Two-door refrigerators: review, features, reviews

A refrigerator is a household electrical appliance, without which it is simply impossible to imagine any modern kitchen. When buying a new product for long-term storage of products, the buyer is faced with the need to choose. The model range is simply huge: both on a variety of producers, and on the sizes and functional equipment. The most popular and popular now are two-door refrigerators. This is due to the convenience of separate access to the freezing and refrigerating chambers.


All two-door refrigerators by the mutual arrangement of the freezing and refrigerating chambers can be divided into two main types:

  • one above the other;
Top freezer fridge
  • to the left or to the right of each other (side-by-side).
Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Practically all models of the first category have the possibility of hanging the doors. This is done for ease of use.

By the number of compressors that provide refrigerant circulation, the products are:

  • single-compressor;
  • two-compressor.

The latter have great functionality, however, their cost is much higher.


The main indicators that a regular user pays attention to when choosing a two-door refrigerator: dimensions (it should fit in the kitchen) and useful volume (which directly depends on the number of family members).

Among the technical characteristics worth noting:

  • power consumption;
  • noise level;
  • energy class;
  • type and number of compressors;
  • functionality.

Leading manufacturers

The most well-known and won the popularity and popularity among users of manufacturers of two-door refrigerators are:

  • German Bosch, Siemens, Liebherr and Miele;
  • South Korean Daewoo, LG and Samsung;
  • Russian Biryusa;
  • Belarusian Atlas;
  • Turkish Beko;
  • Slovenian Gorenje;
  • Italian Indesit and Zanussi;
  • American Whirlpool;
  • Chinese Haier.

For all equipment manufacturers provide a warranty from 1 to 3 years, and on the Premium class models up to 5-8. Energy class of modern refrigerators: from A to A +++ (very rarely you can find low-power compact products with indicator B).

Small budget models

You should not expect from the two-door refrigerators of the initial price category (up to 15,000 rubles) wide functional equipment, although they fulfill their main purpose (namely, long-term storage of products) at 100%.

Popular models with a lower location of the freezer (the most popular recently) are: the Russian Biryusa 151 (13,500 rubles), the Turkish Beko RDSK 240 M 00 S (14,000 rubles) and the Italian Indesit TIA 140 (15,000 rubles). The noise level of all three models does not exceed 39-40 dB. Mechanical control ensures simplicity and reliability of operation. Energy class - A. Dimensions of two-door refrigerators: height - 145 cm, width - 54-60 cm and depth - 60-66 cm.

If desired, any housewife can easily choose a model that is similar in cost and volume, but already with a top location of the freezer (for example, "Biryusa 153 EK 'or Indesit ST 14510).

Large two-door refrigerators

These products are designed for large families. The most popular models with a useful internal volume of about 450 liters are Whirlpool B TNF 5011 W (50 800-51 500 rubles) and Beko RCNE 520 E 21 ZX (61100-61800 rubles). The technical indicators of the competitors are very similar: overall dimensions are 192-195Х70Х70-75,5 cm, 1 compressor, No Frost (in both parts), fast freezing mode, electronic control, anti-bacterial filter.

Electronic Control Panel

A distinctive feature of the model from Beko is the body, made of stainless steel with a special coating that leaves no fingerprints, and the Twist ice maker. The Whirlpool refrigerator is made in a familiar (and naturally cheaper) painted white case.

Beko RCNE520E21ZX refrigerator

Worthy competition to the above models is Atlant XM 4524-000 ND. Yielding to only one indicator (useful volume is 367 liters), it costs much less - about 31,000 rubles. In addition, the Belarusian manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty (at Whirlpool and Beko - 1 and 2 years, respectively).

Functional features of refrigerators with two compressors

Equipment of one refrigerator with two compressors allows:

  • increase the volume of both chambers (both freezing and refrigerating);
  • increase the speed of the process of freezing products to the desired temperature;
  • make independent temperature adjustment, and if necessary, completely turn off one of the chambers.

The disadvantage of such models is their higher cost.

