We remember the best films of 2008

Both domestic and foreign film distribution annually pleases viewers with new pictures. 2008 was not an exception. By the way, the continuation was shot for many works. Below we will present the best films of 2008.

"We are from the future": military topics

Movie events begin in our time. Four young people are busy digging in the places where battles took place during the war. Their goal is to make money. At some point, a grandmother from a nearby village comes up to them and tells her that her son went missing here in a battle. She also talks about the red cigarette case that he had with him.

Friends do not find anything better than to promise that they will certainly return the thing if they meet their son. Continuing the excavation, these young blockheads discover wartime documents with their own surnames. Having considered their discovery a hallucination, friends dive into the nearby lake. Here they only emerge in the past, austere 1942. What they just did not have to experience. Let not the first attempt, but they returned in due time.And they returned completely different.best movies of 2008

"New Year's Tariff": long live the romance!

We are talking about the best films of 2008. List of the best filmswill be incomplete without the romantic comedy “New Year's Tariff”. The company of young friends has a tradition - on New Year's Eve to dial a telephone number at random and to congratulate a stranger on the holiday with a phone.

Only on this night one of them - Andrey, when buying a new phone, received an unusual tariff as a gift. Thanks to this, he meets with Alena. After the phone calls that followed, mutual sympathy arises between young people. Here they would meet, but the meeting still does not take place.

The reason soon became clear - they live at different times. On the calendar, Andrew - 2009, Alain lives in the 2008th.

Having decided to meet in real life, Andrey finds out that the girl was dead. But in this film (not for nothing, we attributed it to the category "Best films of 2008») there is no place for sadness and tears. Therefore, fooling around, colorful lights, disguised heroes, New Year's fuss, and, of course, a happy ending await us.2008 best film

"The Best Movie" (2008 film)

Wedding is one of the joyful events in the life of any person. In order to celebrate him properly, his friends persuade Vadik to smoke a joint.

It is unlikely that a young man in such a significant day wanted to be in a state of clinical death. But that is exactly what happened to him. And instead of the registry office, he was expected to go to heaven and meet with the secretary of the Most High.

He quickly put the visitor in front of the fact that paradise is not his option. The reason is the sinful and unsightly life of Vadik. I had to bring the last proof that in his life there were wonderful good deeds and actions.

But it turns out, the celestial office is well aware of all the unseemly actions of the failed groom. Only the hero does not want to give up.movies 2008 best movie list

Mother's heart is not fooled

The best films of 2008- This is not only comedy, but also films of the “detective” genre. As, for example, "Substitution". It is based on real events that happened in the past century. The scene is Los Angeles. The young woman, Christine Collins, the main heroine of the picture, the misfortune - her little son disappeared. Soon the police manage to find a child. Only a woman refuses to recognize her son in him. The police and city authorities do not like this situation.

Christine has to turn to reporters.Announced crazy leadership of the city to the clinic. But no loving mother will stop before obstacles and trials. Christine is starting her own investigation.

The best films of 2008until today have their fans. We hope that the presented selection will refresh their memories. To those who have not yet seen these films, we wish you a pleasant viewing and vivid impressions.

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