Washing machine "Samsung": customer reviews

The company "Samsung" was established in 1938. The first plant for the manufacture of household appliances was in Korea. In addition, "Samsung" was engaged in developments in the field of shipbuilding, as well as chemistry. The founder of this company is the young businessman Lee Benchhol. Prior to the opening of the trade brand "Samsung" he was engaged in the sale of rice flour. All warehouses for storing goods were located in the small town of Tegu. At that time in Korea was a heavy post-war state. Despite this, Lee Benchhol was able to agree on the sale of his rice flour in the Chinese market. Then he began to deal with fish and sugar.

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The appearance of electronic equipment "Samsung"

Since 1983, the leadership of "Samsung"engaged in the development of personal computers. At the same time, work was under way to produce a new line of mobile phones. Since 2000, technologies have been developed to improve the work of washing machines. The company Samsung at that time could boast of new equipment in factories, as well as highly skilled workers.

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Advantages of washing machines "Samsung"

Most washing machines "Samsung" are strong andreliable. In the service centers, if necessary, quickly conduct their diagnosis and troubleshoot. Plus, there is a convenient cleaning function for the drum. The washing machine cleans the diaphragm and the glass of the door. This occurs in the mode of pressing with hot water. The guarantee for washing machines "Samsung" is quite large. Things, when choosing the right mode, go through a very deep cleaning. Among other things, the load of laundry is quick and comfortable, so the feedback on Samsung washing machines is generally positive.

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Disadvantages of washing machines "Samsung"

The big disadvantage of washing machines "Samsung"is their noisiness. Some models work loudly, and this brings certain inconveniences. Also washing machines "Samsung" during spinning can strongly vibrate. As a result, they can even move from their place. In addition, it should be noted a long washing of bed linen. In this case, the spin-off mode does not turn on for a long time, so the feedback on washing machines "Samsung" are strongly negative.

Consumer Reviews of the washing machine "Samsung WF602W2BKWQ"

This washing machine "Samsung" reviews hasgood. Many buyers note that it can easily be washed with cold water. In this case, you can significantly save your money. When the rinse mode is turned on, the detergent must completely dissolve. Also, buyers like the dimensions of this washing machine. This model is very compact, and it can be put in any place.

washing machine samsung wf602w2bkwq reviews

In general, the company "Samsung" launches washingmachines, which in size are divided into three classes. All this allows you to choose the right option. In our time, most buyers prefer compact models, thereby saving space in the apartment. In addition, many consumers note a good drum, which is ideal for gentle washing. Also in this model there is protection against voltage drops. This system is called "Volt Control." In fact, the differences in the network are a big problem today and cause a breakdown of many washing machines.

What experts say

Washer "Samsung WF602W2BKWQ" reviewsspecialists has a variety. Some of them like that at one time you can put as much as 6 kg of laundry. The spin speed will be 1200 rpm. Also, experts noted a fairly economical consumption of electricity of this model. Water consumption is also small. For convenient operation of the washing machine, there is a convenient display. Of the shortcomings, specialists identify the lack of a function of steam. In this case, there are many interesting programs for washing. Among others, there are modes for cleaning cotton, jeans, as well as dark things. It is also possible to load synthetics, bedding and outerwear. In addition, experts evaluated the quality of functions for changing temperature and speed. At the same time, there is an opportunity to carry out a fast washing, so this washing machine "Samsung" customer testimonials deservedly.

You can also easily select the number of rinses. However, specialists did not like the work of many indicators. In particular, the door lock lamp does not always work. It is also very difficult to monitor the fault indicators, as well as the washing process. The end of the washing machine is accompanied by a very loud sound signal. The dimensions of this model pleased specialists. Its height is 85 cm, width - 60 cm, and depth - only 45 cm. At the same time, the total weight of the washing machine is only 57 kg. The design of this model is very pleasant. A white washing machine is suitable for almost any bathroom. In this case, the hatch of the device has an interesting chromium color.

