Tooth whitening paste: reviews

A radiant white smile is always associated with an attractive and successful person. In addition, a beautiful smile, according to many, is an indicator of the health of its owner. However, some people have the impression that a snow-white smile is a luxury available only to stars. In reality, this is the result of perseverance and a strong desire to achieve the effect.

Whitening paste, according to reviews, is now at the peak of popularity.
paste roks whitening reviews

One of the most popular and affordable cosmetics for maintaining aesthetics of teeth is whitening paste. The range in stores and pharmacies is so huge that sometimes the eyes run up. Labels promise to carefully lighten the enamel, give breath freshness and prevent the formation of plaque and a stone on the teeth. Do not forget that bleaching pastes are not suitable for use on a permanent basis. The course of their use should not be more than a month. Otherwise, you can trigger an increase in tooth sensitivity.

Before you buy toothpaste for whitening, you need to take into account the fact that the darkening of the enamel is removed in different ways. Basically, in the bleaching paste, according to reviews, there are abrasive elements or an active substance like oxygen. Therefore, to select the right for you means it makes sense to consult with a dentist for the presence of contraindications, diseases of the teeth or individual characteristics. This will facilitate the process of choosing the best option.

Types of whitening pastes

All bleaching pastes differ in the way they affect the enamel. Select the main ones.

1. Abrasive polishing. Such pastes contain solid particles, removing plaque from the enamel mechanically. In fact, it is a scrub for teeth. This type of lightening enamel is considered to be the most effective, but you cannot call it harmless. Such pastes can damage the enamel or lead to increased susceptibility of teeth to cold and hot products.

2. Oxygen. This is a chemical method of lightening enamel. They contain active ingredients such as carbamide peroxide and oxygen.They break down the particles that make up plaque. They also can not be used continuously (no more than two weeks), as they make the enamel thinner and, accordingly, can cause the same problems as abrasives.
whitening paste reviews

3. Preventive. Their dentists are advised to use to ensure that the enamel does not darken. These are the most careful toothpastes, which do not interfere with the structure of enamel. In the line of these pastes are those that are suitable for daily use, but the course is not more than a month. There are also more active ones that need to be used a maximum of three times a week.

The range of each of the above types of whitening pastes, according to reviews, is quite wide, and therefore requires prior consultation with a specialist.

Indications and contraindications

It is recommended to use toothpastes for whitening if you have:

  1. Darkened enamel.
  2. There was a yellow bloom from smoking, coffee, tea and other coloring products.
  3. Age-related changes in the shade of enamel.

whitening toothpaste reviews

The teeth whitening procedure is far from harmless. There are conditions under which it is absolutely impossible to conduct it. These contraindications include:

  1. Abnormal susceptibility of teeth caused by injuries and chips.
  2. Mechanical depletion and damage to tooth enamel.
  3. Dentures, crowns, fillings.
  4. Stomatitis, caries, pulpitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease and other dental diseases.
  5. Children under 16 years of age, pregnancy and lactation.

Most often, dentists are asked about the dangers of toothpastes for whitening. The main thing to remember, according to dentists, is that these types of pastes are not suitable for regular use. They should be used from time to time in small courses to avoid damage to the enamel and, as a result, caries and gum inflammation.

best whitening paste reviews

In order to use whitening pastes (reviews confirm this) was beneficial, several recommendations should be followed:

  1. Dentist consultation before use.
  2. Whitening paste is not suitable for use by all family members.
  3. Follow the instructions for use, as there are pastes that can be used once a week.
  4. You must stop smoking and coloring products during the course of bleaching. You also can not eat spicy and sour, as it provokes problems with enamel.
  5. Rinse your mouth after using a whitening paste should be especially careful. After the procedure it is not advisable to eat and drink for half an hour.

Compliance with these rules will allow to achieve the maximum effect from the use of whitening paste (according to reviews).

Consider the ranking of the best pastes for whitening.

Rating pastes must be divided by type. Let's start with abrasives.


