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What is chum salmon

Chum salmon fish is one of the varieties of Pacific salmon living in the Pacific Ocean, in its northern part. This is a rather large sea fish. Chum salmon has an elongated body, which is characteristic of the order of salmon fishes, and a beautiful silver color of scales. It feeds mainly on young gerbil orfish keta photoherring, legged mollusks or crustaceans. Chum salmon is divided into "summer", living in the northern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean and having a length of up to 80 centimeters, and "autumn", living in southern latitudes, having a length of up to 1 meter.


The ripening of chum salmon occurs in the 4-5th year of life. Usually by this time the fish goes to spawn, leaving the sea. As a rule, a chum salmon spawns once in a lifetime, since, returning from spawning, it usually dies. Leaving for spawning in the mouths of brilliant rivers, chum salmon (photo shown on the left) changes its color. At first it looks brownish-yellow with dark pink stripes, then - almost black during spawning. Her meat becomes lean, flabby and unfit for food.Not only the color of the fish changes, its transformations are simply amazing. Males of fish become humpbacked, their teeth grow in size. The body of the females is flattened. Leaving for spawning in the river, the fish stops feeding. Chum salmon fish spawn in the rivers of northern Pomerania, Korea, Japan, and the American continent. Usually chum salmon covers a distance of up to 4 kilometers. Spawning grounds are often selected near springs.chum salmonFor laying caviar, the keta chooses a cozy place, knocking out a spawning hole with its tail, reaching a diameter of 2-3 meters. He lays caviar in it to a depth of 40 centimeters and, after fertilization by males, buries it with gravel, forming a large hill or “spawning hill”. The female makes up to three such clutches. Keta fish keep their masonry up to several days. Sometimes, in the "summer" chum, the offspring die because the water in the spawning grounds may freeze, while the "autumn" saves its offspring, not spawning so high. The losses of the future offspring have developed a peculiar mechanism for the fish - to lay so many eggs so that the species as such does not disappear. Chum salmon lays large ones - up to 9 mm in diameter. The development of the eggs of fry occurs within about three months.For about a month, the young live in the river, feeding on plankton, then moving to the sea.

buy fishFry live in the coastal waters of the seas for another two months, and then go to the expanses of the Pacific Ocean to repeat the path of their parents.

Chum salutation

Doctors dietitians consider Ketu a very useful dietary product. Its meat is rich in vitamins A, D, E and such trace elements as selenium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus. It contains high-quality protein and omega-3 acids needed by humans. Balyk is cooked from fish, canned, salted, dried, frozen. The second valuable product, in addition to delicious meat, is the famous red caviar. You can buy fish in the network of grocery or specialized fish stores. It is on sale in salted, smoked, fresh or frozen form. Here you can buy caviar of different packaging.

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