Traditional Chechen names. Male Chechen Names

Chechen names include various options that have come to this region along with the cultural influence of various parties. Below we briefly discuss this process and give a list of the most typical names for this region.

male Chechen names

Chechen first and last names: composition

The whole variety of Chechen names consists mainly of the original Chechen variants, preserved from pre-Islamic times, abundantly diluted with Arab and Persian borrowings, introduced along with Arabization of culture and the spread of Islam. In addition, in the republic there are also, although in a much smaller number, names from other traditions, introduced mainly through the influence of the Russian neighborhood.

Chechen male names and their meanings

Origin of names

A large number of names in Chechnya comes from the names of animals and birds. The names of the male Chechen traditions are often elevated to predators. For example, Borz means wolf.Kuira is the name of the hawk, but the name Lecha refers to the falcon. In addition, verbs in various moods can be used to form a name. It can be both female and male names.

The Chechen traditions of naming a child are generally quite flexible - they use adjectives, participles and other parts of speech, as well as various verbal constructions. But most of the names that Chechens use today are still not their original heritage, but introduced along with the new religion. Thus, being Muslims, they most often resort to Arab and Persian options, rather than to their native, primordial ones.

Such options as Ali, Ahmed, Magomed, Umar and others are especially popular with Chechens, as well as, probably, with all Muslims. Male Chechen names thus have their support in the Qur'an and in Islamic history. Calling a child non-Muslim in this traditional conservative society is not accepted. Male Chechen names can also be composite, which reflects the local, mountainous flavor. For example, the elements “Bek”, “Soltan” and some others are added to many names.

As for the Russian language, it has enriched the Chechen vocabulary with such naming options as Raisa, Louise, Rosa and some other, mostly female names. Especially often Russian versions are found in official documents, and in diminutive and abbreviated versions. For example, one can often find the name Zhenya or Sasha on the pages of business papers. But usually behind them are still Chechen names and surnames. Male and female versions of Chechens are always stressed on the first syllable. This, as well as features of local pronunciation, sometimes alter foreign names, nationalizing them, so to speak. For example, male Chechen names are often pronounced with the replacement of “y” by “a” and “d” by “t”.

Chechen names and surnames for men

Chechen male names and their meanings

  • Ruslan. This is an ancient Turkic name that denotes a lion.
  • Shamil. This option can be translated into Russian by the word "comprehensive".
  • Abu A very popular name in Islam, belonging to one of the associates of Muhammad.
  • Rashid. This name speaks of the consciousness and prudence of its carrier. At least in theory.
  • Said. Arabic name meaning "happy."
  • Hassan.Very popular name among the followers of Mohammed. It means “good,” “good.”
  • Ibrahim. This is the Arabized form of the Hebrew name of the prophet Abraham. Translated into Russian as the "father of many nations."
  • Hamid. So called a man worthy of praise. Another meaning is praising (in the sense of God).
  • Murat. Translated as "desired goal" or "cherished dream." Comes from Arabic.
  • Isa. The same as Jesus. From ancient Hebrew it is often translated as “the help of Yahweh”.
  • Denis A strangely preserved name among the Chechens, which in ancient Greece belonged to the god of wine Dionysus.
  • Mustafa From the Arabic language, this name translates as "elected."
  • Moussa. The same as Moses. Literally from Hebrew means "taken from the water."
  • Rahman. Beautiful Arabic name. Its meaning is close to the Russian word "mercy." That is, it will mean a gracious person.
  • Mansour. From Arabic, the name translates as “the one who is protected” or simply “protected”.
  • Umar. Tatar name. Means "life".
  • Suleiman. A name that says that you are a person who lives in health and well-being, who thrives.
  • Ramazan.The name given in honor of the holy month of the Arab calendar.

Chechen first and last names

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