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Italy made a huge leap in engineering. It is considered a country that has made a great contribution to the automotive industry. Each driver agrees that tires are an integral part of any car. Therefore, they must guarantee safety and quality. One of the companies that supplies quality tires to the market is Pirelli. The tire "Formula Energy", the manufacturing country of which Italy, for unknown reasons, was created by the firm "Pirelli". In this review are collected reviews about the brand of these tires. It is worth getting acquainted with the model and learn about its characteristics.
tire formula energy manufacturer

Purpose of the model

Summer tires «Formula Energy»"Pirelli" are considered the only products that can be used in the summer. The developers of this model tried to make an ideal variant that could be used for powerful and fast sports cars. At the same time they had to have a small weight. So it turned out a model that can be used by owners of sedans, coupe and roadsters. But to apply "Formula Energy" on heavy SUVs is prohibited. Hardly tires will be able to withstand the loads that will be on them. "Formula Energy" tires have ideal characteristics that can be opened when traveling at high speed along perfectly smooth pavements. The owner of the vehicle will be able to assess the full potential of the unique model.

Behavior on different types of pavement

Official testing was conducted, whereThe tires were subjected to tests "Formula Energy". The manufacturer (Russia) took the leading place in the market of similar products. The test showed good results. Tests took place immediately after the release of the model, as well as before it entered the market. A lot of features were revealed. Thanks to the tread design developed by the company, using such tires, the motorist will confidently feel his vehicle on a smooth surface. According to reviews of the Formula Formula tires from the manufacturer Pirelli have a high level of control. This is confirmed by many car owners who tested the products in action.

tire pirelli formula energy manufacturer

The company did not try to develop a universalproducts. Therefore, when using it off-road, you should not make any special demands. The tread on tires is absolutely not designed for unpaved roads. The emphasis was on speed and good handling. If you need tires for driving on a dirt road, then you should stop buying the model "Formula Energy".


Due to high-quality work on the creationtread, the driver of the car with the tires "Formula Energy" will be able to experience the surprising controllability and the quality of the grip of tires with the road surface. These indicators are at the highest level. The center looks like finely cut slats. It is because of them that the direction to the next course is felt even under adverse conditions. This makes it easy to maneuver, even at high speed. "Formula Energy" is responsive in all situations on a flat surface.

The shoulder part is carried to the side of the tire. Thus, the reliability of the adhesion to the road has increased significantly. Professional drivers with experience perfectly understand that when making sharp turns the load on the tires begins to be distributed unevenly. And thanks to the side of the tread, the car will not go into a skid.

tire formula energy manufacturer reviews

By using this form of drawingthe driver can control absolutely any situation on the road. There are special models that go on sale marked with a special index "Y". This symbol means that the tires can be used for driving at speeds up to 300 km / h.

Reduction of acoustic noise level

Those who often ride long distances,sometimes bothers and begins to irritate the monotonous sound from the adhesion of tires to the road. The main reason for the origin of sounds is usually called the design of the tread, its shape, pressure on the tire and other characteristics.

On the tires "Formula Energy" sound noise reduced tominimum. Manufacturers were able to achieve this due to a clearly worked out tread pattern and the quality of the material used. If all this comes together, the result is delicious. According to the test results, Formula Energy produces only 1 dB of sound. As a rule, such noise is not heard inside the machine.

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Thus, being in the silence of the cabin, behind the wheelhis driver will feel comfortable and will be able to concentrate on the track. This only complements all the amazing functionality of the Formula Formula tires.

Environmentally friendly tires

Now Europe is sick of finding more environmentally friendlytechnologies. The tire manufacturer Formula Energy is in step with the times. The company was able to achieve several important goals. They are especially valued in saving nature.

In developing the composition of the rubber were almostall aromatic substances are excluded. Previously, they were almost a key feature of the produced tires. The composition of this substance includes oil. Much less harmful gases are released when tires are used on the basis of a rubber material with an admixture of metals. That is why "Formula Energy" is considered almost the most environmentally friendly model in European countries.

High wear resistance

The tire manufacturer "Formula Energy" drewattention is also paid to high resistance to wear and durability of products. As a material, a unique mixture of rubber was developed. Therefore, despite the heat and rain, the product perfectly adheres to the road surface, even at high speeds, and for a very long time the protector does not wear away. Silicic acids were added to the rubber mixture. These substances perfectly adhere the molecules of the remaining components, and the material is soft. At the same time, the dynamics of the tires remains.

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In addition, thedamage to uneven coatings. "Formula Energy" - products that have the highest resistance to puncture on the roads. Using the tires of this model, the owner of the car will be less likely to get from the trunk of a new spare. In addition, additional protective equipment was used. Cord became more durable and ready to move the vehicle at a high speed.

Specially increased strength of the sideside of the tire. Therefore, all the worries about the damage to "Formula Energy" products about curbs in parking are minimized. Moreover, it is unlikely that the tire will ever show a hernia. In addition, the manufacturer provides a guarantee for its products.

Well-considered drainage system

Ideally designed and waterproof tires. Thanks to the system used, car tires do not slip and do not sink in water. The moisture is removed from the contacting spots of the tire. This is due to the use of longitudinal and transverse slats. To collect water, 3 grooves are made. They are in the center of the product "Formula Energy". Water is diverted through slots made transversely.

It seems there is nothing difficult in developing thisparameter. But the manufacturer managed to achieve high efficiency while driving the car with the tires "Formula Energy" on a wet road. In this case, there is no need to lower the speed limit and think about the adhesion to the wet road, because it will be ideal.

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Positive owners feedback

To establish an accurate tire performance"Formula Energy" is necessary to get acquainted with the reviews that the owners of vehicles left. Only they can tell the truth about all the charms and shortcomings of products, as they use it.


  • The properties of soft rubber, which allows you to calmly and smoothly drive through uneven road sections. When crossing the railroad tracks, there is practically no impact.
  • Driving even on wet roads, almost no sound is heard inside the cabin.
  • Despite the excellent quality indicators, you can buy Formula Formula tires at a very reasonable price.
  • This rubber is really safe.

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