Universities of Smolensk: list, passing points, budget places

The number of universities in Smolensk includes medical institutions of higher education, humanitarian universities. The most prestigious university of the city is SmolGU. Graduates of universities and institutes of Smolensk receive not only a diploma of higher education, but also the necessary knowledge and skills for further work in their chosen specialty.


Smolensk State University first began conducting educational activities in 1918. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the region. Today, the number of departments of Smolensk State University includes 8 faculties, on the basis of which 36 departments work. From faculties can be called:

  • sociological;
  • philological;
  • graphic art, and others.

The list of university staff includes more than 300 teachers. Among them are professors, doctors and candidates of science, assistant professors and senior teachers.The main university of Smolensk offers more than 20 educational programs of the 1st stage of higher education - bachelor degree, as well as 19 graduate programs. In addition, the university implements programs of preparatory courses for applicants, re-qualification programs for specialists.

Smolensk University

For admission to the direction of "Landscape Architecture" required certificates of state exams in subjects such as mathematics, Russian language, as well as biology. The minimum points are the following values: 50 points for the Russian language exam, 32 points for the math exam, 40 points for the biology exam. The number of budget places is 15, paid places 8. When graduating students receive a bachelor's degree.

For admission to the direction of training bachelors in the specialty "Applied Informatics" is required to provide the following results of the exam: at least 35 points in mathematics, at least 40 points in physics, at least 50 points in Russian. 15 budget places, paid 8. High enough requirements for minimum points in the direction of "Journalism": at least 50 points in the Russian language and at least 45 points in literature. In addition, you need to score at least 50 points for a creative test conducted by the university.


Smolensk University for the Humanities is the only non-state university in the region, but since 2018, it no longer enrolls students in higher education programs. The university has existed for 25 years, and at the moment is the founder of the college. The building of the Smolensk Humanitarian University continues to function as a legal entity. All university professors went to other higher educational institutions of the city.

Humanitarian University


Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism was established in the middle of the 20th century. The number of structural units of the university includes 5 faculties, among them:

  • physical culture and health technologies;
  • individual educational technologies, and others.
Academy of Smolensk

The faculties have more than 20 departments, among them:

  • biological disciplines;
  • theories and methods of football and hockey;
  • fitness and directing theatrical performances, and others.

Smolensk State Medical University

The number of medical universities in Smolensk includes State Medical University. The list of structural units includes the following faculties:

  • psychological and social;
  • curative;
  • pediatric;
  • dental, and others.
Smolensk Medical University

Passing points to the university on a budgetary basis are quite high. For example, in the direction of “Medical business” of a medical university in Smolensk, the passing score was 233. At the same time, the maximum score that was recorded by the selection committee in 2017 was 298. In the “Dentistry” direction, the passing score was 245. In Admissions Committee was recorded maximum score of 279.

Medical University in Smolensk has 5 dormitories, which are equipped according to modern standards of comfortable living. Most of them are allocated to students of the Academy. The hostel number 1 has the capacity to accommodate more than 300 students, more than 200 living quarters have been created in the hostel number 2, and the hostel number 3 has approximately the same number of living rooms.

Military Academy of military air defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation named after Marshal of the Soviet Union A. M. Vasilevsky

The school is one of several military universities in Smolensk. The history of the Academy began in 1939. Among the structural units - 5 faculties, as well as 17 departments. Faculties include:

  • short-range anti-aircraft systems;
  • anti-aircraft missile systems and medium-range systems, and others.
Military academy students

The Academy has a training ground, gymnasiums, as well as a shooting range, a health and fitness complex, a library with more than 300,000 copies of books, auditoriums equipped with modern equipment, etc.

Moscow New Law Institute (a branch of the university in Smolensk)

The branch of the university was opened in 1998. The Institute implements educational programs at all levels of higher education. The number of university students includes more than 300 people. In addition, the institute conducts training courses for entering higher educational institutions, as well as re-qualification programs for specialists.

Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary

For the first time the seminary began educational activities in 1728. The institution offers applicants the following educational programs:

  • training ministers and religious personnel;
  • theology.

The duration of full-time study is four years. Graduates receive a bachelor's degree. For admission to undergraduate programs require certain results of entrance examinations.For the direction of "Theology" need the results of the exam on the Russian language and history. At the same time, the minimum points at which documents are allowed to participate in the competition in the Russian language are equal to 36, in history - 32. It is also required to successfully pass an additional examination in professional orientation, which is held in writing directly by the educational institution - Smolensk Orthodox Theological Seminary .

Smolensk seminary

A large number of various educational programs offered by higher educational institutions of Smolensk attracts applicants not only from this city, but also from neighboring regions. The competition for a place in Smolensk universities is quite high, but the quality of education is at a decent level. Graduates of the above universities and institutes speak positively about their schools. The professionalism of the teaching staff, as well as the friendly atmosphere in universities.

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