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What to do if you lose your job?

Life is full of change, and they are not always for the better. Every person, having lost his job, thinks about how to live. The most correct decision in this situation would be to contact the employment service.
unemployment benefit

Basic concepts

  • An unemployed person is a status duly executed by the employment service.
  • Unemployment benefit is a cash payment that is provided as a guarantee from the state to a person who is out of work.
  • The employment service is one of the most important state structures, which has the ability to predict labor market events and prevent possible negative consequences.

Documents required for registration

During the initial job search you must provide:

  • passport;
  • TIN;
  • education document.unemployment benefit

When dismissing, reducing from the previous place of work, the following documents and certificates are provided:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • pension insurance certificate;
  • certificate of individual tax number;
  • employment history;
  • if there are children, then their birth certificate;
  • education document;
  • salary certificate from the last place of work.

Requirements for salary certificate

  • The certificate must have all the details of a legal entity or a corner stamp.
  • It is obligatory to indicate the total number of weeks worked by the employee in the past year.
  • Be sure to have two signatures: an accountant and director. If this is one person, then there must be two signatures, the same.

The procedure for obtaining the status of the unemployed

After registration of documents, it is necessary to appear in the employment service within ten days. If, after the expiry of the eleven-day period, it is not possible to find a suitable place of work, then the citizen will officially receive the status of unemployed, and from that moment he will receive benefits.
unemployment benefit

Allowance for abbreviated employees

They occupy a special place. Unemployment benefit is granted from the 4th month. For the first two, the payment is made by the employer with a reduction. For the 3rd, in the presence of a certificate from the employment center, the organization.But there is one nuance: the document on the status of the unemployed is issued only if the registration procedure is completed within 14 days from the time of reduction.

Minimum benefit for job loss

This payment is due to the following persons:

  • graduates who get registered in the employment service to find a job;
  • people who have worked less than 26 weeks in the last twelve months before being fired;
  • Persons who have been dismissed for violation of labor regulations or other misdemeanors.

The amount of the minimum benefit and the duration of its appointment

Payment is carried out in 3 months from the moment of registration in the center of employment. What unemployment benefit is minimal, let's see. In 2014, it was expressed in the following amounts: minimum - 850 rubles, maximum - 4900.

The amount of compensation for the loss of workplace for other categories of citizens

It is produced at the rate as a percentage of the average salary of the employee. The table lists unemployment benefits.

Payout percentage
In the first 12-month period In the second period, equal to 12 months
3 months Next 4 months Next on the 12th month will include. Minimum benefit increased by district coefficient
75% 60% 45%

Categories of workers who are assigned the maximum benefit

These include:

  • employees who lost their jobs due to downsizing;
  • retired employees in the presence of valid circumstances;
  • dismissed employees by agreement of the parties.

Reasons are valid

The main factors for the payment of such compensation as unemployment benefits are:

  • changing of the living place;
  • medical contraindications for this work or at a particular location;
  • the need to care for a disabled person of the first group who is a family member;
  • breach of contract by the employer;
  • emergency situations - disasters, catastrophes or war;
  • women with children under fourteen;
  • The employee’s dismissal within a year before the start of his studies, for which he was sent by the employer, and his experience in the organization must be at least 6 months.

Payment of benefits to those who lost their jobs. Timing

what dole

Compensation is made no more than 24 months over 3 years. Also a prerequisite is the re-registration and confirmation of the status of the unemployed twice a month.

Cases in which the minimum benefit period is shortened

  • Making a job search for the first time.
  • Resumption of employment after a long break (more than 1 year).
  • Dismissal for guilty actions or violation of labor discipline.
  • Deduction from training, which was issued a referral from the employment center, for the guilty actions In this case, the benefit cannot be paid for more than six months for one year. A total period may not exceed twelve months within one and a half years.
  • Dismissal for other reasons if you have worked less than twenty six calendar weeks. The benefit is paid within twelve months.

Reducing the loss of workplace payments

Unemployment benefit can be reduced by 25% in the event that:

  • revealed the fact of non-appearance in the absence of valid reasons for negotiations with the employer within three days from the date of sending the employment service;
  • there is a refusal to attend a job center for a referral to work or study without the presence of substantial factors.

Temporary suspension of payment of compensation for temporary loss of work

Cases in which unemployment benefits are not paid:

  • the rejection of two options for work that is suitable for qualifications, during the period of maintaining the status;
  • after the expiration of the 3-month period of refusal to participate in paid work and from sending to study (during the initial job search, the absence of a specialty or a long break);
  • a turnout for re-registration at an employment center while intoxicated, as well as under the influence of narcotic drugs (it is necessary to draw up an act and issue an opinion after a medical examination);
  • Dismissal or dismissal for guilty actions;
  • violation of the terms of re-registration without valid reasons;
  • unauthorized termination of training in the direction of the employment service.

Temporary lack of compensation

Unemployment benefits are not paid in cases where:

  • a woman is on maternity leave;
  • a person moved from a place of permanent residence for training in correspondence and evening educational institutions of professional specialization;
  • the person is sent to military service with the performance of public duties.

what dole

Termination of unemployment benefits

Performed under the circumstances:

  • recognition as busy;
  • training courses, training, retraining, for which you were sent by the employment service, where you are paid scholarships;
  • failure to appear in the center for more than one month without a valid reason for re-registration;
  • moving to another locality;
  • an attempt to obtain benefits by deception;
  • punishment by the court, such as deprivation of liberty or correctional labor;
  • assignment of pension payments;
  • refusal to assist the employment center;
  • death of the unemployed.

unemployment benefit amount


All actions of the employment service are regulated by law. And with any changes in the payment - its decrease or cancellation - you are obliged to notify the staff of the employment center. The article reveals the main points that deserve the attention of people who find themselves in such an unpleasant situation, like losing a job. In this case, the employment service becomes your support and support, the most important thing is to collect the necessary documents and apply there in a timely manner. Upon receipt of the status of the unemployed, the specialists of the center will be awarded compensation compensation and assistance in finding a job.

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