Video Compression: Software Review

This article is dedicated to everyone who wants toreduce the size of the video file. For example, to watch a movie on your phone or on another mobile device. Typically, the memory on such gadgets is limited to several gigabytes, so the compression of the video will download as many files as possible. In the article some programs from this category will be presented, allowing to reduce the size of films or commercials.

 video compression without loss of quality


Before you begin to review the utilities,you need to understand how the video is compressed. This process is called "conversion", because in most cases you only need to change the format of video clips, and its size will decrease several times. For example, a typical one and a half hour movie recorded in DVD format will occupy more than 5 gigabytes. But if you convert this file, for example, to mp4, then it will weigh no more than 1 GB. As you can see, the difference is significant, and it will be especially noticeable when you save a file on mobile devices. Only it should be said that the compression of video without loss of quality is almost impossible. If the film is viewed on a small screen, then the difference will not be felt, but if you open this file on a large monitor, then there will be various shortcomings.

Pazera Video Converters Suite

I decided to start a review with a representative of "simplified"programs. There are several small utilities that are integrated into one application. Each individual program is designed to work with a certain format of video files. At the choice of users given a minimal set of settings that allow you to manage color, sound and other parameters. The editor's interface does not shine with design ideas. In the program, even there are no images. Text management only. For those who need to quickly change the file format and thereby compress the video, this utility is ideal. The editor is free, there is no Russian translation. The weight of the program is 33 megabytes.

compress video


This application is completethe opposite of the previously described utility. Such operations as format change, easy retouching, video compression are at the highest level. In one program, developers have managed to combine various applications from the CLI category, adding a nice graphical interface to them. From the advantages of this software, you can select a rich set of very different settings. There are codec settings, advanced video configurations, rendering and much more. The built-in tool allows you to change the format and work with the most popular types of videos. The disadvantages are the fact that you will need to install additional programs, namely: Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and Nero AAC codec. Although if you have an Internet connection, FFCoder will perform everything in automatic mode.

video compression

XMedia Recode

The first utility in this review is intended fora big degree for beginners. The second program was created already for more advanced users. Well, this editor is something between these two extremes. There is almost everything, but little by little. This editor can manage even an inexperienced user. Although even "seasoned" users can find useful functions in this application. The program is controlled by a classic interface, behind which many settings are hidden. Video compression can be done with a few keystrokes. Although you can choose many options and additional settings if you want.

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