VAZ-2110: replacing the front posts with their own hands

On cars VAZ-2110 replacement of forward racksIt is carried out with periodicity, which depends on many factors. First, the driving style plays a big role. Secondly, the quality of products. Third, then, on what roads have to drive a car. And do not think that if you fly in bumps, you will break the racks. The picture is more likely to be reversed. Of course, sharp blows hurt the suspension. But the shock absorber works, the stroke of the rod is complete, therefore, its wear will be uniform. Everything is against common sense, but so it happens in most cases. But one day you begin to realize that you need to replace or repair the front pillars. Now let's talk about how to do it.

Symptoms of wear of the front pillars

VAZ 2110 replacement of front pillars

The first thing that catches your eye immediately isthe presence of oil stains on the anther, spring, the surface of the rack. The fact is that the shock absorber is used in the suspension with oil filling. And so that the liquid does not flow out of it, an oil seal is installed in the upper part. When the shock absorber is destroyed, it starts to leak, therefore, the work of the suspension system is completely disrupted. Hence, it is necessary to replace the VAZ-2110 front post. It's not difficult to do it with your own hands.

It is possible to diagnose such a malfunction withoutit's enough to just look at the surface of the shock absorber. Comfort riding with the wear of the racks deteriorates: each, even the smallest hummock will make the car long jump. The feeling is as if you were in a storm on a ship. The machine shakes, it takes a long time to get back to normal. The lack of such behavior manifests itself quite soon: there may be cracks on the torpedo, windshield.

The main components of VAZ-2110 racks

replacement of the front stand of the VAZ 2110 with your own hands

The base of the rack is a shock absorber. It is with his help that VAZ-2110, the replacement of the front racks of which is considered, smoothly moves along any irregularities. It is something even like a pipe pump for pumping tires. However, the principle of their work is very similar. It is worth noting that the shock absorbers used in VAZ-2110 vehicles operate in two directions. The spring, which is installed between the rack and the glass in the body, allows you to give the suspension stiffness. With its help, the car almost does not notice the small irregularities of the road, they are instantly smoothed out by a rigid spring. Support bearing is an element of the system that allows the rack to change its position relative to the body of the car.

In other words, you can use it toturn. Its body is attached to the body of the car, and the shock absorber rod is fixed inside. Replacement of the support of the VAZ-2110 front pillar is necessary even during the repair of the shock absorber. It turns out that the latter is connected to the body, but only through the buffer cascade - the movable hinge. A smaller role is played also by smaller elements of the rack, made of rubber - bumpers and anthers. The latter protect the stem from dirt and dust, and the first do not allow it to enter the rack body until it stops.

Replacement or repair?

replacement of a cartridge of a forward rack vases 2110

It is worth talking about the possibility of restorationshock absorbers. Of course, replacing the cartridge of the front rack VAZ-2110 can save the situation, make the shock absorber work in normal mode. But are you able to carry out all the repairs? A kit for rebuilding shock absorbers is much cheaper than finished products. But here's just one nuance: it is required to fill the liquid as much as possible in the case.

If you mistake a few grams in a large orthe shock absorber will not work. It will either squeeze out the oil when working, or the rod will move freely without experiencing fluid resistance. But there is one advantage - you do not have to make a break-down. Provided, of course, that you before dismantling the racks have outlined its position relative to the hub. But if the VAZ-2110 replaces the front pillars, the camber-toe is simply necessary.

Preparation for withdrawal

replacement of a cartridge of a forward rack vases 2110

So, you need keys on 17, 19, 13, 10. In addition, you need a special puller for springs and steering head, jack, wheel chocks, supports for installing a car on them. That's all, now you can start. Lift the car, after slightly loosening the bolts on the wheels. After lifting, you can completely unscrew them and put the wheel under the front of the machine. Now pull the cotter pin from the steering rod, unscrew the nut.

Now disconnect the hub and rack. If you plan to replace the cartridge of the VAZ-2110 front pillar, then mark the position on the hub - draw a line on which you will be aligned during the assembly. This will avoid the procedure for passing the collapse-convergence. That's all, now, in order to remove the entire rack assembly, you need to remove the rubber band from it, and also unscrew the three nuts that secure the bearing to the body. Further disassembly is carried out with the help of a vice not by car.

Assembling a new rack

replacement of the front axle liner VAZ 2110

In order to assemble a new rack, youIt takes from the old several parts - a spring, as well as an upper plate. It is made of metal, therefore it wears out extremely rarely. Also useful and the upper washer, which is worn on the support bearing. It is made in the form of a wide-brimmed hat, also metal. All other elements for replacement, do not leave anything, even the nuts and bolts are assembling new ones.

If the front rack pillar is replacedVAZ-2110, then all secondary elements, such as a bearing, bumpers, anther, bolts and nuts, must also be fitted with new ones. First install the shock absorber vertically, then pump it out by pushing the stem several times until it stops. After fix it in the extended position and start to assemble. First put the spring, it should be compressed. Then a plate is laid on it and, if it is necessary to increase the clearance, the gasket. After that, mount the support bearing, you can nail the nut. Now you can remove the puller from the spring.

Rack installation

replacement of a support of a forward rack vases 2110

On the VAZ-2110, the replacement of the front pillars is simple,installation of them is done in the reverse order of removal. The main thing is to get the pins of the bearing in the holes of the body. Once you have done this, you need to make the nuts. And now there is very little work left - fix the rack to the hub, installing the two bolts, the upper one should be with the eccentric washer. Pull out all the screw connections, then replace the steering cap. If a new rack is mounted, try to adjust at least the convergence of the wheels, just to get to the place of maintenance. If you put the restored shock absorbers, then you only need to adjust the camber.


In fact, replacing the front rack VAZ-2110 with itshands are carried out pretty quickly. Provided that all threaded joints are pre-treated with a penetrating lubricant, they will easily be twisted. Further work presents no difficulties. If, of course, all the necessary tools are available - keys and pullers.

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