"Tropikanka": the actors of a heartbreaking melodrama

The excellent Brazilian film is the series "Tropikanka." The actors immediately fell in love with the viewer. And this is not surprising. They are truly talented.

"Tropikanka." Actors show exciting story.

So, more. What is the essence of the plot of the series "Tropikanka"? Actors were able to show the viewer a great story.

The rich and beautiful seventeen-year-old Leticia falls in love with the poor fisherman Ramir. The guy is seven years older than the girl. The heroine throws all that she has, and goes to live in a hut for her lover, where young people spend a wonderful magical month. However, Ramir is forced to go to sea. After all, he is a fisherman. He promises to return soon and marry with Leticia.

Three months have passed, and Ramir is not returning everything. The girl goes abroad to continue her studies. Returning, the guy finds his hut completely empty.He is sure that he was just a toy for a crazy girl. However, twenty years later, the heroes will have to meet ...


Who took part in the filming of the series "Tropikanka"? Actors are very talented. This is primarily: Capri Erson (Ramiro) and Feifer Silvia (Leticia). In their reviews, viewers are distinguished by a very bright game Ferras Carolina and Antonelli Giovanna. In addition, the film starred: Dorada Regina (Serena), Marins Carla (Delilah), Melo Selton (Vitor), Duarte Paloma (Amanda) and many others.tropikanka actors

Capri Erson

Consider briefly the biographies of the main artists, known to the viewer in the painting "Tropikanka." Actors gained even greater fame after the release of the series.

The main role was played by Capri Erson. Born an actor in the city of Curitiba in 1952. He first appeared on the stage at the age of fifteen. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics, in parallel working in the field of real estate economist. This did not prevent the future artist from studying theatrical skills. He made his debut on television and theater in 1975. Since then, began to roll almost without interruption.movie actors tropikanka

Feifer Silvia

All the actors of the film "Tropikanka" liked the fans of "soap operas".And, of course, Silvia Feifer. She was born in 1958 in Porto Alegre. At the age of fourteen she moved to Rio de Janeiro, before she could finish school, and immediately got into the modeling business thanks to her chic model data. The fashion model began to be invited to work by many fashion houses. Including Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani and Coco Chanel. However, over time, the girl decided to leave the modeling business. She began taking theater lessons. And two years later, she took part in the filming of her first film.

1990 brought glory to the actress by roles in the films “My love, my sadness” and “Lean life”. And in 1993 a young woman was offered a role in the famous TV series “Tropikanka.” This was followed by work in the films "Fatal inheritance", "Tower of Babel", "Uga Uga"

In 1983, Silvia married Nelson Shammu Filho. Spouses have two children - Emanuela and Nikolasha.1994 movie Tropica

Ferras Carolina and Antonelli Giovanna

And finally, a few more words about the aforementioned bright actresses who played in the film “Tropikanka”. The film (1994), whose actors were immediately loved and remembered by the viewer, pleased the game with these pretty ladies.

Carolina Ferras began her television career as a presenter.However, the channel “Globo”, to put it mildly, asked the girl to take part in the filming of some episodic roles in small TV shows. After that, a lot of awesome sentences for serious roles fell down. He has a son from Mario Cohen (the head of Globo). Waiting for the second child from Dr. Marcelo Marins.

Giovanna Antonelli began her television career with “Tropikanka”. After that, she continued to act in other popular Brazilian films. Including in “Family ties” and “Clone”.

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