TOP 8 of the most popular and functional fitness bracelets (2018 rating)

Do you want to buy a new-fangled gadget to track physical activity, but were confused by the variety of offers? Our fitness bracelet rating will help you figure out which model is best for you.

Types of sports bracelets

Types of sports bracelets

  1. "Smart watch.This is practically a real computer on your wrist. It is very useful when a person goes in for sports or goes behind the wheel, and it is inconvenient to get the phone. It shows not only hours, but also notifications about calls and messages, supports various applications, has many useful functions.
  2. Fitness tracker (bracelet).It works only in a pair with a phone or tablet. Designed to determine the physical indicators of a person - the number of steps taken, calories expended, sleep phases, heart rate.

Popular brands

  1. Xiaomi- Chinese brand of good quality. Bracelets have a good value for money.
  2. Jawbone- one of the "pioneers" in the production of the first fitness trackers. This brand has many successful models, but there are also failures.
  3. Sony, Huawei- have the function of "smart" watches.
  4. Microsoft, Garmin- make professional models, very high quality, multifunctional and expensive.
  5. Fitbit, Misfit, Withings- average cost, good quality.
  6. Teclast, THL, Bong- Chinese bracelets with good functionality and democratic value.

Bracelets fitness rating - review of the best models

The best fitness bracelet is one that meets your needs and goals. If you need a pedometer on hand, then you should not choose an expensive model, you can restrict yourself to a simple and inexpensive gadget.

Do you play sports seriously? Watch your health and exercise regularly? Stop your choice on a multi-functional fitness tracker.

1st place. Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The best options

Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 7
Messages SMS, e-mail, social networks, calendar
Vibro mode +
Design and design features
Color spectrum
  • Orange;
  • the black
Clock Numbers
Screen surface Plastic
Water protection IP67, WR30 (raindrops)
Strap change Is possible
Wrist strap adjustment Yes
Dimensions (W × H × T) 15.7 × 40.3 × 10.5 mm
total weight 7 g
View Monochrome, OLED, sensor, backlight
Diagonal 0.4 inches
Calls Message about incoming
Interface Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Pedometer;
  • Heart rate measurement
Accumulator battery Built-in Li-Polymer
Capacity 70 mAh
Expectation 480 h
Recharging 180 min.
Connector Individual
average cost 1 400 rubles

What does the manufacturer offer?

Production - China. The first generation - Mi Band and Mi Band 1S - for a very short time gained wide popularity due to the small cost and versatility of the device.

The Mi Band 2 model is even more advanced, and at the same price (of course, the cost remains the same in China, dealers sell more).

The design is focused on modesty and simplicity. The electronics can be easily pulled out of the strap and inserted into a bracelet of a different color - this is a new highlight of the brand.

You can display not only an electronic clock (in past models, this function was not available), but also various statistics, including the number of steps completed, as well as notifications of incoming calls and SMS.

Fastening the capsules to the bracelet has become much more reliable than the previous models. A screen appeared, the pedometer improved.

What do users write?


  • multifunctionality;
  • good water resistance, even when bathing;
  • screen availability;
  • the sparing vibration at an alarm clock, there is no sharp waking up;
  • low cost;
  • long battery charge, at least 20 days;
  • good design and comfortable clasp.


  • not always correctly displays the pulse;
  • the screen is easily scratched;
  • There is no “smart” alarm clock, although it tracks sleep phases;
  • if you walk around the supermarket with a cart, then because of the stillness of the hands, it does not count the number of steps. It's a shame.

2nd place. Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Features fitness bracelets

Technical specifications
Supported Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9
Messages SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, weather forecast
Vibro mode +
Design and design features
Color spectrum Three different shades.
Time Electronic clock with alarm clock and the ability to turn it off.
Water protection IP68, WR50 (the ability to take a shower and swim)
Bracelet change when damaged Yes
Strap Silicone, adjustable by wrist.
Dimensions (W × H × T) 17.9 × 46.9 × 12 mm
Weight 20 g
Type of OLED, backlight, sensor
Diagonal size 0.78 inches
Resolution 128×80
Phone Incoming details with the ability to reject a call
Interface Bluetooth 4.2 LE
  • Recreation;
  • energy expended;
  • loads
  • Pedometer;
  • heart rate measurement
Accumulator battery Built.
Capacity 110 mAh
Waiting period 480 h
average price 2 290 rubles

What does the manufacturer offer?

