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"Ural-5323" is an all-wheel drive off-road truck. The first copies began to be produced in 1989. Every year the truck was subjected to modifications. Available in series to this day. "Ural-5323" is officially in service with the army of the Russian Federation. But also released its civilian version. What is the "Ural-5323"? Specifications and not only look in our today's article.Ural-5323


We are all accustomed to associate the "Ural" with the long-nosed "dinosaur" hood layout. But "Ural-5323" was an exception. It uses a different cab installation scheme. Engineers from Iveco took part in the development of the car. So, the car received a bonded layout with a simple angular cabin. In front there is a massive metal bumper and simple round optics. Above it are plastic turn signals (very similar to the "lawn"). Glass - solid, without separation.Also in the cabin there is a bed. On the roof there is a mechanical hatch and three marker lights. Trucks "Ural" has always been distinguished by its cross. And this model is no exception. Here the wheel formula 8x8 is implemented. Cargo platform can be tilted or just onboard. There are also repair and evacuation equipment SEM-KL, built on the basis of model 5323. Also in the plant in Miass produce rotational versions.


"Ural-5323" - one of the few Russian trucks, which has such a wide range of engines. This car is installed one of the five existing engines. Among them:

  • KamAZ-7403.
  • "Ural-745".
  • Deutz-413.
  • YaMZ-238B.
  • YMZ-7601.

Consider each of them separately.

KAMAZ motor

This engine is one of the first in the line. This is a diesel power unit with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. The working volume of the KAMAZ engine is 10,850 cubic centimeters. The maximum power that he develops - 260 horsepower.ural 5323 reviewsThe unit has a 16 kg compression ratio and a high torque of 765 Nm. This motor is low speed, which is very important for such equipment.The maximum power is realized already at 2.6 thousand revolutions.

Uralovsky motor

This is a more powerful power unit. High power was realized due to a larger volume and number of cylinders. "Ural-745" is a ten-cylinder diesel engine with 290 horsepower. Maximum torque - 863 Nm. A distinctive feature of this unit is the presence of air cooling.


Also, the "Ural-5323" was equipped with a German diesel engine "Deutz-413". It has an air cooling system and develops 290 horsepower. It is a rather rare engine for which it is difficult to find any spare parts. "Ural-5323" with this engine was created specifically for the sports truck trial. Thanks to this motor, the Ural took the lead in the European Championship in the C5 category.

Ruler YaMZ

The Yaroslavl Motor Plant is a fairly powerful enterprise that produces engines for various cargo and special equipment. Not an exception and "Ural-5323". Reviews say that YaMZ-238B is one of the best in the line. This diesel eight-cylinder engine with a turbocharger and a liquid cooling system. With a volume of 14,860 cubic centimeters, it produces 300 horsepower. Torque - 1180 Nm at 1.2 thousand revolutions.

In 2004, the line was replenished with another motor produced in Yaroslavl. This unit YMZ-7601.10, having a configuration of cylinders V6. The working volume of this power unit is 11 150 cubic centimeters. Maximum power - also 300 horsepower. Thus, the engineers were able to reduce the engine volume and consumption, while maintaining its former power and traction characteristics. By the way, the fuel consumption on this engine is 145 grams per 1 horsepower per hour or 43.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Unlike the previous Yaroslavl engine, this engine meets the Euro-2 standards.spare parts ural 5323

The compression ratio of this engine is one of the highest in the entire range (17.5 kilograms per square centimeter). YMZ-7601 is a great resource. The manufacturer claims that this engine "goes" to 800 thousand without a major overhaul.


Just like the engine range, the range of transmissions is not limited to one box. On the KAMAZ and Uralovsky engines a manual gearbox is installed without dividers by 5 steps. YaMZ motors are equipped with a box of 8 and 9 stages, respectively, for a 14.9-and 11.15-liter engine.

Dynamics, load capacity

The maximum speed for all modifications (except for sports) was limited to 85 kilometers per hour.Ural trucksLoad capacity is up to ten tons. Also, the car is equipped with a hitch and can work as part of a train with a full weight of up to 34 tons.


Front on the "Urals" is used balance dependent suspension on semi-elliptical springs with jet rods and hydraulic shock absorbers. Type of suspension - dependent. The back is built on two springs with sprung. Anti-roll bars are missing. There are also double-sided telescopic shock absorbers at the back. But as the reviews, the suspension is very tough.off-road truckSoft, it becomes only after a full load. However, do not forget about the main advantage of the machine. Through the use of a four-axle suspension scheme, the truck has high cross-country performance. By the way, the front two axles are turning. This allows you to reduce the turning radius to 13 meters with a total length of 8.6 meters. Also, the truck has a high ground clearance of 40 centimeters and a system of remote pumping wheels.

Modification 5323-23

This "Ural" is characterized by the presence of an armored cabin bulletproof execution. The first sample was released in 2000. The serial release began two years later. As the armored truck "Ural" looks like, the reader can see in the photo below.Ural 5323 specificationsThe car is equipped with an eight-cylinder engine YMZ-238B and explosion-proof tanks. The cabin itself is all-welded. The thickness of the armor is 8 millimeters. Glasses - 33 mm, capable of withstanding a bullet caliber 7.62 at a distance of 300 meters or a fragment of grenades weighing up to five grams. The modification is capable of transporting cargo, personnel and towing trailers in all types of terrain. "Ural" overcomes the rise with a 58 percent incline and fords up to 120 centimeters high. Also, the truck is able to overcome vertical obstacles up to 55 centimeters high. It has a unified chassis with a system for pumping wheels and on-board body.


"Ural" - trucks, time-tested. This technique withstands the Russian winters and off-road. In this case, the machine can carry heavy loads and carry along a multi-ton trailer. This is its main advantage.The cost of the new truck performed by the "chassis" with the YaMZ-238 engine is 1,550,000 rubles.

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