Popular models of budget refrigerators with two compressors

Among the budget models (in the price range about 20 000 rubles),equipped with two compressors, two-door refrigerators "Atlant" (according to numerous reviews of consumers) are recognized leaders. Two popular models from the Belarusian manufacturer XM 6024-031 and XM 6023-031, have the same overall dimensions (height - 195 cm, width - 60 cm and depth - 63 cm) and total useful volume (347-350 liters). The difference is which branch is most important to you for everyday use. If you are used to storing a sufficiently large amount of frozen food, then your choice of Atlant XM 6023-031, which has a freezer chamber is almost 1.5 times larger than that of a “classmate”. At the same time, the places for food storage at a temperature of + 2-4 degrees are naturally less. And vice versa Atlant XM 6024-031 has a large refrigerating chamber and, accordingly, a smaller freezer. The price for both models is the same and is about 19,000 rubles. The undoubted advantages (except for a very affordable price) include the 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Premium dual-compressor refrigerators with standard door layout

The cost of such products is in the range of 200 000-300 000 rubles. Their technical equipment and functionality will satisfy even the most demanding consumer:

  • 2 inverter compressors;
  • Refrigerator compartment with fresh area (Bio Fresh with separate temperature control);
Regulator of fresh air temperature
  • drawers on telescopic rails;
  • the freezer compartment (of course, No Frost), which keeps the cold for 34 hours after a power outage;
  • electronic control with liquid crystal display (with separate indication of temperature maintained in the chambers)
  • audible alarm of incompletely closed doors;
  • energy class A ++;
  • and much more.

According to reviews of two-door premium refrigerators, the most popular models are Liebherr CBNPes 5167 (cost about 200,000 rubles) and Miele KFN 14,947 SDEed (300,000 rubles). Both products are made in stainless steel and have a useful volume of 411 and 412 liters, respectively. A distinctive feature of the Miele KFN 14947 SDEed are the hydraulic door closers (for a complete and tight closure, just a gentle push - Soft Close).

Refrigerator Liebherr CBNPes 5167

Side-by-side refrigerator models

Wide two-door side-by-side refrigerators are most in demand in large families. The useful volume of such products starts from 500 liters, and the minimum width is 90 cm.

The most popular among refrigerators with “swing” doors in the price range up to 100,000 rubles are products of South Korean manufacturers Daewoo, LG and Samsung.

The Daewoo FRNX 22 B5CW model with a useful volume of 577 liters, one compressor, and the multi-flow cooling system of the refrigerating chamber (Multi Airflow) today costs 57,400-57,900 rubles. Samsung RS 57 K 4000 WW of the same size, equipped with a modern innovative inverter compressor, will cost 75,000 rubles. A 613-liter LG GC-B 247 JMUV costs about 89,000 rubles.

Among large two-door side-by-side refrigerators in the price range of 100,000–200,000 rubles, consumers prefer German manufacturers Bosch and Siemens. Most likely, this can be explained by the quality and reliability of products, supported by many years of experience in the production of home appliances for various purposes.

Siemens KA90IVI20R refrigerator

The popular Siemens KA 90 IVI 20 R refrigerator with a useful volume of 523 liters, equipped with one standard compressor, an automatic ice maker and a No Frost system for both cameras, costs about 150,000 rubles. Model Side by Side Bosch KAG 90 AI 20 R with the same volume, freshness zone (with a choice of temperature), two boxes for vegetables and fruits (with humidity control) will cost 174,000 rubles. Both two-door refrigerators with a freezer, located on the left, have an energy class A + and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What to look for when choosing

If you are a “happy” owner of a small-sized kitchen, then when choosing a two-door refrigerator, dimensions play an important (and often the main) role. In addition, do not forget that the product will need to be brought into the apartment. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to measure the dimensions of all doorways.

The next step in the selection is to determine the required (and sufficient) useful volume. With the same base area (that is, how much space it takes up in your kitchen), refrigerators differ significantly in height (from 140 to 220 cm). The higher the product, the greater its volume - you can not argue with this axiom. However, it is not worthwhile to strive for maximum sizes, because everything will depend on the number of family members, and as a result, on the number of necessary products.

Mutual arrangement of cameras is a matter of habit. A two-door refrigerator with a freezer located below will be more convenient for those who are more accustomed and comfortable to bend over frozen semi-finished products, and vice versa.

The functional equipment of the device is directly related to its price. For example, some “bells and whistles”, such as an icemaker or a separate temperature controller in the Fresh Zone, can be discarded for economy.

But on the energy saving class of the product you should definitely pay attention.The higher this figure, the lower the cost of electricity. And since a refrigerator is usually bought for quite a long time and it is connected to the electricity grid around the clock, the amount of savings can be quite substantial.


The variety of the model range (both in price and in the number of manufacturers) does not allow us to make a very detailed review in a short article. The final choice will depend only on your financial capabilities and personal preferences. Yes, and acquiring such a product in time-tested specialized stores, you can always get detailed information from experienced sales assistants.

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