The third generation of perfect Chinese bracelets. It looks very stylish and modern, does not cause discomfort. It works completely autonomously, for a morning run it is not at all necessary to take a smartphone with you.

The display is almost two times larger than the previous model, which means it shows even more useful information. When synchronizing with the phone, calls, SMS and weather in the region will be visible on the screen.

Full waterproof, with this bracelet you can swim in the pool and ponds, do not be afraid to fall under the rain, take a shower. Excellent considers the pulse, steps, energy spent and the time for which the planned distance was covered.

What do users write?


  • democratic price;
  • accuracy of evidence;
  • you can not shoot in the shower;
  • good battery life.


  • poorly visible information in the sun;
  • the screen is scratched;
  • unfinished software;
  • Chinese character when showing days of the week.

3rd place.Huawei Honor Band 3

Fitness bracelets

Supported Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 8
Notifications SMS
Vibro mode Yes
Design and construction
Color spectrum
  • The black;
  • bright blue;
  • Orange
Clock Digital
Moisture protection WR50 (you can take a shower and swim without diving into the depths)
Wrist circumference Adjustable strap length.
Dimensions (W × H × T) 16.5x43x10.3mm
total weight 18 g
View Monochrome, sensor, backlight
Diagonal 128×32
Connection Shows all incoming
Interface type Bluetooth 4.2
  • Recreation;
  • energy spent;
  • active period
  • Step meter;
  • pulse rate;
  • silent alarm clock
Battery Built
Capacity 100 mAh
Standby mode 720 h
Recharging 90 min.
average price 2 600 rubles

What does the manufacturer offer?

The color of the strap can be chosen to match the clothes - blue, black or orange. However, the electronic device itself is always black. The bracelet fits comfortably on the arm, does not cause discomfort.

At the bottom of the display is a touch button, when clicked, the screen images change.


  • date, time, battery charge;
  • the number of heartbeats;
  • steps completed;
  • run;
  • swimming.

All necessary data is collected in a special folder "Health".

What do users write?


  • informative screen large enough for the necessary information;
  • useful reminders of the resumption of activity;
  • moisture resistant, not afraid of the soul and swimming;
  • the ability to reject a call or mute the phone;
  • fairly accurate pulse measurement.


  • rapid contamination of colored straps;
  • Only original software is required. Not all applications are suitable.

4th place. Garmin Vivosmart HR +

What are fitness bracelets?

Supports Android 4.3, iOS 8, Windows Phone, Windows, OS X
Ability to track SMS, emails, messages in social networks, weather forecast, calendar
Vibro Yes
Design and features
Color spectrum
  • Dark blue shade.
  • Noble purple.
  • Gray with black.
Strap Silicone, adjustable wrist
Clock Digital electronic
Water protection WR50 (you can take water treatments, swim, but not dive)
Size (L × W) 21 × 12.3 mm
total weight 31 g
View Monochrome, sensor, lights.
Diagonally 1.08 inches
With permission 160×68
Number of pixels per inch (PPI) 161
Job Continuous
Phone Messages about incoming incoming
Navigator GPS
Communication methods Bluetooth 4.0 LE, USB, ANT +
  • Accelerometer;
  • height meter;
  • heart rate;
  • timer and stopwatch;
  • anti-lost;
  • audio player.
Battery Li-ion
Active mode 8 h
Rest period 120 h
Connector Cradle (Removable)
average price 14 490 rubles

What does the manufacturer offer?

Good screen resolution compared to previous generation models. Interaction with the device has become much more convenient due to the lack of a solid silicone coating. The monochrome display will always be turned on, and when it gets bright light, the picture will only be brighter.

The gadget can be used as a normal watch and pedometer. It is possible to configure notifications from the phone.

The bracelet is made of lightweight rubber, pleasant to the skin. On the case there are no buttons, control is carried out using swipe.

What do users write?


