Toyota Land Cruiser 105 - overview, features, specifications and reviews

"Toyota Land Cruiser" - perhaps one of the most famous all-wheel drive SUV in Russia. The history of this model begins with the distant 50s of the last century. The first “Cruiser”, which came out on the light, was named J40. Off-road vehicle series "Cruiser" is constantly being improved and refined. So, in the 97th year, the Land Cruiser 100 and 105 were presented at the Tokyo International Motor Show. In today's article we will pay attention to the second body - we will know its characteristics and features.


The Land Cruiser 105 is a four-wheel-drive Japanese jeep, mass-produced from 1998 to 2007. The car is a more "off-road" version of the 100th body. By the way, unlike the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 B, the 105th body was not produced for the Japanese domestic market. The main direction is the market of North America and the Middle East.

land cruiser 105 specifications

For nearly 20 years, the Toyota Land Cruiser 105 has been associated as a car, created to work, to conquer peaks, not knowing fatigue and obstacles.Among the owners of these frame SUVs there are many who love outdoor activities, fishing and hunting with long-distance trips. Also, this car is bought for off-road, because its design and the presence of regular locks completely have to it.


In general, the body of the "Cruiser" is very similar. Like the 80, the Land Cruiser 105 has the same square shapes, lines and muscular wheel arches with equally massive disks. However, unlike the previous generation, the 105th body received a slightly different form of optics and grille.

Many people ask: what is the difference between the Toyota Land Cruiser 105 and 100? The main differences relate to the bumpers. They on the 105th body were not painted in the main color and were black. Also on this model used single brake lights at the back. Another of the main differences on the back is worth noting rear swing gates. On the honeycomb body, a folding solid door was used.

Five years after the mass production, the Toyota Land Cruiser 105 SUV endured its first restyling. So, the grille has changed. It has become a little wider and is now in direct contact with the front bumper (previously there was a metal band at this place).

In 2005, the Toyota Land Cruiser experienced another update. So, the head optics has changed.High-beam headlamps placed horizontally. Changed grille and rear brake lights. By the way, the turn signals are made monolithic with a headlamp.

In general, the Toyota Land Cruiser has a brutal, truly masculine look. Many owners make additional tuning, namely, install:

  • Power bumpers front and rear.
  • Mud rubber.
  • LED chandelier.
  • Roof rack
  • Snorkel.
  • Winch
cruiser 105 photo specifications

With such equipment, the car clearly attracts attention, say reviews. But this was not done at all - the car is professionally prepared for competition. Also similar tuning are engaged and just off-road lovers. After all, the 105th "Cruiser" is more prone to off-road than the "weaving."

Body and corrosion

Among the main advantages of this SUV reviews say good anti-corrosion protection. After 20 years, the metal does not rust, even in those places where previously chipped. The quality of painting is also at a high level - the owners say. After years of operation, the lacquer does not fade and the enamel does not crack. Not surprisingly, Toyota Land Cruiser is loved in the Middle East.In the desert, this machine shows its endurance to the full.

Dimensions clearance

The car has a very immodest size. Thus, the total length of the body is 4.89 meters, width - 1.94, height - 1.89 meters. The size of the wheelbase - 2850 millimeters. Turning radius is 5.5 meters. Clearance - 23 centimeters. But this is not the limit - say the owners. By installing a high-profile mud rubber here, you can lift the car a couple more centimeters without modifications. Also, the car has a good geometric cross, despite the long wheelbase. And after installing the power bumpers, "Toyota Land Cruiser" and does become an all-terrain vehicle - the owners say.


One of the differences of the 105th body is in the cabin. So, this model has a simpler, “working” salon. Here you will never meet the leather interior. Sometimes the Land Cruiser came with mechanical power windows and one airbag. Salon - mostly velor, with a minimum number of options. The exception is the Land Cruiser 105 GX. This is the maximum grade SUV, which includes a cloth interior, air conditioning and power accessories.

land cruiser specifications

Salon thanks to a long body can accommodate up to eight people. And everyone will not experience discomfort - there is enough space inside with a margin. The floor in the cabin is flat, which is also a plus. The seats, despite the modest upholstery, are quite comfortable. All adjustments are mechanical. By the way, the car has two gearshift levers. One is responsible for the gearbox, and the second - for razdatku. The locks are activated by a lever, which is near the driver’s left knee.

Despite the more budgetary performance, the quality of noise insulation in the Land Cruiser 105 is at a high level, as reviews say. Inside you can not hear the roar of the engine, the sounds of the suspension and box.


SUV has a fairly roomy trunk. In the five-seater version of its volume is 830 liters. You can also fold the second row of seats. The result is a cargo area of ​​1370 liters.

