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Bulgaria is one of the most beautifulstates of Europe. It is a hospitable, beautiful and interesting country-fairy tale. It has become popular with tourists in recent years. This demand is explained by an abundance of wonderful resorts - both ski and sea, where you can have a good rest and use your time with pleasure. Good service, reasonable prices and cheap tours to Bulgaria also contribute to the influx of foreigners.

to Bulgaria by train

Bulgarian resorts can be divided into several types:

• mountain-skiing;

• beach;

• training;

• medical and recreational;

• sightseeing.

To get to this wonderful country you candifferent ways. These are bus tours, or you can go by your own transport or by train, fly by plane. If we talk about traveling to Bulgaria by train, this is a good and economical option. It is not hard to guess that rail transport is one of the most affordable, especially compared to air travel. Another advantage of traveling to Bulgaria by train is convenience and comfort on the road. Real romantics always prefer a comfortable bed, freedom of movement and the ability to shorten the way in the dining car. Moreover, in the compartment of the cars following to Bulgaria, air conditioners are provided, making the trip even more comfortable in the summer. Of course, the bus tour can not compete with the trip to Bulgaria by train on the convenience of movement. After all, on the train passengers have the opportunity to lie down and read or just to sleep. Apart from all this, there is something special about trips to Bulgaria by train, so the trip will be remembered for a long time.

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And yet the most significant positive factorthe movement by rail is its safety. This is especially attractive for those who suffer from aerophobia. In addition, given the high accidents on air and bus routes, this mode of transport is becoming more attractive for travelers.

All tourists have the opportunity to purchaseexcursion tours to Bulgaria and visit all local attractions. This country has a rich culture, national holidays and customs, making it even more interesting for visitors. Here you can buy different products of traditional folk handicrafts of Bulgarians, leather and silver handmade products, perfumes from the Valley of Roses and many other things that have long been loved by our compatriots.

In Bulgaria, you can import and export differentforeign currency, but at the same time the export of the national currency (the lion) is strictly prohibited. Also, when transporting across the border of any technology, right up to the camera, you need to bring it into the declaration in advance. Otherwise, it can be confiscated. As for alcoholic beverages, it is allowed to import up to a liter of strong drinks and up to two liters of wine. By observing these rules, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble.

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Bulgaria is a fabulously beautiful country with its own culture and traditions, with warm sea and golden beaches.

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