Vazuzskoe reservoir: fishing and recreation at local bases

Vazuzskoye reservoiris one of the cleanest and most peaceful places to relax in the Smolensk region. This reservoir refers to the channel type. Its area is about 97 km². The reservoir is fed by the rivers Vazuza, Osuga and Gzhat. Due to the climatic, natural features of these places, all the prerequisites for the breeding of a large number of fish species have been formed here.

This reservoir attracts fishermen from all cities of our country. To organize a vacation on the pond can be different. Depending on the preferences of the fisherman, he can choose any conditions for living and fishing on Vazuz. The beauty of nature, peace will not leave anyone indifferent.

general characteristics

Fishing on the Vazuzskoye reservoirwill be vivid and memorable if you follow certain tips. This is an average water body. Its length is 77 km, and its width is only 2 km.The maximum depth here is about 30 m. The average water level is 5 m.Vazuzskoe reservoir rest with tents

Fishing in the reservoir is almost all year round. Bream, pike perch, pike, white bream, perch, ide, roach, etc. are found in the local waters. In some areas you can get burbot.

The fish supervision clearly monitors compliance with legislation. Today it is impossible to meet fishing nets on Vazuz. This leads to an increase in the number of fish, an increase in its size. Therefore, fishermen are increasingly sent to these edges for the weekend with a fishing rod in their hands in the lap of nature.

Fishermen reviews

Rest with tents on the Vazuzsky reservoirThe weekend or even the whole vacation spent here will be remembered for a good catch. Various categories of tourists come here more often. For them are opened various camp sites, holiday homes.

Until the 90s of the last century, according to experienced fishermen, it was possible to catch trophy specimens ashore here. Here pike and asp on spinning were actively caught. This continued until 2000.Fishing Wazuz Reservoir

Over the past 15-17 years, there have been many changes in the reservoir ecosystem. The uncontrolled catch of predatory fish led to the fact that in 2005 it became almost impossible to fish for spinning. The entire water area was covered by poacher networks.Therefore, in 2006, the activities of the fish inspectorate increased significantly. Thanks to this approach, the ecosystem began to recover. In the past 4 years it has become possible to catch almost any species of predator on a spinning.

Winter fishing

Rest on Vazuzskom Reservoirorganized year-round. Many experienced fishermen like the winter kind of fishing. This is due to the active cool of various fish, as well as the presence of all the conditions for such a holiday.

In winter, perch, pikeperch and pike are caught, as well as ide, roach, bream, roach, etc. In some places, you can fish a large ruff or burbot. White fish bites well throughout the winter. It uses a nod, float tackle.Rest on Vazuzskom Reservoir

It is best to use two leashes for your gear. A mormysk is put on the main outlet. Moth is placed on it. On an additional leash you can attach a small hook. Bait on it can also be from the moth. Sometimes a bite happens on both leashes at the same time.

For doing ice fishing, shear-glinting method is applied, including to balance. This is an exciting process that is almost universally carried out.

Summer fishing

OnVazuzskoye reservoirsummer fishing is also being conducted successfully. According to impressions, it can not be compared with anything. Even on hot days, biting is stable and high. Even in warm water (the period from July to August) white fish is perfectly caught.
Vazuzskoye reservoir

Used classic float fishing. This method can be used to fish for bream weighing 1.5-2 kg. For shallow depth apply lightweight gear. A bleak pecks at her. Closer at the bottom are the ide, the gustera and the roach. From the bottom fish a bream and a bream.

For fishing peaceful fish most often used earthworm. You can apply a variety of bait for carp species of fish. Experienced fishermen claim that tench is pecking in these waters. However, it is quite difficult to catch him.

Most often fishing is carried out in the gap between the villages of Vyrodovo and Dubinino. On the bottom gear here you can catch carp, crucian carp, roach and white bream.

Spin fishing

Vazuzskoye reservoirtoday attracts amateurs and professionals with its spinning fishing. Literally 5 years ago it was impossible to catch even a small fish with this gear. Today, after the eradication of poaching, spinning and ultralight are actively used. With their help, predators are caught, as well as white fish (roach and ide).

Most often, spinningists stop in places under the village of Vyrodovo. In this section of the reservoir there are many sleeves, overcrowded places. These places are famous for fishing for trophy perch, pike. When this is used spinners. For zakorjazhennyh sites fit poppers, nezahpayki.

With the help of spinning, they take a pike perch and an asp on the bank of impressive size. For this, they use castmasters and shakes. The pike perch lives on deep-water holes with pure sandstone. It can be caught on foam or jig bait.

Recreation base

TouristBase Vazuzskogo reservoirspecialized in recreation for fishermen. Therefore, going to these regions, you can organize a truly comfortable stay. Many fishermen come here with families and children. There are all conditions for a wonderful pastime surrounded by beautiful nature.Base Vazuzskogo reservoir

For a secluded vacation, you can choose a simple accommodation. If the fisherman wants to organize a holiday for the whole family, he can choose bases with comfortable rooms. Due to the fact that fishing is performed both in summer and in winter, you can rent a room with heating, air conditioning and other necessary systems.

At such facilities all the conditions for fishing.There are convenient approaches to the water, you can rent equipment. Also available for rent vehicles. You can use the services of a professional huntsman.

Base "Hlepen"

Fishing bases Vazuzskogo reservoiroffer different conditions for guests of this region. Rooms of various levels of comfort are offered. The most popular recreation centers "Hlepen", "Country Club". In them both standard and elite rooms and cottages are rented.Vazuzskoye reservoir fishing bases

A standard room on the territory of the Hlepin campus can be rented for 1000 rubles. per day per person. The room has a shower, TV, necessary furniture, a refrigerator. A suite here costs 2.5 thousand rubles. (for 2 people).

There is a cafe and a bar on the territory, cozy arbors are equipped. Extracted catch can be cooked on the grill. There is a pool and sauna. Here you can take Yana to rent all the necessary fishing gear. Here you can relax perfectly alone or in the company of friends.

Base "Country Club"

New in the Vazuzskogo reservoir is the campus "Country Club". Here rooms of a class "Standard", "Business" and "VIP" are offered. It is comfortablerecreation center on the Vazuzsky reservoir,which is suitable for a family holiday or a weekend in a noisy group of friends.Recreation facility on the Vazuzsky reservoir

Standard room for 2 people costs from 6900 rubles. per day. There is a shower, a refrigerator, necessary furniture, a safe, a mini-bar, a balcony, air conditioning and other things necessary for a comfortable rest. Number business for 4 people costs from 13 thousand rubles. per day. Here, besides all of the above, there is a kitchen, a sauna, and a spacious terrace.

VIP level cottages cost from 22 thousand per day. It can accommodate up to 6 people. This is a complete house with all the necessary systems for a comfortable pastime. The choice of conditions for recreation depends on the preferences of holidaymakers. For each guest there is the best option.

Having considered the features of rest onVazuzsky reservoir,every fisherman will be able to plan their vacation correctly. Beautiful nature, abundance of fish and comfortable living conditions will make the time spent here unforgettable. That is why more and more tourists from all over our country are eager to visit the Vazuzskoye reservoir at any time of the year.

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