Vertical blinds on the windows: photo, installation

For apply not only tulle and curtains. Vertical blinds can be a great replacement. And they can be installed not only in public places, but also in apartments and houses. The types and benefits of these accessories are described in the article.

General information

Vertical blinds are presented in the form of a simple and convenient light-protective construction, which includes longitudinal vertical plates - lamellas. Because of the practicality and aesthetic qualities of the product began to be used in residential buildings.

vertical blinds on the windows

To date, these curtains have changed, so among the rich assortment there is a suitable option for each interior. Products differ in materials, colors, textures and configurations.


In appearance, vertical blinds are similar to longitudinal plates of dense or rigid material fixed to the eaves. The movement occurs sideways, coming at each other, which creates a narrow strip, similar to a curtain.

vertical window blinds

The kit consists of:

  1. The bearing eaves on which the curtain and decorative eaves (groover), which is a facade, are fixed.
  2. Runners for fixing the slats.
  3. Luminaire holders are devices that fasten the plates with the supporting eaves.
  4. Weights, weighting.
  5. A connecting chain that runs along the bottom of the slats.
  6. Control chains for turning plates.
  7. Controller with a sinker to move and slide the curtains.
  8. Lamellae - plates that create a light-protective fabric on the window.

Description to detail is present with the instructions. The design may differ, it all depends on the control mechanism.

Control methods

Depending on the control method, the vertical blinds on the windows are divided into mechanical and electrical. The first type is also divided into several types:

  1. Rope or belt. The mechanism works with the help of a slight movement of the hand.
  2. Spring-inertia. They function due to the energy acquired during the installation of the spring placed inside the shaft, through which the whole structure begins to move.
  3. Cardan and reed gears. Outside the system is presented in the form of a loop and a handle for rotating the web.It is opening and closing.

Electric control has no species. Closing is carried out thanks to a small electric drive, which is built into the eaves. The control is carried out by remote control or by pressing a button on the wall switch. The mechanism works smoothly and almost silently.

vertical blinds photo

When choosing, it should be borne in mind that vertical blinds can move to the right or left. These types of opening are more suitable for windows up to 200-250 cm wide. There are products that can move in both directions. Another type of blinds going in the middle.


In the photo, vertical blinds look beautiful. Their benefits include:

  1. Aesthetic properties. Products have not only good opacity and durability, but are decorative. They can choose different accessories.
  2. The possibility of covering a large area with one cornice. This is due to different widths.
  3. Rich selection of materials. If horizontal ones are usually made of aluminum and plastic, then vertical ones can be textile, plastic, aluminum, and wood.
  4. Many colors and textures. Thanks to this for each interior there is a suitable option.
  5. Stylish design of the room. Such curtains look cozier and more original because of the ability to skip the light.
  6. Ease of operation. Even the side-louvered blinds remain a decorative detail.
  7. Practicality. Products are much easier to remove dust.
  8. Original photo printing. It looks more organic because of the larger area.
vertical plastic blinds

The main disadvantage of the product is the creation of noise when the room is ventilated. Often there are difficulties in installation. Plastic vertical blinds should not be used in the decoration of dimensional windows. Sometimes curtain rods do not withstand heavy weight, so experts advise to use lightweight blinds or break them into sections.


Decorative curtains are:

  1. Arched. Such products have different lengths of plates or, as a lambrequin, cover only the top of the window.
  2. Inclined. With such blinds, it will turn out to shutter with an unusual window shape.
  3. Cascading. Presented in the form of paintings, on which, through a combination of different textures and shades, different images are obtained.
  4. Lightproof. For their manufacture, a special type of fabric is used, which blocks the light of the sun and UV rays.
  5. With photo printing.Drawings on products are applied using paint that has color saturation, resistance to various factors.
  6. "String". These blinds are also called “Breeze” or “Raincoat”. Window leaves include filament (rope) slats. They are able to pass the diffused light and are more suitable as a decorative part.


How is the installation of vertical blinds? Installation of these products is not difficult, as it may seem at first glance. Before assembly, you will need to have:

  • measuring level;
  • a pencil;
  • drills with perforator;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • sharpened knife;
  • slotted and cross-shaped screwdriver;
  • set of fasteners and drills of various diameters.
installing vertical blinds

Blinds can be installed on the ceiling, wall or window. After selecting the type of mounting you can mount:

  1. First, the measuring level outlines the places where the eaves will be installed. This is required to place the eaves strictly horizontally.
  2. Then there is a fastening of the cornice on the snap.
  3. Then, the slats are hung by the planner holders to the runners in the sequence in which they are located in the roll.
  4. After that, the chain is fixed to the weights.
  5. It is necessary to straighten the vertical blinds so that the slats are parallel to each other.
  6. Need to check the operation of the finished blinds. It is important that the slats move freely along the eaves.

In addition to the assembly you need to know about the rules for adjusting the luminous flux. The bars are rotated using a control chain. You can push, slide and assemble the slats by slinging the control rope. You should not move the film to the side when closing the curtains. Proper installation and operation of blinds will extend the service life of products.

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