Tips on how to provoke monthly

If you look at the statistics, about 30%The female population suffers from painful periods, which causes a lot of discomfort and fear. But there are situations when menstruation does not come at the right time. A woman worries and thinks up possible causes. Then she does everything in her power to provoke a period with delay. Such actions are not always safe and harmless. Our task is to understand the ways of provoking menstruation and their harm to the woman's body.

Everyone knows that the main reason whythere was a delay - this is pregnancy. In such a situation, resorting to solving the problem of how to provoke menstruation, women can inflict irreparable harm on their health, which results in infertility most often. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, before deciding to take any action, be sure to make sure that you do not have a baby.

Sometimes such a decision of a woman depends on the fact,that she plans to spend a romantic evening, go on vacation, get married. Therefore, she wants to cause menstruation before the due date, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. However, before deciding what to do to start menstruation, a woman should evaluate the complexity and riskiness of the situation: for the body this is a great stress, which leads to a violation of the balance.

If you still decided to take such a step, it is betterin general, consult a doctor. First of all, he will ask you if you take hormonal contraceptives. If the answer is positive, the solution to this problem will be less stringent. A gynecologist recommends simply stopping the medication three days before the moment when you want the monthly ones to start. Or, in order to lose the cycle, take an increased dose of hormonal contraceptives. However, this is an unsafe method that can cause disturbances in the functioning of the reproductive system.

In the question of how to provoke menstruation, you canto turn to the means of traditional medicine. But it is important to consult a doctor before taking any medications. The fact is that many herbs have contraindications.

The most safe and proven method is dill or parsley. Eat them in large quantities, and the result will not keep you waiting.

In how to provoke monthly, in addition to fresh herbs, helps also the decoction of parsley. It should be used 3-4 days before the desired day of menstruation.

Among the decoctions of medicinal herbs the greatestpopularity because of high efficiency use decoctions of tansy and nettles. But you need to know that nettle thickens the blood, so prolonged use is not recommended.

Good help is a decoction of chamomile color in combination with the root of valerian, peppermint and oregano. Tincture of oregano, as well as nettle, is sold in any pharmacy.

In solving the problem of how to provoke menstruation, many increase the physical load on the body and in the evening take a hot bath with sea and salt, and with the addition of iodine.

There is an opinion that taking a large amountAscorbic acid also promotes the appearance of menstruation before the due date. However, a woman should know that such a tool negatively affects the condition of the stomach mucosa.

In pharmacies are sold emergency fundscontraception, which cause menstruation several days after taking the pills. But their consumption can adversely affect women's health and provoke a strong hormonal failure. Therefore, their reception is recommended only in extreme cases.

Remember that before choosing any remedy, you should definitely consult with your doctor to avoid negative consequences.

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