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Ever since Jules Verne published his novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the popularity of stories about the adventures of submarines (submarines) has become very high. And with the development of cinema on the screens began to appear films about the List is very impressive, but not all of them deserve the attention of the audience. Let's look at the most famous films about submarines.

The screen version of the novel by Jules Verne

First of all, it is worth mentioning the films devoted to the “progenitor” of submarines - “Nautilus”.films russian submarines

The epic novel by Jules Verne was filmed 7 times. In addition, based on his motives, two films were created: The League of Outstanding Gentlemen and its modernized version, Nautilus: Lord of the Ocean.

Not all of these versions were successful, but the most successful of them were the American film of 1954, the Soviet mini-series of 1975, and the 1997 drama with Michael Caine and Patrick Dempsey in the lead roles.

The cult German film "Submarine"

Films (a list of which will be presented below) about submarines, in most cases, tell about them either from a comic or from an excessively heroic side.But Wolfgang Petersen's “Submarine” is the exception, being the best movie on this subject.submarine films

Filmed in 1981, this motion picture still has no analogues. It not only reliably shows the life of the crew of the submarine, but also carefully spelled out the characters and motivation of the characters, as well as a slender and very dramatic plot. And most importantly, the plot is based on the real records of the reporter who sailed during the war on the submarine. Until now, almost all submarine films have taken an example from the Das Boot.

As for the plot, the weekdays and the death of the German U-96 submarine at the beginning of the Second World War are described without embellishment and brave heroism.

By the way, for everyone who is interested in the subject of submariners, this tape is mandatory for viewing.

Foreign films about submarines during the Cold War: "The Hunt for Red October", "K-19", "Crimson Tide"

More than others, Americans like to make submarine films. Most often, these paintings are devoted to the period of the Cold War, a little less - the Second World War.

There are often films about co-production submarines released by France, Britain, Italy and other countries in which the film industry is well developed.

So, what are the best-known foreign films about submarines?war films submarines

First of all, it is worth mentioning the painting "The Hunt for Red October". She shot on one of the novels about Jack Ryan famous writer Tom Clancy.

According to the plot, the Soviet commander of the ultra-modern submarine Red October decides to take the boat to the shores of the United States and seek political asylum. Using the tests of a submarine as a cover, the captain begins to carry out his plan. But his compatriots in the headquarters will soon learn about the treason and raise the entire submarine fleet to stop the traitor. The Americans, in turn, decide that the "Red October" plans to attack the United States, and also begin to hunt him. And only one brave CIA analyst Jack Ryan (as in all the books in the series) understands the true motives of the Soviet captain and tries to help him.

In 2002, another foreign film film about the Cold War, K-19, was released. In contrast to “The Hunt for Red October,” she failed miserably at the box office, despite Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson in the lead roles. Subsequently, it was highly appreciated by the audience, making it into the category “Best films about submarines”.This project was filmed jointly by the UK, Germany, Canada and the Russian Federation. He talked about the heroic deed of the Soviet submariners.

In the story, in the midst of the Cold War, a new nuclear submarine K-19 is launched in the USSR. Its captain is instructed to test all systems and determine how efficient it is. At first, everything is going fine, but because of the breakdown of the cooling system of the atomic reactor, there is a leak of radiation. There is no connection with the command - there is no help waiting, and the crew has no means of protection against radiation. In addition, the submarine is located near the United States, and if an atomic explosion occurs, it will be considered a declaration of war ...

Crimson Tide is a popular American submarine project. And although it was filmed in 1995 and talks about the events after the collapse of the USSR, the topic of opposition between the United States and the Russian Federation is still slipping into the plot.submarine films

According to the plot, an insurrection occurred in the east of the Russian Federation, and its ideological inspirer (contrary to the policy of the head of the country) is preparing to strike at the United States. To be ready to defend, the American nuclear submarine "Alabama" is sent to sea and is waiting for orders (if necessary to use atomic weapons).Suddenly, an order comes to shoot. At the same time, another one arrives, but due to communication problems, it is interrupted. Once without communications, the submarine’s command must decide for itself whether to start the Third World War.

Foreign films "U-429: Underwater Prison", "U-571"

American films about submarines are not always associated with the period of the Cold War. Proof of this is the 2004 tape "U-429: Underwater Prison".

Its events take place during the Second World War. The USS Swordfish submarine fights two Nazi submarines at once. And although the Americans manage to sink one of them, the second - U-429, destroys their submarine, and the crew takes prisoner. However, prisoners bring meningitis to the enemy boat, and an epidemic begins on board. To survive, the enemies have to unite. But will this help them, because the Nazi submarine and the destroyer of the USA are after them?

Another very bright project about the Second World War is the US-French military drama "U-571".

