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Vialli Gianluca is a famous Italian footballer who later became a coach. He played for the national team of his country. At the club level, the greatest success achieved in Turin “Juventus” and London “Chelsea”. Among his main trophies are bronze medals at the World and European Championships.

Debut in professional football

Vialli Gianluca

Vialli Gianluca was born in the Italian city of Cremona in 1964. At the youth level, he played for the Pizzigetton and Cremonaise teams.

In adult football, he made his debut in the Cremonese team in 1980. At that time he was only 16 years old. The team at that time just went into Serie B, the second most important Italian league.

Vialli Gianluca quickly won a place at the base, becoming one of the key players of the team, despite his young age. In the 1981/82 season, “Cremonese” took 10th place, although it was close to returning to Serie C. The struggle for survival was so stubborn that between 8 and 17 places, from which it had already flown, there were only 2 points.

The next time, “Cremonaise”, which was brilliantly played by Vialli Gianluca, seriously fought for the promotion of the class. In the end, being in 4th place. The third place, “Catania”, which gave the right to play in Serie A, the Vialli team was second only to the difference in goals scored and goals conceded.

In the 1983/84 season, “Cremonaise” still finished third and got a ticket to the elite division. True, there they had to speak without Vialli. He moved to Sampdoria. Having lost its leader, in the very first season in Serie A, “Cremonaise” scored only 4 wins in 30 games and flew off from the last place.

Vialli Gianluca played 105 matches for this team, in which he scored 23 goals.

In genoa

Gianluca Vialli photo

In the Genoa "Sampdoria" Gianluca Vialli, whose photo at that time was in all sports newspapers, took 4th place in his debut season in Serie A. Before the Italian championship medals, only 1 point was enough.

In those years, “Sampdoria” was considered to be mainly a cup team. Vialli Gianluca, whose biography has been associated with this club for several years, won the country's cup three times. It happened in 1985, 1988 and 1989.

One of the most successful in the team was the season 1990/91.First, “Sampdoria” powerfully played in the Cup Winners' Cup.

The Italians began to speak from the first round, twice beating the Norwegian “Brann” (2: 0 and 1: 0). Then passed Dortmund “Borussia” (1: 1 and 2: 0). In the quarter finals, the Swiss Grasshoppers (2: 0 and 2: 1) were knocked out of the draw. In the fight for the finals they got the French “Monaco”. Away, “Sampdoria” has achieved a draw 2: 2, and won at home 2: 0.

In the final, the Vialli team met with the Belgian Anderlecht. In most of the time, the fans didn’t see the heads, and in the additional player Vialli Gianluca made a double.

In the same season, his team managed to win another trophy - to become the champion of Italy. At the finish, “Sampdoria” bypassed “Milan” by 5 points. Vialli with 19 balls became the top scorer of the championship.

Footballer broke up with the team in 1992, moving to Juventus Turin. During his performance at Sampdoria, Vialli played 223 matches in which he scored 85 goals.

"Old signora"

vialli janluka wife

Contract Vialli with “Juventus” was a record for its time. The Turin club has paid for the striker 12 and a half million pounds sterling.

In the debut season, Vialli won the UEFA Cup with Juventus. In the final, the Italian club twice won the Dortmund “Borussia” (3: 1 away and 3: 0 at home).

The second time champion of his country Vialli became in 1995.That year, Juventus was stronger than its rivals. The team scored 23 victories in 34 matches, a few rounds before the end securing a champion title. Finished second Roman “Lazio” behind by 10 points.

In 1996, Vialli decided to move from Juventus to English Chelsea. For the "old signoru" he spent 102 matches in which he scored 38 goals.

In Albion

Vialli Gianluca came to Chelsea when he was 32 years old. The arrival of the veteran in this English club was initiated by the head coach, the Dutchman Ruud Gullit, who seriously counted on Vialli.

Soon came the first title. In 1997, Chelsea reached the finals of the England Cup, where he met with Middlesboro. True, Vialli in the starting lineup did not get, to gain a foothold in the English team for a long time he could not.