Reviews about the new model "Samsung WF6MF1R2W2W"

This washing machine "Samsung" reviewsdeserves to be positive. Consumers liked the fact that this model has a very user-friendly digital display. At the same time to put different modes on it is easy and simple. Also, consumers noted the small size of the washing machine. What is important, the design of this model is very beautiful. Some people prefer to put it right in the kitchen to save space. In this case, people get a very convenient and quiet device. In this case, the vibration is practically not felt during the spin mode. Even after prolonged washing it stays in place and does not move anywhere.

washing machine samsung wf6mf1r2w2w reviews

In addition, consumers were pleased with the smallwater consumption of this washing machine. Also there is the possibility to wash only with cold water. In this case, things go through a very deep cleansing and a variety of spots just disappear. Of the shortcomings can be identified only the absence of certain modes. First of all you can not erase synthetics. In addition, this washing machine is not very suitable for delicate things. All this greatly limits the capabilities of the device.

What do experts say?

Washing machine "Samsung WF6MF1R2W2W" reviewsspecialists has both positive and negative. Some people liked the fact that this model has a rather strong case. The tank of the washing machine is made of plastic. The large weight of this model does not allow it to vibrate strongly, and this is good. Also, experts noted the high power of the device. On average, the washing machine makes 1,200 revolutions per minute. In this case, it is possible to control the spin speed. If you do not need it, you can simply cancel it. A feature of this model is the ability to wash things with wool. This is very good news for people who keep animals at home.

In addition, experts evaluated the temperature regulator on the washing machine. You can do the adjustment very accurately. In this case, a special signal will always notify the person about the end of work.

Reviews of "Samsung WF60F4E5W2X"

This washing machine "Samsung" reviewsreceived good. Consumers like this model because of its economy. The electricity consumption is insignificant. Water is used as needed. In addition, buyers note a very high-quality spinning of things from this model. It is also possible to choose its speed. If necessary, spinning can be simply removed. From water leaks in the washing machine a special protection system is installed. In addition, there is the possibility of controlling the imbalance and foam level. Also, it is easy to expose protection from children and not to worry during washing. In general, as consumers point out, this model is excellent for delicate washing. At the same time, things do not get very crushed, and they can be easily ironed. Outer clothing, in turn, is very easily placed in the drum. In this case, you can turn on the rinse mode.

washing machine samsung wf60f4e5w2x reviews

Opinion of specialists

Washer "Samsung WF60F4E5W2X" reviews inthe whole has not been very good. According to experts, this model is very compact and at the same time has decent power. However, there are certain shortcomings that bring inconvenience. First of all, this concerns the choice of the temperature regime. When the spin starts, the timer of the washing machine stops in place. In addition, specialists note a poor-quality cleaning of the drum. At the same time, the ceramic heater quickly deteriorates. There are also certain problems with the self-cleaning filter. All this can ultimately lead to breakage.

However, this washing machine "Samsung" (narrow)The reviews are positive. Of the advantages experts noted the convenient loading of laundry. The drum is very roomy, and the window is of good size. In turn, the door opens perfectly, and loading things is very convenient. In general, the control panel has all the necessary indicators. Also, experts are pleased with the availability of electronic (intellectual) control.

Reviews about the best-selling model "Samsung WF60F1R1W2W"

This washing machine "Samsung" reviewsdeserved the ambiguous. Some buyers appreciated the large capacious drum of this model. At a time you can put up to 6 kg of laundry. All this allows you to wash both the outer clothing and bed linen. In addition, buyers noted convenient management. Switch modes can be very quickly and at the same time comfortable. The shape of the drum is designed in such a way as not to damage even the most delicate fabrics. You can also select an economical washing mode. At the same time, the water flow will be insignificant. In general, various stains from the fabric are removed well, and there are no traces. Naturally, much in this situation depends on the selected powder.

washing machine samsung wf60f1r1w2w reviews

Washer "Samsung WF60F1R1W2W" reviewshas also negative. Of the shortcomings, buyers note an uncomfortable compartment for washing. It is sometimes put forward with great difficulty. It is also very difficult to wash out after washing, when it becomes soiled. In this case, the dispenser of liquid funds is simply absent. In addition, this model sounds quite loud. Thus the engine strongly vibrates. In addition, consumers noted that when the electricity is turned off in the house in the washing machine, all the settings are lost. There are also certain problems with the spinning of bed linen. As the buyers say, it simply gets entangled in the drum and in the end turns out not rinsed and wet.

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