Triderm: reviews of patients and doctors

"Triderm" - cream or ointment for external use. It is a drug, has in its composition antibiotic, hormonal and antifungal components. Today we will find out in which cases the doctor can prescribe this remedy, what are the mechanism of its action and price, as well as reviews of patients and doctors about this medication.triderm reviews

Release form and composition

The drug "Triderm", instructions for use of which should always be included in the package, is sold in two forms:

- cream,

- ointment.

The cream contains the following main components: betamethasone, clotrimazole, gentamicin, as well as excipients: liquid paraffin, petrolatum, alcohol, sodium phosphate dihydrate, phosphoric acid, water. It is released from pharmacies in tubes of 15 g, in a box there is 1 tube.

The composition of the ointment includes the same basic components as in the cream, but less additional substances in this release form. Auxiliary components in this case are paraffin and petrolatum.

Ointment "Triderm" acne is also placed in a tube of 15 g

Under what ailments prescribed?

Doctors prescribe this remedy to patients if they have such health problems:

- Dermatosis (simple, allergic, atopic dermatitis, diffuse, limited atopic dermatitis).

- Pityriasis, simple, chronic versicolor.

- Dermatomycosis caused by pathogens sensitive to the drug: candidiasis, multi-colored deprive.triderm cream

Mechanism of action

The drug "Triderm", the composition of which was described above, has antiallergic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect.

Betamethasone - the main component of the drug - is a hormone that has a vasoconstrictor effect. Another element - clotrimazole - is considered to be a broad-spectrum antifungal agent. It is this component that inhibits the development of skin fungi. And the last active element of the drug - gentamicin - is a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Means "Triderm": instructions for use

Ointment and cream applied topically. The drug is distributed over the entire affected surface of the skin and surrounding tissue twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Beforehand the area on which the cream or ointment will be applied should be cleaned and dried.To effect the treatment of the drug came faster, the tool should be used regularly. The duration of therapy depends on the size and location of the lesion, as well as the response of the patient.

If there is no improvement in the patient after 3-4 weeks, it is necessary to clarify the diagnosis by contacting a specialist and review the treatment regimen.

Ointment "Triderm", the indications for the use of which are indicated in this article, can be used to treat acne. The drug perfectly relieves inflammation of the skin. However, the person who bought this ointment should be aware that in no case should the treated area become wet.triderm composition

special instructions

- The “Triderm” tool, which is not suitable for all people, cannot be used in ophthalmology.

- The preparation is forbidden to be applied on an open wound.

- It is necessary to gradually cancel this medication after a long treatment.

- When using cream or Triderm ointment with other antibacterial agents, cross-allergic reactions may appear.

- Children from the age of seven use the drug with great care.

- Use means nursing mothers should be cautious.It is advisable to feed the baby with the mixture during the treatment period.triderm price


If for some reason you can not buy the original drug, purchase its analogues. Medicines Akriderm GK, Canison Plus have a similar effect.

Side effects

- Local reactions: itching, pigmentation disturbance, burning sensation, erythema.

- Third-party manifestations caused by betamethasone: irritation and dry skin, acne, hypertrichosis, skin atrophy, prickly heat.

- Adverse reactions caused by clotrimazole: tingling sensation, peeling of the skin, blistering, local edema, urticaria, itching, erythema, paresthesias.

Means "Triderm": price

This medicine in the form of a cream or ointment is quite expensive. Especially considering the fact that the tube contains only 15 g of the product. This is a small volume, especially if the affected skin area is large. In this case, one package of the drug is indispensable. Cream “Triderm”, the price of which is slightly lower than ointment, can be purchased at pharmacies for 600–650 rubles. But the ointment will cost more - at 730-760 rubles.triderm ointment indications


In some situations, it is impossible to prescribe the drug "Triderm".Cream or ointment is contraindicated for the following problems and peculiarities of the body:

- Hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug.

- Skin reactions after vaccination.

- Diabetes.

- Tuberculosis of the skin.

- Skin manifestations of syphilis.

- Chickenpox.

- Pregnancy.

- Children's age up to 7 years.

Expiration date, storage conditions

The medication "Triderm" is released without a prescription. Shelf life of funds - 3 years. Do not use the drug after the expiration date. Keep the cream or ointment should be out of the reach of children at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees. The preparation "Triderm" in Portugal is made.triderm instruction manual


If a person uncontrolledly applied this drug in large quantities or for longer than the prescribed time than the doctor prescribed, then he may experience such undesirable symptoms as edema, hypertension (increased pressure), glucosuria (presence of glucose in the urine), hypopotassemia (decrease in ion concentration blood potassium). Treatment in this case should be symptomatic.

Opinions of people

The drug "Triderm" reviews of patients receives mostly positive.People undoubtedly like its effectiveness. With the help of this tool, someone quickly cured a fungus on the skin, lichen, rash of various etiologies, acne. People write that this medicine in some situations simply saved them, while other drugs were unable to cope with the problem (for example, creams Psoril, Sudokrem). The effectiveness of this tool, none of the patients have no doubt. Many people think that Triderma is better than a drug that can solve skin problems of various etiologies simply cannot be found.

However, some patients hesitate when the doctor prescribes Triderm ointment for them. People come to the pharmacy and, seeing the price, no longer enthusiastically want to buy this drug. The price is really high, given the fact that 700 rubles will have to pay for a small tube. And not the fact that it will be enough for the entire period of treatment. It is because of the cost of this medication that patients sometimes leave unflattering comments about him. They say manufacturers want to fill their pockets due to the misfortune of people. But be that as it may, many, appreciating their health, buy this medicine, and soon they admire the result - clean, healthy skin.

Also on the forums on the Internet you can find negative feedback from people about this drug.Patients write that after using this drug, their skin condition worsened. However, in this case, the information should not be taken seriously and truthfully. Perhaps the person used the tool incorrectly or purchased it on his own, without prescribing a doctor. Maybe he should not be treated with this medicine at all. Therefore, in order to avoid negative feedback, before buying this drug, it is worth going to a dermatologist, handing over all the tests assigned to them and only after the doctor gives his recommendations, go to the pharmacy and purchase this tool.better triderma

Opinions of doctors

The drug "Triderm" reviews physicians receives approving. Experts believe that this tool helps to cope with dermatoses, depriving, rashes of various etiologies. But, despite its effectiveness, doctors emphasize patients that a cream or ointment should be bought only after prior consultation with a dermatologist, after passing the necessary tests. Self-treatment in this case is unacceptable. Since the drug "Triderm", reviews of which are from patients are both positive and negative, is a hormonal drug.And therefore they should be treated carefully, observing all the prescriptions of a specialist.

Also, some doctors are outraged by the fact that this cream is released without a prescription. And this, in their opinion, is bad. After all, after reading a lot of positive reviews on the Internet, a person will go to the pharmacy, buy this medicine and use it without even knowing what his diagnosis is. And if this remedy does not help him, what if he has a disease that cannot be treated with Triderm? What then? First, a person will lose valuable therapy time. Secondly, he will spend a lot of money on ointment. Therefore, experts focus their attention on the fact that patients are timely addressed to them, and not to the Internet, because he will not put them a diagnosis. Only a trip to a dermatologist and further work with this doctor will help a person get rid of a skin problem.

Now you know what constitutes Triderm. Reviews of it and indications for use are also known to you. We also identified the contraindications, side effects, the mechanism of action of the tool. Found out for yourself that any unhealthy manifestation on the skin in the form of a rash, depriving acne requires a mandatory examination of the doctor.And only after the doctor gives his recommendations about therapy with the help of the “Triderm” medication, you can safely go to the pharmacy and buy it.

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