  • extremely meticulous application;
  • very accurately determines the phase of sleep, but worse pulse;
  • weather and music from your smartphone;


  • long synchronization;
  • high price;
  • uncomfortable to sleep.

5th place. Withings go

Review of fitness bracelets

Supported Platforms Android 4.3, iOS 7
Vibro Yes
Design and features
Color spectrum 5 different shades
Bracelet Silicone, adjustable in size
Time Digital display
Water protection WR50 (the ability to take a shower, swimming)
Bracelet change when damaged Can
View E-ink backlight
Diagonal 1.1 inches
Interface Bluetooth
Additional functions
  • Rest (sleep);
  • energy used;
  • active period.
Battery Removed
Autonomy up to eight months
Cost of 1 740 rubles

What does the manufacturer offer?

The display is not very functional, it displays only your progress or time. To switch between modes, you must strongly press on the screen.

It can be worn not only on the hand, but also on the belt, in the pocket and as a key fob. Good moisture resistance - withstand even immersion up to 50 meters.

Synchronization with a smartphone happens quite quickly - in 5-10 seconds.

What do users write?


  • can be worn on the arm and with the help of a clip on clothes;
  • waterproof;
  • tracks activity in the pool;
  • no need to charge often;
  • price.


  • inconveniently displayed time;
  • In the application, you must switch the mode from the bracelet to the clip and back, you can forget.

6th place. Fitbit flex

How to choose a fitness bracelet?

View Sports bracelet without a screen.
The following platforms are supported. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, OS X
Vibro mode +
External features
Color spectrum 10 varieties
Strap Silicone, adjustable in length.
Water protection WR30 (raindrops)
If the bracelet is damaged It is possible to replace
Interfaces Bluetooth 4.0, USB
  • Holiday modes;
  • the amount of energy spent;
  • active load.
Sensors Pedometer
Accumulator battery Li-Polymer inline
Waiting period 120 h
Connector Cradle with the ability to withdraw
average price 4 638 rubles.

What does the manufacturer offer?

It is a dense rubber strap, inside which is inserted a capsule with built-in electronics. All detailed information will be available only through the application program in a smartphone or PC.

Determines the daily rate of steps, as well as a high load, such as fast running. You can monitor calories and rest. It is necessary to switch to rest mode and back manually with the help of lightly tapping the bracelet. A quiet alarm clock will wake you up with a slight vibration, without disturbing any of the sleeping next.

You quickly get used to the device, the bracelet is light and inconspicuous.

What do users write?


  • good combination of price-functionality;
  • comfortable to wear;
  • replaceable bracelet;
  • performs all declared functions;
  • well motivated to be active.


  • in the heat of the hand under the bracelet sweats;
  • contacts of the charger are unreliable, sometimes charging does not go;
  • the strap breaks;
  • inconvenient to change modes by tapping;
  • does not track the fast and deep phase of sleep;
  • no messages from the phone.

7th place. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Bracelets fitness rating

Basic information
operating system Tizen
Supports Android 4.4, iOS 9
View and answer SMS, Facebook and Twitter, weather forecast and calendar, email check
Additional applications Are possible
Vibro mode Yes
Appearance and design features
Strap Silicone with adjustable length
Time Electronic watch
Water protection WR50 (rain, water treatments, swimming). You can not dive into the depths
total weight 33 g
View Curved, color, AMOLED, sensor, backlight
With a diagonal 1.5 inches
Listening to music via Bluetooth Yes
Phone Call Reports
Navigation systems GPS, GLONASS
Interfaces Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Built 4 GB
Operative 512 MB
  • Pedometer;
  • gyroscope;
  • stopwatch and timer;
  • height meter;
  • possibility of continuous measurement of the pulse.
  • Routes for running and trekking;
  • recording runs and trajectories;
  • menu control;
  • individual plan loads and workouts;
  • anti-lost.
Battery Built
Capacity 200 mAh
Rest period 96 h
Activity 9 h
Connector Cradle with the ability to remove
Wireless recharge Yes
Price 11 240 rubles

What does the manufacturer offer?

The bracelet of increased activity, light and multifunctional, is made in black and red tones. High-quality curved screen with a bright picture, which is perfectly visible even with direct sunlight.