According to the plot, this film is quite standard for Americans: war, a submarine, brave divers, who miraculously escape themselves and destroy their enemies.At the same time, in order to give meaning to everything that was happening, an element such as the hunt for the legendary fascist cryptographic machine, Enigma, was added to the picture.

It is worth noting that although this picture belongs to the best, it is very inferior to all of the above, despite the good box office.

Foreign comedy films about submarines: “Operation" Petticoat "," Lower Periscope "

We must pay tribute, Americans know how to laugh at themselves. Proof of this are their comedy about submariners.

So, back in the midst of the Cold War, in 1959, they filmed the comedy film "Operation Petticoat" with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis in the lead roles. The picture takes place during the Second World War. Captain Matt Sherman and Lieutenant Nicholas Holden are given command of a submarine. However, it turns out that there are quite a few women among the officers of the team. This brings confusion not only in the professional activities of the characters, but also in their personal lives.submarine films list

The tape “Operation“ Petticoat ”” is not well known to domestic viewers, but the comedy of 1996 “Lower Periscope” is loved by many. She does not talk about military actions, but about exercises and difficult non-statutory relations in the fleet.

In the story, the submarine officer of the US Navy Tom Dodge is not very fond of the navy because of his wayward command. Therefore, in order to play a trick on him, he is given a decommissioned, rusted diesel submarine of the Bala class, called Stingray. Dodge and his rather peculiar team will take part in the exercises as a goal. Despite the fact that their opponents are super-modern submarines, Dodge manages to make them a serious competition.

Submarine Thriller

Since life on submarines is always full of dangers, it was simply impossible not to remove even a few thrillers on this subject.

war films submarines

One of the best is the American military thriller “Depth” of 2002. It tells about the fatal mistake of submariners who accidentally shot at a floating hospital, believing that it was a German destroyer.

The thrillers include the British tape of 2014. The Black Sea.submarine movies listIt tells about the dismissed submariner Robinson, who gets involved in an adventure with the search for a sunken Nazi submarine loaded with gold.

Fantastic film about the submarine: "The Abyss"

Considering the most famous films about submarines, it is worth mentioning James Cameron's fantastic film “The Abyss”.Among other fantastic films about submarines, it stands alone, because it skillfully combines realism and fiction. By the way, it was for her that special effects were developed, which were later used in war submarine

Almost all the events of the "Abyss" occur under water. American nuclear submarine crashes under unknown circumstances. Fearing that this is the intrigue of Soviet submarines, the US government will send a rescue team.

However, the easiest way to reach the place of death is from the Deep Core oil research platform. There comes the Navy team. Although platform workers help them in everything, the rescue commander does not trust them. Moreover, he begins to decompression sickness, and he goes mad.

On top of everything else at the bottom of a hollow, located near, unknown creatures from another planet dwell. The mad commander believes that they are the agents of the USSR, and he drops an atomic bomb into the cavity. Now ordinary workers of the oil platform will have to stop the madman himself and save the newcomers.

Fantastic television series about the adventures of the submarine of the future - "Underwater Odyssey"

In the middle of the 90s, this television series gathered at the screens of many teenagers. It is about the "Underwater Odyssey", which delighted the audience for three seasons.

In the center of the plot was a submarine "Sikvest" - the largest and most technically advanced submarine of the future. Although the majority of what is happening in the series - fiction, it contains references to numerous modern studies in the field of marine biology.

Russian films about submariners and submarines: "Commander of the happy" Pike "", "Listen in the compartments", "72 meters", "First after God"

In the USSR and the Russian Federation many interesting projects were also shot, most often these were war films. It was impossible to find submarines for them, so we had to rent decommissioned scrap metal, as was done in the “Commander of the happy“ Pike ”.”

This 70s tape was quite good from the technical and dramatic side. She spoke about the events of the Great Patriotic War and the attempts of the Pike submarine to thwart the plans of the fascists.

In the middle of the 80s in the USSR, the movie “Listen in compartments” was shot, telling about the teachings of submariners.films russian submarines

After 19 years in the Russian Federation, they will also make a movie about the exercises and submarines - “72 meters”.In it the submarine "Slavyanka" ran into a mine, preserved from the times of the Great Patriotic War, and now has no opportunity to surface. It should be noted that this tape is one of the best, although films on this topic are rarely made in Russia.

Russian submarines were featured in the 2005 military drama - “First after God”.film war submarineAlthough the tape was positioned as a picture of submariners and submarines, very little space was given to this aspect in it. Most of the paintings are the attempts of the main character to understand themselves.

The Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)

And in conclusion, it is worth mentioning the animated film Yellow Submarine. Filmed in the 70s, it was not a military subject, but a musical one. Indeed, in his plot were used the most famous hits of the cult group The submarine films

Although the plot itself is very primitive (the struggle of Pepperland residents against the Blue Vrednyuchki), the main advantage of the cartoon is the unusual graphics and the immortal music of the Beatles.

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