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The drug "Tonginal" is a homeopathic remedy developed specifically for people with vegetative-vascular disorders. Its action is aimed at maintaining the overall tone of the body. Taking the medicine makes it easier to cope with physical and emotional stress, as well as to relieve the symptoms of meteo-dependence and any ailments associated with impaired blood circulation.

Who is the recommended drug "Tonginal"?

Tonginal tonic drops are primarily recommended for people suffering from low blood pressure or its drops. Since the action of the drug is aimed at normalizing intravenous and intracranial pressure, it is very effective in helping people suffering from hot flashes, dizziness, headaches and general vascular disorders.

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What is the main task of the Tonginal preparation? Instructions for use, reviews of patients and doctors indicate that the drug helps to tone the body, invigorate, relieve from drowsiness.

To all this, you can add an adjustment of such common symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia, such as sweating or, conversely, chilliness, melancholic or nervous condition. With all these violations, drops manage very well.

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In case of nerve overvoltages, Tonginal is also prescribed. The instructions show that the drug is able to regulate the psycho-emotional state of patients associated with hard work, lack of sleep, and nervous exhaustion. By reducing the level of stress, the medicine has a positive effect on the state of the whole organism.

Indications for use of the drug "Tonginal" according to the instructions

The use of drops "Tonginal" instruction prescribes the presence of the following neurocirculatory disorders:

  • Hypotonic type of vegetative-vascular dystonia.

The factor provoking this condition is heredity, as well as the anatomical features of the structure of the blood flow. Sometimes the IRR is manifested against the background of pathologies in the vessels. For example, arteries and veins often have unnatural bends that complicate blood circulation. Such anomalies can be seen only when diagnosed on MRI devices.

All this leads to a general deterioration of health. Any phenomena, whether stresses or changes in the weather, affect the condition of the patients. But it is possible to correct this problem with the help of natural herbal remedies, which is confirmed by the instruction attached to the Tonginal drops. Reviews left by doctors confirm the effectiveness of the drug.

  • Paroxysmal conditions.

Paroxysmal states can occur on the background of pathologies of the prenatal or perinatal periods, postpartum, physical and emotional trauma. Risk factors include intoxication, including alcohol and drugs. In conditions of vestibular irritation (long journeys, seasickness, flights by plane), drops can also help. The drug is prescribed for endocrine and autoimmune disorders, as well as for relieving pain syndromes during exacerbation of chronic diseases accompanied by colic (renal, hepatic colic).

tonginal instructions for use reviews

Under all these conditions, drops can indeed have a positive effect, as indicated by the instructions attached to the Tonginal preparation.

The price of preparations of the concern "Bittner" may be high, but domestic counterparts, which are offered by pharmacists, have only a sedative effect, and, consequently, reduce the efficiency and cause apathy. In contrast, the drop “Tonginal” can help with all the symptoms of paroxysmal conditions.

The instructions show that the drug can be used to correct this syndrome in conditions similar to the IRR. Diencephalic syndrome is characterized by such signs as: a feeling of lack of air, asphyxiation, weakness and drowsiness, excessive sweating, impaired thermoregulation of the body, apathy and sleep problems, endocrine disorders, and, as a result, a metabolic disorder. If there are more than five symptoms from the list, we can talk about malfunctions of the hypothalamus and the presence of diencephalic syndrome.

How to take the drug "Tonginal"?

Tonginal is sold over the counter without a prescription, but you need to understand that camphor oil is part of this homeopathic medicine, so you need to be careful with the dosage.

Children older than a year are prescribed drops, since the drug is considered safe (such information contains instructions for use attached to the Tonginal preparation).The price of drops is quite high, especially in comparison with domestic drugs containing camphor. On the other hand, the quality of cleaning oil and other ingredients tonic drops to a higher level.

Bittner firmly and carefully selects the ingredients for each drug in order to maximize the benefit of treatment and reduce the number of side effects. Thanks to this, “Tonginal” can be taken every half hour (on the first day of therapy) in order to minimize the manifestations of pathologies.

Important! Symptoms may increase at the very beginning of treatment. This fact only confirms the effectiveness of therapy, therefore, it is not necessary to neither cancel the drug nor reduce the dosage without a doctor's recommendation.

Drops are taken orally, diluted in water. If we are talking about treating a small child, you can add the drug to milk or porridge. For rapid absorption, it is advisable to hold the liquid in the mouth for about a minute.

What dosage to take drops?

The dosage of the drug depends on the patient's condition, his age and the purpose of treatment. Drops can be taken one-time, when the symptoms are mild or associated with stressful conditions, as well as in cases of emergency care for heart failure, collapse, shortness of breath, hypotension.tongin instruction

  • Children of primary school age (7-12 years old) are diluted with 5 tablespoons of water in a tablespoon of water. The drug is taken one-time or three times a day before relieving symptoms.
  • Adults and children over 12 years old are given 10 drops of pure or diluted medication. It is taken 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear.

When conditions are denoted by the general terms of the IRR (paroxysmal conditions, diencephalic syndrome) at the beginning of the symptoms are prescribed:

  • Children of primary school age (7-12 years old) dilute 3-5 drops of medication in a tablespoon of water and, before relieving acute symptoms, are given every 30 to 60 minutes, but not more than 8 times a day. Next, the drug is taken 3 times a day in courses, the duration of which is determined by the doctor (no more than one month of continuous treatment).
  • Adults and children over 12 years old are prescribed 8-10 drops of pure medication. Next, the drug is taken in the same dosage for 1 month.

How long should I take homeopathic drops "Tonginal"?

Regularity is the key to effective treatment. Such an important indication is contained in various sources referring to the drug "Tonginal": instructions, patient reviews, doctors' statements.The price of the drug in the pharmacy network is quite high, and the effectiveness of treatment is noted only by those patients who took Tonginal drops with a certain frequency.

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The conditions in which the drops are indicated for use are difficult to correct and are poorly amenable to treatment with synthetic drugs. To obtain the results and normalize the condition, it is necessary to understand that homeopathic remedies, in particular “Tonginal”, unlike chemical drugs, have a lasting therapeutic effect only if they are regularly used for a long time, both during the exacerbation of the illness and during periods of remission.

Contraindications to receive drops "Tonginal"

Children under the age of 7 years have been noted as contraindications for taking the drug Tonginal, since no clinical studies have been conducted in this age group. Pregnant women can take the drops only with the permission of the attending physician in the second and third trimester.

Nursing mothers who have a decrease in lactation are not recommended "Tonginal", as camphor can affect the functioning of the mammary glands.

Since ethyl alcohol is included in the drops, it is not recommended that people taking treatment for alcohol dependence be taken this drug. You also can not take the drug to patients if their activities are related to the management of motor vehicles.

Due to the presence of plant substances in the homeopathic preparation, the Tonginal drops are contraindicated in the instructions that refer to the individual intolerance of camphor, sensitivity to any components of the preparation.

Side effects of the drug

At the moment, side effects in patients taking "Tonginal" in the recommended doses have not been reported.

tonginal instructions for use reviews

However, very rarely, some patients showed an increase in salivation, especially at the beginning of treatment. This is not a reason for cancellation, as it passes by itself.

Interaction with other drugs

Tonginal interacts well with any medication. We can only note that you need to take the drops separately from other drugs, with a break between doses of 20 minutes or more.

Now you know what the Tonginal drug is. Instructions, reviews, price - this is important information that should be read before the start of therapy.

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