Vadim Abdrashitov: biography, filmography

Vadim Abdrashitov - famous Soviet and Russian director. He has the title of People's Artist of Russia. Glory brought him the films "Fox Hunting", "Plumbum, or Dangerous Game", "Time of the Dancer." In all his films, there is an attempt to solve the most important moral problems of modern society.

Biography of the director

Abdrashitov Vadis Yusupovich

Vadim Abdrashitov was born in 1945. He was born on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR, in Kharkov. His father was a military man. Vadim Abdrashitov is a Tatar by nationality, currently living in Moscow.

He received his initial education at the railway transport technical school in Almaty, which he graduated in 1961. Then he studied at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, but the university did not graduate. In 1967 he received a diploma at the Department of Cybernetics of chemical-technological processes at the Mendeleev Institute. He started his working career at the metropolitan electrovacuum plant.

Director's way

Director Vadim Abdrashitov

In 1970, Vadim Abdrashitov felt the need for creative education.To this end, he entered the directing department of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography. He learned the basics of the directorial profession in the creative workshop of the People’s Artist of the USSR Mikhail Romm, who shot the legendary documentary “Ordinary Fascism”.

In 1971, Romm died, Abdrashitov Vadim continued his studies with director Lev Kulidzhanov, who shot the drama "When the Trees were Big," "Crime and Punishment."

The first student picture of Abdrashitov was a documentary study entitled "Reporting from Asphalt". It was a dumb 6-minute film that was highly appreciated by Romm himself.

Movie debut

Films Vadim Abdrashitova

In 1974, the hero of our article received a diploma from the university. His final work was the comedy melodrama "Stop Potapov" based on the story of Grigory Gorin.

In a picture of a novice director, many famous actors have appeared: Valentin Smirnitsky, Semyon Farada, Alexander Filippenko.

At the center of the story was an employee of an unnamed scientific research institute Potapov, an opportunist and a liar by nature. He constantly commits low deeds, which he doesn’t even guess. But the worst thing is that he is the same as everyone else, no better and no worse than many people around him.Many people remember the picture also because fragments of the play "Hamlet" of the Taganka Theater, in which Vladimir Vysotsky plays the main role, were used in it.

Work on Mosfilm

Biography of Vadim Abdrashitov

Abdrashitov Vadim Yusupovich after this success, invited to “Mosfilm”. He begins to collaborate with screenwriter Alexander Mindadze, with whom he removes almost all of his work.

Films of Vadim Abdrashitov are distinguished by internal tension, which persists throughout the whole picture; he always poses the acute moral problems that the heroes face.

Such is his next work - the legal drama “Word for Protection”, in which the main roles were played by Marina Neelova, Oleg Yankovsky, Stanislav Lyubshin.

The main character Valentina Kostin is accused of attempting to murder her lover Fedyaev. She admits her guilt, but her defender in court tries to find arguments justifying the accused.

Gradually, the lawyer of Mezhnikova finds out the details of the sad and sad story of her client, who actually contained her lover, who responded to her with treachery and ingratitude.Now Valentina faces imprisonment.

Mezhnikova realizes that her client has become a victim of circumstances, and Fedyaev is the real culprit. Her hot speech in court saves Kostin from imprisonment, she is released.

Moral issues

The moral issues are addressed in his other films by director Vadim Abdrashitov. In 1978, he removes the psychological drama "Turn" with Oleg Yankovsky and Irina Kupchenko.

This is a story about a young couple, who immediately after the wedding went on a cruise on the Black Sea, and now has returned to the capital. The spouses have many plans and expectations from the upcoming life, but the ridiculous case turns everything upside down. Victor knocks the old woman. At first, he wants to avoid responsibility by all means, but as a result he repents and decides to take upon himself the entire burden of guilt.

In the early 80s, the drama “Stopped the Train” with Anatoly Solonitsyn and Oleg Borisov was released. The picture tells about the investigation of the accident on the railway, when the driver at the cost of his life avoids a collision with railway platforms.

In the provincial town come a journalist who writes a laudatory article about the feat of the driver, and an investigator who understands the causes of the tragedy.It turns out that the instruction was broken by the coupler, and the locomotive itself went out on the line faulty. In this case, all those around are up against him for what he is looking for the guilty. The tape is sentenced to an era in which everything is built on mutual responsibility, mismanagement and equalization.

In the same period, Abdrashitov Vadim released the fantastic drama "Parade of the Planets" about six 40-year-old men who are called for military training. According to the exercise scenario, their battery is destroyed. The remaining few days of fees, they decide to spend on nature far from civilization.

"Fox Hunt"

Fox hunting

In 1980, film director Vadim Abdrashitov released one of his most famous films - the social drama "Fox Hunting".

Two teenagers are beaten up by a worker, played by Vladimir Gostiukhin. One goes to the colony, and the second gets a suspended sentence. The victim does not let go the thought of how their fate will now be. He begins to go on dates with the prisoner, hoping to reach his soul.