In sleep mode it translates automatically, perfectly tracks all phases. Counts the number of steps taken, the energy spent (calories), the rise to the floors, the pulse. With him you can swim, squat, push-ups and perform a variety of physical activity - he will determine the type of activity.

Works as an independent music player, headphones are connected via Bluetooth.

What do users write?


  • It is convenient to read incoming SMS without getting the phone;
  • reminds of the need to warm up with prolonged rest;
  • stylish design;
  • measures all indicators well;
  • recognizes the type of training.


  • if GPS works, then the charge is barely enough for a day;
  • expensive for an ordinary fitness tracker, you can add money and buy smart watches;
  • there is no "smart" alarm clock;
  • heartbeat sensor does not work well.

8th place. Jet Sport FT-5

Fitness bracelet

Basic information
Works on the following platforms Android 4.3, iOS 7
SMS with viewing and response Yes
Vibro mode +
Design and design features
Color spectrum Includes four replaceable straps of different colors
Strap Silicone with adjustable length
Water protection IPX7
View Monochrome, OLED, sensor, backlight
With a diagonal 0.87”
  • Rest mode (sleep);
  • energy spent during the day;
  • load.
  • Step meter;
  • heart rate
Charging method
Accumulator battery Built
Capacity 150 mAh
Rest period 120 h
Activity 8 h
Connector USB
Price 2 000 rubles

What does the manufacturer offer?

Original multifunctional bracelet for active people with a built-in heart rate monitor. The received information is transmitted to a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet, which not only monitors your activity level, but also helps you make a training plan.

If the gadget is synchronized with the phone, then you can receive data on incoming SMS and calls.

The moisture-proof case allows you not to remove the bracelet in the pool and the soul, as well as train in all weather conditions.

What do users write?


  • low cost;
  • water tightness;
  • reliable and durable;
  • comfortable in using;
  • charge holds for 2-3 days;
  • convenient recharging.


  • the screen cannot be adjusted; it changes its position horizontally or vertically;
  • reports that a notification has come from social networks, but does not indicate where it came from;
  • there is a lack of information about statistics and training modes. You can modify.

What are the criteria to choose a fitness tracker

The best fitness bracelets are those that have greater functionality. If you decide to purchase a fashionable gadget, then pay attention to the following.

  • Installed sensors.The more of them, the more accurate will be information about your activity. Required kit:
    • heart rate monitor.Determines the heart rate;
    • accelerometer (pedometer).Counts the number of steps per day;
    • sleep sensor.It monitors the duration of rest, phase, number of awakenings;
    • "Smart" alarm clock.Silently wake you up with a slight vibration at an opportune time when the sleep is not deep;
    • calorie counter.Counts how much energy you spent during the period of activity.
  • Battery lifeConveniently, if the bracelet does not need to be charged daily. The longer the charge lasts, the better. Strongly "puts" the device heart rate monitor, frequent synchronization, navigation is constantly on, the screen brightness.
  • Synchronization.To be notified of calls and messages on the bracelet, you need to synchronize it with your phone. Also, all data from the device is transferred to a special application on your smartphone or other gadget.
  • Moisture resistance.If you often visit the pool, then choose a waterproof fitness tracker. You can take a shower with him, as well as train in any inclement weather.
  • Compatible with the operating system.Be sure to make sure that the bracelet will work in tandem with your smartphone, otherwise it is useless.

Useful recommendations

  1. Wear a bracelet on the "active" hand. If you are right handed, then right and vice versa if you are left handed. Indications for activity will be more accurate.
  2. Do not remove during sleep, especially if there is a function of a “smart” alarm clock, otherwise the settings for monitoring your rest may be lost.
  3. On many smartphones, you can install applications similar to the capabilities of the bracelet. Why buy an expensive gadget if you can track the number of steps and calories consumed on your phone?


Fitness bracelets are well mobilized for sports or just to increase activity during the day. They are useful for those who are not yet ready to get off the soft sofa, but are already thinking about it. Remember that movement is life, and if you forget, the light and inconspicuous sports gadget will remind you.

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