Top 4: sauna in Gatchina

Sauna - the most famous invention of sucha northern country like Finland, which borders the Russian city of St. Petersburg, where Russian and Scandinavian cultures are mixed. Russian baths in the city are much smaller than Finnish saunas. In the suburbs of St. Petersburg alone - Gatchina and the district - about 15 saunas, 4 of which are the most popular. Here is a list of the best.

Sauna in Gatchina "Elite Couple"

This institution positions itself asclub-sauna, where, besides the main steam rooms, there are several rest rooms, karaoke and a large swimming pool. Parilocks are only 3, one of them is "luxury" (differs from the rest by the presence of a font). After visiting the sauna, the staff of the establishment suggests using the pool, which is equipped with hydromassage, lighting and heating, capable of raising the water temperature in 10 minutes. Near the pool is a suspended bucket of ice water, this is a reference to Russian bath culture. After visiting the pool, you can go to the recreation room, where you can play billiards or watch TV.

sauna in gatchina

For a fee, the staff of the establishment offers the services of professional steamers and massage therapists, as well as try out the cuisine of local chefs and a range of beer beverages.

This sauna in Gatchina is located at: ul. Mikhail Rysseev, 26.

Sauna "Alexandria"

It is part of the hotel complex,so here you can not only relax a small company, but also celebrate any significant event, staying for the night. In addition to the sauna with infrared rays, the complex also provides a Russian thermae, a large swimming pool and several cabins with hydromassage.

This sauna in Gatchina has a large relaxation room,where you can get together a great company in order to have a good time. Also available at will karaoke, a pool table is available. The owners of the complex are allowed to bring food with them, there is also the possibility to buy the necessary food here.

saunas in gatchina and gatchina district

On average, the cost of one hour in the sauna is about 1,5 thousand rubles.

Sauna is located at: ul. Dostoevsky, 2.

Public bathhouse-sauna № 1

This sauna in Gatchina is no different fromother public institutions, but attracts people with its small value. Only 190 rubles per hour. The institution runs from Thursday to Saturday from 2 to 10 pm.

Address: st. Leonova, 10.

Bath complex "Laguna"

Here you can celebrate any holiday perfectly. The complex is equipped with several thermae, 3 swimming pools of various sizes and a huge relaxation room, where there is a pool, karaoke, massage chair and home theater. There is also a guest house in which you can stay overnight.

Address: Gatchinsky district, Bolshiye Kolpany, ul. 30 years of Victory, 17 A.

After reading the article there should be no doubt where you can steam up and spend the weekend. To do this, you only need to view all the saunas in Gatchina and Gatchina district on this list.

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