Tips on matching colors: what color goes with blue?

What color is combined with blue?

Perhaps the most difficult in the selection of clothes - the choice of color. We often have to choose between things of the same style, and almost all stop at their favorite color. Then a new difficulty arises - with which to combine a new thing?

If your favorite color is blue, then you need to know which color goes with blue.

Color value

Blue color symbolizes purity and tranquility. This is not surprising, because it is the color of the clear sky. He will certainly calm him down, tune in to harmonious harmony. However, one should not abuse this tone, it is dangerous to obtain complete apathy and indifference. In addition, the surrounding people can cause a feeling of coldness.

The colors combined with blue will give the image a different sound, and the person who wears such sets is inspired.

Rooms with elements of blue look bright and clear, help creative people in their work.It is no coincidence that many designers recommend this color.

Who is blue for?

Knowing what is blue with what is combined is only half of the solution to the problem, you also need to know who it is going to. There are many shades of blue. All of them are definitely going brunettes. They pleasantly shade hair, give it brightness. Light blue and blue with turquoise tint will look great on blondes. But this color does not quite fit fiery-red girls.

Combinations of blue in clothes

So, what color is combined with blue? There are a lot of them, each is good in its own way, it all depends on the mood and purpose of the set.

blue with what is combined

Blue and beige

This combination is warm, gentle, it will give the image softness. Beige pants with a blue blouse will look very advantageous. In this dress you can go to work, to a business meeting, to an interview. Dress in light blue colors can be easily combined with beige accessories and shoes. On the one hand, the image will be cool, on the other - soft and gentle. In addition, the beige-blue outfit can be enriched with deep brown. Such a three-color scale in clothes always looks spectacular.

Blue and gray

If you do not decide which color is combined with blue, then feel free to choose any shade of gray. The whole gamut of this color - from almost white to graphite - perfectly matches the light blue tones. Kits can be all sorts of. Blue accessories can dilute any gray outfit, it will give him some flavor and brightness. But a blue blouse with a gray skirt or trousers is a classic office style. Decorate a blue shirt with a gray scarf, it will not only be stylish, but also help to avoid excessive pallor of the face, which is given in a blue color.

Blue and blue / black / white

Classic combinations. In any variants these colors look luxurious together. The main thing - it is impossible to make a mistake by combining them.

Colors combined with blue

Blue and pink

Oddly enough, but pink and blue are combined, especially when it comes to pastel, that is, “diluted” colors. Also with pink it is easy to combine pale blue. However, pink is better to choose not acidic, but calm and gentle. The set will look stylish in three colors: beige, pink and blue.

Blue with pink blends

What color is combined with blue in the interior?

Blue is relevant not only for clothing, but also for premises.The classic version is a combination of blue and white. It looks very clean and innocent, it creates a space that looks like an endless sky, visually the room increases. The combined walls look good. White can be taken as a basis, and a blue pattern can be placed on one of the walls. Fully blue walls are not recommended, so it will be too cold space. Decorate a blue sofa with white pillows or vice versa.

The white-blue interior is suitable for both the bedroom and the living room. With the help of this color scheme, you can arrange both a room in Provence style and a modern studio apartment.

Colors combined with blue

Also a win-win option - a combination of blue with beige and black. Beige wallpaper, sofa, carpet, black furniture. It remains only to arrange the blue accents - curtains, pillows, panels.

Blue, brown and beige look great in the room. You can pick up such wallpaper, put a brown sofa, lay a delicate beige carpet. This range always looks very stylish.What color is combined with pigeon

Very extravagant and bold, but the combination of yellow and blue looks unusual and stylish. To the interior was not "parrot", you need to choose pale colors.You can combine paints in different ways. You can dilute everything white or light beige.

In essence, both in clothes and in the interior, the same rules of color combination apply.

So, what color is combined with blue? It is beige, brown, white, black, gray, blue, pale pink, light yellow.

However, in your attire or interior, you can experiment, while avoiding too bold decisions.

So, bright blue does not look red, no blue shades should not be combined with red. Variants, when blue is successfully combined with green, are very rare - to create such kits yourself is very dangerous. But with lilac, you can try to create a good outfit.

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