What can and can not do with menstruation?

Menstruation is a natural process in the body of every woman. In most cases, the monthly pass without any discomfort. If a woman is healthy, she does not want to postpone her plans and favorite activities due to the onset of a new cycle. This article will tell you about what can and can not be done during menstruation. You will learn about the main limitations during this period.

what can not be done with monthly

Menstrual bleeding

What can not be done with monthly? 12 years is the age at which the first menstrual bleeding begins most often. During this period, girls are not yet aware of the main prohibitions and restrictions during critical days. That is why mothers and grandmothers should tell them about it.

The average duration of menstrual bleeding ranges from three to seven days. In this case, the selection should not be very abundant. Otherwise, we can talk about pathology. A cycle and regular menstrual bleeding are established within one year after the appearance of the first discharge.Every girl is important to know about what can not be done during menstruation. We will understand this issue in detail on the example of some situations.

what not to do with 12 months

Menstruation and exercise

Talking about what can not be done with monthly girls, the first thing I want to note is that during this period it is worth limiting any physical activity. If a girl goes to school, then it is worth to give up physical education.

What not to do with menstruation yet? Doctors strongly do not recommend running, jumping and lifting weights. If you want to do gymnastics, you should prefer yoga or swimming. Also, in the absence of heavy bleeding, you can perform some stretching exercises. It is worth recalling that swimming in open waters and pools at this time involves the use of tampons. These hygiene products will help prevent microbes and various types of bacteria from entering the vagina.

what not to do with monthly girls

Hot tubs and saunas

What can not be done with menstruation is to expose your body to high temperatures. If you like to soak in the hot tub or visit the sauna with a bath, then it is worth to postpone such activities for a few days.

With a strong increase in body temperature there is a rapid expansion of blood vessels. Perhaps this is useful to some of the weaker sex, but certainly not during this period. The consequence of such procedures may be increased secretions and the occurrence of heavy bleeding. This may entail not only the need for medical treatment, but also sending it to a medical institution.

Sex during menstruation

Gynecologists, talking about what can not be done during menstruation, are advised to refrain from sexual intercourse these days. During menstruation, the mucous membrane of the uterus and vagina is most vulnerable. If microbes enter during the act, inflammation may develop. In this case, it will take a long and serious treatment.

Also, sex during menstruation can contribute to the reflux of blood in the fallopian tubes. This leads to the fact that the fluid settles on the abdominal cavity and endometriosis develops. This disease is very insidious and dangerous. It leads to such phenomena as adhesions, infertility, failures in the menstrual cycle and so on.

Nutrition and menstruation

what can and can not be done with monthly

And what can not eat during menstruation? There is probably no definite answer to this question. During this period, it is worthwhile to limit the consumption of any products that increase the contractile ability of the genital organ. These include pomegranate, parsley, tomatoes, grapefruit, and so on. Also increase the bleeding can chocolate, coffee, spicy dishes and smoked meats, salted and pickled foods. Absolutely not recommended to drink alcohol. It expands blood vessels and acts on the body of a woman like a hot bath.

Try to consume more complex carbohydrates and cereals during critical days. Prefer kefir, ryazhenka and any dairy products. Drink more plain water.

Medical Diagnostics

What else can you do during your period? Doctors and scientists have proved that during this period it is necessary to exclude any laboratory and diagnostic studies. The only exceptions are some cases where the doctor prescribes a blood test for a number of hormones to the patient.

If you donate blood during this period, the results can be greatly distorted. This is due to the fact that the composition of the channel varies greatly.It is also not recommended to take urine for research. Often, menstrual blood trapped in a sterile container for analysis can cause the detection of a false pathology. The same can be said about the analysis of feces.

Various ultrasound examinations may produce a slightly distorted result. This is especially true for the diagnosis of the pelvic organs. A gynecological examination is also not carried out during menstruation. If you go to the next reception to the gynecologist, be sure to consider this fact.

what not to do with monthly signs

Cosmetic manipulations

There are folk beliefs about what can not be done during menstruation. Signs say that the paint applied to the curls during this period will stay worse and will quickly wash off. Is it really?

Doctors and cosmetologists really do not advise to carry out some manipulations during menstruation. These include nail extension, permanent makeup, chemical peels, and so on. The result of these procedures may vary somewhat depending on the state of the hormonal background of the woman. Also, the body and tissues during this period are more vulnerable.

As for haircuts and hair dyeing, the hairdressers say about the absence of any influence of menstruation on the result of the correction. Most of the representatives of the weaker sex still tidy themselves up regardless of the day of the cycle.

Surgical interventions and menstrual cycle

Doctors strongly advise against performing various operations during menstruation. Scientists have shown that during this period, the composition of a woman’s blood varies somewhat. It should be noted that we are talking not only about serious interventions, but also about elementary procedures.

Absolutely always before preparing for a particular operation, the doctor asks the patient about the bottom of her menstrual cycle. Scheduled surgical interventions are appointed precisely for the period when the monthly run out. The only exceptions are emergency operations when there is a threat to a woman’s life.

what not to do with menstruation and why

What can be done during menstruation?

There are no specific rules on this issue. Doctors talk about the following manipulations, which are not only allowed, but also necessary:

  • Observe hygiene. It is necessary to change the pad or tampon every 3-6 hours, even if the discharge is scarce.
  • Frequently use wet wipes for intimate hygiene or wash with soap.
  • Try to stay in the open air and walk more often.
  • Eat regularly and regularly. Prefer fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Wear loose clothing. For menstruation, give up tight pants and leggings.
  • Try to get only positive emotions. If possible, thoughts about the problems postpone for several days.

what can not be with menstruation


You now know what to do with menstruation and why. You also found out the allowed actions during this period. If you have any questions, contact your doctor. The gynecologist will tell you in detail about the main limitations during menstruation and help dispel any doubts. Share this important information with your younger sisters or daughters. Who, if not you, will help them to learn such details. Follow the rules and be always healthy!

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