But the criminal does not want to repent. Still, the victim is petitioning, and his abuser is released early. The existential drama unfolds against the background of the hobby that engulfed the workers in the late 70s - early 80s, a rare radio sport called "Fox Hunting".

"Plumbum, or Dangerous Game"

Plumbum or dangerous game

In 1986, the filmography of Vadim Abdrashitov was replenished with another loud work - the drama "Plumbum, or Dangerous Game." This is a story about 15-year-old Ruslan Chutko, who has his own ideas about good, trying to help the police in every way. He identifies the offense as a vigilante under the pseudonym Plumbum. In his small provincial town, he decides to eradicate evil, gets down to business with youthful maximalism.

In every possible way, even with the help of blackmail, he is rubbed into the credibility of the violators of the law - gamblers, fartsovshchikam, homeless people and bartenders. At the same time, people around him do not take him seriously, even though once he is subject to flogging in a speculators' apartment.

At the same time, Ruslan surrenders people caught up in a difficult situation for vagrancy to the militia, catching fishermen-poachers, among whom his father turns out to be. The teenager himself interrogates him. He also forces the fashion model Maria to give out her lover, guaranteeing her that he will not be sent to prison. But he is still behind bars.

Classmate Sonya, who loves Plumbum, is drawn into the abduction of a tape recorder.In the final picture of the tragedy occurs - Sonia dies, falling from the roof of the house, while Plumbum overtakes the thief.

Ruslan's life around her seems like a fun and exciting game. For those around, what happens is drama and tragedy.

Work on the board of the Union of Cinematographers

In the mid-80s, Vadim Abdrashitov, whose biography is given in this article, was accepted into the Union of Cinematographers. From 1986 to 1990, he served as Secretary of the Board.

He was a member of the Russian Academy of Cinema, was a member of the board of the Guild of Film Directors of Russia, participated in the evaluation of films by the Triumph film award.

Currently he is a professor at VGIK and runs his own creative workshop.

During the restructuring

During the restructuring Abdrashitov still remained popular. In 1988, he removed the phantasmagoric parable "The Servant" with Oleg Borisov and Yuri Belyaev in the lead roles.

In this tape, the director decided on cinematic experiments. In particular, the story he built in reverse chronological order. The action begins with the final scene, and all subsequent events become like memories of the heroes about what happened.

In the center of the narrative is the official Gudionov, who meets with the recently demobilized Pavel Klyuev, looking for his place in life. Gudionov liked the guy, he takes him in personal drivers.

Klyuev begins to work responsibly, enduring oddities in the behavior of the chief. A few years later, the owner gives him a house, a wife, and even appoints a choir conductor. Gudionov himself receives a promotion, goes to work at the center. In this film, Abdrashitov shows the helpful nature of a man, Klyuev, who remains loyal to his master, even when they have not been seen for several years.

Once they suddenly meet, the Gudionov asks Klyuev to deliver his old enemy Bryzgin to him. Klyuev with zeal is taken for the implementation of this task.

In 1991, the director pleased his fans with another work - the drama "Armavir" about officer Semin, who after the death of the passenger ship "Armavir" is looking for his daughter, who was neither among the living nor the dead.

"Time of the dancer"

Dancer time

One of the most notable works of the director in the 90s was the drama "Time of the Dancer." Vadim Abdrashitov tells the story of the recently ended war on the outskirts of a hugeempire. After the district stopped shooting and killing, the heroes try to return to normal normal life. But it is not so easy. The war does not let go of many, too many destinies have been broken in the past few years. And both among the winners and among the losers.

Deliberately, the film does not say what particular war is meant. You can imagine that in this situation could be all the people who have ever experienced a semblance of the Civil War. At the same time, if you look at historical chronology, then the closest events to the release date of the film are military actions in Transnistria and Abkhazia.

The film won the main prize of the script competition "Mirror", two statuettes "Nika" for the best script (written by Mindadze) and the best supporting role (played by Zurab Kipshidze). Also, the tape received the Grand Prix of the Kinotavr festival.

Starring in the film were Sergey Garmash, Chulpan Khamatova, Yuri Stepanov, Andrey Egorov.

Recent work Abdrashitova

It so happened that the 90s were not fruitful for Abdrashitov. In addition to the paintings "Time of the Dancer" and "Armavir", he shot only the drama "A Piece for a Passenger" with Sergei Makovetsky and Igor Livanov in the lead roles.

The tape tells about the character Nikolay, who comes out after a 7-year imprisonment, where he ended up due to illegal business activities. During this time, the hero died daughter.

After the restructuring, he manages to stand up and get rich. His activities, because of which he sat, became legal. In his soul, there is a desire to take revenge on the judge who sentenced him. He rents a room in his resort town, with the help of a prostitute destroys the family of his abuser.

After that, he is satisfied with his job in his shop in order to catch him stealing, but he really doesn’t get his revenge.

The latest to date film by Abdrashitov is the drama “Magnetic Storms”, released in 2003. The story of Valeria’s factory worker, who was so carried away in strikes and popular unrest that he lost his family.

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