But “Chelsea” and without it thanks to the goals of Di Matteo (already in the first minute) and Newton won the trophy. The hero of our article came on as a substitute at the 89th minute instead of compatriot Gianfranco Zola. At that time, the whole Italian diaspora played at Chelsea.

In the 1997/98 season, Vialli issued several brilliant games, but never received a guaranteed place in the squad.Chelsea then finished the championship in 4th place, and Vialli two years later decided to end his career as a professional footballer.

In total, for Chelsea, he spent 54 matches in which he scored 21 goals. The most successful was the last season in his career, when he distinguished himself 10 times in 20 matches. Londoners then won bronze medals.

In the national team of Italy

Vialli Gianluca biography

In 1988, the footballer went to the European Championship in Germany. In the preceding qualifying tournament, the main opponents were the Swedes, who even managed to win in their field 1: 0. But the home defeat of the Scandinavians from the Portuguese and the victory of the Vialli team in the second match brought the Italians to the first line in the group.

At the European championship, the Italian national team was to open a tournament in a confrontation with the hosts. At the beginning of the second half, Mancini opened the scoring, but the German national team nevertheless managed to reduce the game to a 1: 1 draw.

The meeting with the Spaniards was difficult, the only goal in the end was scored by Vialli Gianluca. The best goals of this football player, of course, decorated the tournament. In the final group match defeated the Danes (2-0), but the Italians were only second, losing to the Germans on goal difference.

According to the 1988 regulations, teams immediately reached the semifinal. Here, the Vialli team failed to cope with the USSR national team - 0: 2. As part of the Soviet national team distinguished Litovchenko and Protasov.

World Cup success

vialli janluka best goals

Vialli was regularly called to the Italian national team. In 1990, he expectedly got into the application for the home world championship.

In the group stage, the Italians made their debut with a victory over the Austrian national team (1-0), then beat the Americans with the same score. In the last game with Czechoslovakia, the teams had to play out who would go into the playoffs from first place and who from second place. Skillaci and Roberto Baggio made the hosts of the tournament winners of the group stage.

Confidently on the tournament grid, the Italians went further. In the 1/8 finals beat Uruguay (2: 0), and in 1/4 - Ireland (1: 0). Argentines have become an insurmountable obstacle for them. Scillaci opened the scoring in the semifinal match, but 20 minutes before the final whistle, Kanidzha turned the game into over-time. It came to penalty shootout. Argentines were more accurate: 4: 3.

In the match for the 3rd place, Italy selected bronze medals from the English, winning 2: 1.

In total for the national team Vialli played 59 matches, in which he distinguished himself 16 times.

Coaching career

Chelsea Vialli Gianluca

About career coach Vialli began to think seriously when he played in London “Chelsea”. In 1998, after leaving Gullit from this post, he was asked to become a playing mentor, combining two roles. Vialli has become one of the most successful gaming coaches in world football.

With Chelsea, he won the League Cup, Cup Winners' Cup and England Cup. In the UEFA Super Cup, the Real Madrid Madrid was also defeated. The only ball then scored Uruguayan Gustavo Poyet.

Vialli, as a rule, started the match on the coaching bridge, but if the game was not formed according to his scenario, he quickly changed his clothes and personally decided to solve the problems arising in the field. It was in that status that the Italian in the 1998/99 season scored 10 times, having spent 20 matches per season.

In 2001, the club had a difficult time. Vialli left, and with him Chelsea left Zola, Petrescu and Deschamps - the main leaders. The club was bought by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich and a new era has begun in the London club. Lampard and Terry time.

As a coach, Vialli worked in English “Watford”. The team played in the Championship (the second most important English division).Almost until the last round, she claimed to be in the zone of play-offs for the right to fight for a place in the Premier League. But the blurred ending did not allow this. Team Vialli was only the ninth. Before the cherished playoff zone, 5 points were missing.

Personal life

football player vialli janluka

Happy in the family life of Vialli Gianluca. His wife is not a public person. He himself tells little about her. In one of the interviews, he mentioned that he was engaged in home improvement in Italy and England, devoting a lot of time to this.

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