Washing powders "Persil" (Persil): types, purpose, reviews

Persil brand household chemicals appeared on the Russian market about 10 years ago. In Europe, housewives have been using these powders since 1907. And this detergent has always received good reviews. One of the absolute advantages of Persil powders is that they do not contain environmentally harmful phosphates.

A bit about the manufacturer

Engaged in the release of household chemicals under the brand "Persil"German company "Henkel". This company was founded a long time ago - in 1876. Her first product was exactly laundry detergent. It was then made on the basis of sodium silicate. Unlike similar products from other manufacturers, the first powder from Henkel was not sold by weight, but in convenient packages for consumers.

persil powders

The excellent quality of the new product on the market at the time and the convenience of its use quickly made it very attractive in the eyes of customers and popular.In the following years, sales of Henkel household chemicals gradually grew. Ultimately, the company became a true industrial giant. Today, its products are well known not only in Germany, but also in other European countries, as well as in the post-Soviet states.

In the domestic market, the companyHenkelworking since 1990. It was then that the first Russian-German enterprise was created."Sovkhenk". It was registered in the city of Engels.

Persil Powder Types

The line of household chemicals from the company "Henkel", intended for washing clothes, is quite wide. Under the brand "Persil" several varieties of powders are supplied to the domestic market. If desired, the hostess, for example, can purchaseand Persil:

  1. "Lavender".This kind of Persil powder is intended for washing white things. "Persil Lavender" is able to cope with the most complex stains and at the same time gives the linen a unique aroma of field herbs.

  2. "Freshness" from Vernel.This conditioner powder is just perfect for washing light linen.

  3. Persil Power perls Automat.This powder "Persia" is an automatic machine suitable for all types of fabric.

  4. Color "Freshness" by Vernel.This kind of powder is designed for washing colored things.

  5. "Frosty Arctic".The composition of this powder included special granules of liquid stain remover. It is intended for washing white laundry.

persil washing powder

All these powders are certainly very popular, including in the domestic market. But still the most purchased kinds of household chemicals from Henkel, intended for washing, arePersil Expert Sensitive,Expert Duo-Caps and Expert Color.

Composition and appointment

The tool Persil Expert Sensitiv is a special concentrated gel, designed specifically for washing. Its main feature, like any other means of “Persil”, is the absence of phosphates harmful to the environment. This gel is intended for washing primarily children's clothes and linen. It can also be used to wash items belonging to people with sensitive skin.

persil expert

The composition of Persil Expert Sensitive includes the following substances:

  • Surfactants anionic and non-ionic;

  • water;

  • phosphonates;

  • soap;

  • optical bleach;

  • preservative;

  • enzymes;

  • perfume.

powder persil machine

Purpose of powder Expert Duo-Caps

This concentrated detergent intended for washing in automatic machines, like the Frosty Arctic, contains a liquid stain remover.This powder is intended for washing white and light colored things. It is marketed in capsules. Its composition is almost the same as that of Expert Sensitive or other Persil laundry detergents. But this tool contains, among other things, also alcohol, as well as a dye.

Expert Color Powder

This product is marketed as a gel. The main advantage of the powderExpert Coloris that it is able to remove the most difficult stains from linen and clothes while keeping the colors as bright as possible. If desiredpowder "Persil Color"canuse for washing things from both natural and synthetic fabrics.

It is allowed to apply this tool including for removing fat stains from clothes. At the same time it smells pretty nice. The Persil Color powder copes well with heavy dirt, even when it is washed in cool water.

Persil Power perls Automat

This powder, as already mentioned, can be used for washing both white and colored things. Its formula is such that it copes very well with water pollution of absolutely any hardness. If desired, this "Persil" machine can be used when washing things from synthetic fabrics, cotton, linen, etc.

Many housewives erase with its use and shedding things.But to soak such underwear when using Persil Power perls Automat, like almost any other powder, is not recommended. Wash fading things when applying this powder "Persil" should be quickly.

Unlike other powders of this brand, the compositionPersil Power perls Automat includes phosphates. It also contains soda,antiresorbent polymers, defoamer and bleach activator. The consumption of this powder depends on the hardness of the water used in the wash. It is intended, as can be judged by the name, only for washing in machines of an activator type. For manual it is worth using Persil powders of other varieties.

Consumer reviews

Opinion from housewives about this kind of household chemicals from the company "Henkel" has developed, of course, good. The advantages of the Persil powder are, first of all, consumers, of course, that they wash things very well. Spots after their application disappear guaranteed. Very well suited this tool for washing children's clothes. Where many other powders remain powerless, Persil manages simply “with a bang.” In addition, this tool almost never causes allergic reactions.

persil color powder

Also to the advantages of this tool, many housewives include the efficiency in use.Some consumers even believe that pouring it into the machine can be in smaller quantities than indicated in the instructions for use. In this case, things washed will still be very good.

The disadvantages of this tool most housewives primarily include its high cost. Also, some consumers are not advised to pour too much Persil laundry detergent into the machine. Otherwise, things in the future will have to rinse too long, so that they do not have white stains.

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