Russian-made pasta. Carefully lightens the enamel and protects it. The active components in the composition are titanium and silicon dioxide. They remove yellow bloom and dark spots resulting from prolonged consumption of coffee and tea. In addition, the paste contains polydone and papain, which can cleave tartar, and potassium with fluorine, which remineralize the teeth. The cost is an average of 300 rubles per pack.


According to reviews, whitening paste “Rocks” is very effective. It is also a product of domestic production. Does not contain fluoride. The active ingredient is bromelain. It actively affects the tartar, gradually destroying it. The effect of the paste on the enamel is insignificant, which makes it safe to use. A plus is also a pleasant taste and smell, refreshing mouth cavity.Calcium glycerophosphate, which is a part, provides mineralization and regeneration of enamel. On average, the "Rocks" is 300 rubles.whitening paste reviews


According to reviews, whitening toothpaste "Lakalut" quickly gives the result. Produced in Germany. Contains abrasive components with a spherical faceting. Sodium fluoride and hydroxyapatite in the composition help to whiten and remove plaque, strengthening the teeth. Pyrophosphates break down tartar, facilitating its further removal. The effect obtained from using this paste lasts for several months. "Lakalut" does not thin enamel, and therefore, hypersensitivity does not threaten the teeth. It is necessary to use it up to a month every day, however with weak enamel it is better to reduce the use to three times a week. The price of such toothpaste comes to 250 rubles.

"The president"

Produced in Italy. It has a high degree of abrasiveness, it can be used only once a week and only in case of severe darkening. The paste consists of silicon, calcium and sea shell particles. Tooth enamel is restored and nourished with trace elements due to the high concentration of fluoride ions.Included in the supplementary substances, such as ginseng and mint, have analgesic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. The cost of pasta is about 350 rubles. This is, according to reviews, the best whitening paste.


It is made in the USA. It contains aluminum and silicon oxides, helping to lighten the enamel even to tea and coffee lovers, as well as chain smokers. The paste prevents the occurrence of hypersensitivity of the teeth and protects the enamel. Papain and citroxin affect tartar, making bacterial cleaning. The manufacturer promises to brighten the enamel by 3-4 tones. However, the cost of this paste is much higher than the previous options and is about 800 rubles.
good whitening toothpaste reviews


German toothpaste recommended for daily use. Provides restoration of tooth enamel due to the high content of fluoride in it. It is safe for enamel, while remaining effective even on teeth with a strong darkening. It costs up to 400 rubles per pack. This is a good whitening toothpaste (according to reviews).

The action of oxygen toothpastes can be compared to professional bleaching.You can use them only for two weeks without the risk of damage to the enamel. Consider the best among the oxygen toothpastes.

Rembrandt Plus

The manufacturer promises to lighten the enamel of the teeth in five tones. This is due to the combination of active oxygen, polishing agents and enzymes. This toothpaste affects not only the superficial pigmentation of enamel, but also penetrates more deeply. Rembrandt Plus prevents caries, removes bad breath, relieves inflammation from the gums. The cost of the product is from 520 rubles, which is much more expensive than abrasive toothpastes.

"Splat extreme white"

According to reviews, whitening paste “Splat Extreme White” brightens the teeth by four tones. The composition includes enzymes, carbamide peroxide, abrasives and polishing elements. Additional components are components that protect the enamel from the effects of existing elements of the paste. The course of application is two weeks. The cost of pasta is about 250 rubles.
whitening toothpaste reviews

"Rocks pro"

"Rocks pro." As in the previous versions, this paste combines active oxygen and carbamide peroxide, which allows you to effectively whiten the tooth enamel.However, there are no abrasive components in it, therefore it will not save from strong plaque and tartar. It is well combined with another product of the same line - “Rocks delicate bleaching”.

Whitening toothpaste: reviews

As a rule, whitening pastes speak very positively. Efficiency, careful bleaching without damage of enamel and mucous membranes is noted. Unlike other whitening methods, including professional ones, the use of toothpaste is less aggressive, safer, more readily available and relatively inexpensive. At the same time, a properly selected paste justifies the hopes placed on it, returning a smile and whiteness to a smile.

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