Victor meaning name: to be active

This name is very popular in the world. Although in recent times the tendency to call so boys greatly reduced. In this name sounds impulsiveness, impetuosity, the desire to reach some peaks. What does it mean?

viktor meaning of the name

Fixed idea

The man, whose name is Victor, the meaning of the name from the Latin language is translated as "winner". He certainly seeks to do something, to take. Ignite their ideas, which are almost obsessive. Therefore, often the owner of the name is tempting and given large-scale events. Victor rarely thinks about the consequences. The obstacle that has arisen on the way to achievement is trying to get around, maybe even turn onto another road. In adulthood, Viti becomes more discriminating and careful in choosing a target.

What profession does Victor choose?

The value of the name favorably affects the choice of specialty. Victor can find himself in completely different fields: from science to literature. The main thing for him is action.He can associate his activities with business or politics, pedagogy, coaching or military art. His nature requires activity, so he will quickly get bored of looking for a philosopher's stone. He always wants to look more meaningful than it actually is.

the value of the name VictorHis name is Victor. Meaning of the name

His character is impulsive. A lover of strong feelings, can be a gambler, and can give her emotions a way out with the help of alcohol. This happens, however, when there is no other way to risk and be mobile. Humor is his best friend. Only wit helps him to speak kindly to people, to be a pleasant and interesting conversationalist. Sometimes his excessive sarcasm offends people, so Victor has to work on himself in order for his sense of humor to find decent use.

What is Victor's family life?

The meaning of the name helps him to be an attentive son and brother. As for his life partner, he chooses an active girl. For him, as well as his family as a whole, she is an incentive to work actively and earn well. His wife and children should have everything. That is what Victor thinks, and therefore falls asleep with their numerous gifts.As a father, he is strict. He cultivates obedience and frugality in children, seeks to develop respect for work in them.

What is Victor's health?

viktor meaning name characterThe value of the name does not affect this important area of ​​his life, as he carelessly relates to his health. Yes, it is strong in youth, but then Viti's emotions and impulsiveness make themselves felt. He does not like to do something permanent, for example, to play sports or follow a diet, but he likes to eat deliciously. As a result, it expects fullness in adulthood.

Will he be happy?

In general, the value of the name Victor is very pleasant. It is great for the “winner”, and in the Russian interpretation it is perfectly combined with surnames and patronymic names. In childhood, his name is Vityusha, Vitosha, at a mature age - Vitya, Vitus. Yes, he often does not fulfill his promises, is distinguished by narcissism. However, this person has an inner core. He is absolutely not allowed to get into bad companies. Then Victor will be quite happy and respected.

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