Land Cruiser 105: technical specifications

This model does not have such a variety of engines as the "weave". Under the hood, the Toyota Land Cruiser 105 is a 135 horsepower diesel engine. This is a straight six-cylinder engine 1HZ. Engine capacity - 4163 cubic centimeters.Diesel Land Cruiser 105 develops such low power due to the absence of a turbine. We also note that the engine has a simplest design with a cast-iron block, “wet” sleeves and a 12-valve timing mechanism (where each inlet and exhaust have one cylinder). The piston diameter is 94 millimeters, the stroke is 100. At the same time, the motor has a high compression ratio of 22.7. Torque of the power unit - 280 Nm at 2.2 thousand revolutions per minute.

land cruiser 105 features

There were several transmissions. Initially, it was a five-speed mechanic and a four-band automatic. But during the first restyling (recall, this was the year 2003), a more economical, five-speed automatic appeared in the lineup.

What is the performance of the Land Cruiser 105? Acceleration to a hundred takes 13.6 seconds. Maximum speed - 170 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption, according to passport data, in the city is 14.1 liters. On the highway, the car consumes about 11.1 liters. The total volume of the tank - 95 liters. We also note that some versions for the countries of the Middle East were equipped with an additional tank of 50 liters.

Petrol "Land Cruiser"

Also note that the Land Cruiser 105 for the American market in 2005 received a V-shaped, eight-cylinder gasoline engine 2UZ-FE.It features a 32-valve timing mechanism and a phase shift system VVT-i. The material of the cylinder block is cast iron. The head is aluminum.

The maximum power of the power unit with a volume of 4664 cubic centimeters - 282 horsepower. With this engine, the car accelerated to a hundred in 11.7 seconds. At the same time consumed from 16.5 liters of fuel in the city. On the highway, this figure was in the region of 10 liters.


Reliability of engines "Toyota Land Cruiser" is legendary. This is practically unkillable engine. As practice shows, the resource of the Toyota Land Cruiser engines reaches a million kilometers (both diesel and gasoline). These units do not have constructive errors and shortcomings. During the whole service life they only require regular oil changes. In total, the engine contains 9.5 liters of oil. The replacement policy is from 7 to 15 thousand kilometers, depending on the operating conditions. But since the Toyota Land Cruiser 105 is often purchased specifically for off-road, it is better to reduce this regulation to the maximum. By the way, the Toyota diesel engine is not at all picky about the quality of Russian fuel.

land cruiser specifications

Interesting fact: the UN recognized the Toyota Land Cruiser 105 as the most reliable in its class.


The car is built on a solid frame with a longitudinal location of the power unit. Among the differences from the "weave" - ​​the presence of a dependent front suspension. But there were also modifications with a torsion bar front suspension. As the elastic elements used coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. Behind - a classic continuous bridge.

land 105 specifications

Note that, depending on the configuration, the Toyota Land Cruiser could be equipped with a different number of locks. So, in the STD version there was only the central one. The GXR1 models already had two, and the GXR2 had three differential locks. In addition, the latest version was equipped with a standard electric windlass in front.

How does this car behave on the go? According to reviews of the owners, the suspension of the 105th body is a bit tougher than that of the “weave”. The car coarser reacts to the pits and road joints. However, this suspension can not be called uncomfortable. The car still has a high smoothness. But for the softness you have to sacrifice the side rolls.The car enters the corners hard, due to the dependent suspension scheme and high center of gravity. But the car keeps a straight path perfectly. At high speeds, the car goes like a glove - note the reviews of the owners.

Cost of

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the few cars that can be sold for the same price after purchase. This is indeed a fact: on average, the price of these models is reduced only by 5 percent per year. If we talk about our body, it can be purchased for 1-1.5 million rubles. And the cost can sometimes exceed the price of a more luxurious "weave". But as a rule, these are models already prepared for off-road, with a winch, all locks and power bumpers.

Despite the high cost, these machines are very popular in the secondary market. They have a steady demand. Therefore, even a train on such a machine a month, it will not be difficult to sell it. However, such owners are few. Having traveled a couple of times on the "Cruiser", you think about the constant possession of such an SUV.

Summing up

So, we found out what the Toyota Land Cruiser is. Among the main advantages it can be distinguished:

  • Brutal appearance.
  • Corrosion resistant body.
  • Resource engine.
  • Reliable transmission.
  • Unkillable suspension.
  • Spacious interior and roomy trunk.
  • Liquidity in the market.

Among the shortcomings worth emphasizing:

  • Modest cabin equipment.
  • Expensive parts.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • Excessive valkost and rolls.
cruiser 105 specifications

This car is perfect for those who want a reliable and comfortable SUV with good cross-country performance. Many people doubt which engine to choose. Atmospheric diesel is more suitable for those who like to slip off-road - traction is enough for the eyes. Well, lovers of more dynamic driving can recommend an eight-cylinder engine. True, in terms of fuel consumption, it is not at all economical. As for the gearbox, for off-road it is better to choose a clean mechanics. Any machine does not like overheating, so versions with automatic transmission are more suitable for operation on asphalt areas.

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