with weakened immunity, so the course of treatment is aimed primarily at strengthening the body.

Irritation in the groin is common in women inperiod of menopause, which is caused by kraurosis of the vulva. In this case, the itching becomes so intense that it can lead to severe mental disorders. The disease is caused by a decrease in the production of female sex hormones, as well as thinning of mucous membranes. In such situations, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment, which includes the intake of hormonal drugs, vitamins, ointments against irritation and other necessary medications.

In ordinary cases, reduce or get rid ofirritation will help baby powders or a tablet of furacilin added to bathing water. In addition, for the prevention of such an unpleasant phenomenon as irritation in the groin, you must change the diet, from which it is necessary to exclude sharp foods and seasonings that provoke an allergy.

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