There is a fish in a dream - for what?

Esotericists believe that with the help of night visions the other world communicates with us. Psychologists are sure that in this way consciousness signals the problems that are present in life. But both mystics and scientists are convinced that dreams make sense. The material will tell about how different experts understand the symbolism of the dreamed fish.

Theory Tsvetkova

  • There is a fish in a dream - there will be a lot of trouble and work.
  • Seeing or keeping dead - your body is weak, probably sick.
  • Swims in clear water - hopes come true, dreams will come true.

there is a fish in a dream

  • A net full of dead fish - dreams will be broken by a loved one and a close person.
  • Beautiful fish resists in the hands - the goals will be achieved.
  • A friend is fishing - his family will soon have children.
  • It decomposes and smells unpleasant - the profit will come from a source you did not hope for.
  • A sick man dreamed of a colored fish - wait for recovery, weakness will recede.
  • For healthy - disputes and scandals.
  • To fish in a dream for a woman is a happy, cloudless family life.

The work of psychologist Miller

  • Dead fish symbolizes serious losses.
  • A beautiful fish dreams of a young lady - she is waiting for passionate love.
  • To catch - affairs will be successful only if efforts are made to them.
  • You go in the water with a net - your own trick will play into your hands.
  • You observe how someone throws a bait - if you properly use the circumstances, then success will be just around the corner.
  • Dreaming of a dream, a fish in the water splashing - fate will be favorable to you.
  • You take out the nets, but they are empty - you fuss a lot around unnecessary things.
  • You turned out to be on a market where you sell fish, and you will live for a long time without knowing any troubles.

fish in a dream

Observations by Sigmund Freud

  • To fish - you are too hung up on problems. Thoughts of troubles that have not yet occurred, interfere with your sex life. As a result, neither the partner nor you yourself enjoy sex.
  • A man dreams that he eats a dish - it symbolizes his absolute selfishness in bed. For him, own pleasures come first. The sense of companion is not important.
  • Long to catch fish, but in vain - the current uncertainty in intimate life has its origin from the first unsuccessful sexual experience.If you forget about the past for a moment, you can reach the top.
  • To fish in a dream for a woman is a sign of her dissatisfaction with her partner. The situation can save the looseness.

Detailed Dream Dream Denise Lynn

  • Fish is a sign that a person subconsciously relates to Christianity. In a dream, it can mean renewal, rebirth.
  • The element of these animals is water, which is responsible for emotions and consciousness. Such an image signals - your thoughts are spinning on the surface, while the problem is hidden in the depths.
  • These aquatic animals were associated with the rich spiritual world of the Phoenicians, Babylonians, Chinese and Assyrians. Given the beliefs of ancient peoples, such an image predicts success in business.
  • With such a figure, the subconscious may also suggest that you are behaving badly with other people.
  • A fish in a dream may hint that in reality you are cold and passionless.
  • This animal - a sign that the case for which you just took, is unreliable. If circumstances add up against a particular occupation, then it is better to abandon it.

catch fish in a dream

  • The tail of a man born under the sign of Pisces has been seen - wait, very soon you will discover in yourself amazing, extrasensory abilities.
  • Dreamed of water inhabitants, and at this time you are meeting with a person who, according to the Zodiac, refers to the water element. If so, this image reflects the essence of your relationship.

Noble dream book N. Grishina

  • To dream of a fish of small or medium size - there will be reasons for sadness and tears.
  • Dark or black - a symbol of unfulfilled hopes.
  • There is boiled - material difficulties will come for a while.
  • The river is full of dead fish - an unpleasant event will happen that will affect your future life.
  • Cut dead - failure will haunt you for a while.
  • Smoke - wait for minor failures.
  • There is a smoked product - certain circumstances will skew the freedom of choice.
  • Fried fish in a dream - very soon you will go on a journey.
  • Big fish - unexpected success, big luck.
  • A hefty black fish - the man you love will cool you.
  • Hold in your hand - useless chores.
  • The tail is beating in the palm of your hand - bad gossip is spreading about you.
  • The animal is busy in the water - the reasons for happiness.
  • Catch a pike - you have a girl.

big dream fish

Russian diary of dreams

He gives new interpretations:

  • fishing - be careful, the probability of the disease is high due to the frivolous attitude to your health;
  • look at the aquarium with water inhabitants - a lot of joy;
  • the fish is rotten, decomposed and smells bad - by negligence you will lose a certain amount of money;
  • live and fresh - there will be plenty of reasons for laughter and cheerful mood;
  • there is a fish in a dream - silence in your case is gold;
  • try the dish - you will wake up romantic desires;
  • Catch a lot of loot with a net - enjoy spending time with friends.

Dream interpretation based on sayings:

  • to see how the fish breaks on the ice - to be involved in complex, unpromising work;
  • catching - things will go better if you do not tell everyone without exception about your plans;
  • look at the aquarium - to be on the side of events is not always beneficial.

Dreams of different nations of the world

Mayan dream interpretation:

  • fish in a dream in a small, closed pond (jar, bowl, aquarium) - for a long time you will feel safe;
  • saw a dish of raw fish - envious people are planning to harm you;
  • Watching someone catch - changing the situation will be beneficial.

Old English Dream Book:

  • see a lot of delicious fish dishes and eat them - life will turn out well, later you will become a financially independent person;
  • mining escapes from your palms - a friend or partner will be deeply disappointed in your actions.

Gypsy dream book:

  • there is a fish in a dream - on the threshold you will have a complex and prolonged illness;
  • floating - happiness and well-being;
  • catch - someone from family members will feel bad;
  • let go of the prey - miraculously get away with trouble;
  • someone has more complete grids than you have - gossip that you dissolve will soon play a cruel joke with you.

sleep fishing with hands

Eastern interpretations

Chinese dream and prince of sleep policy Zhou-Gong:

  • dream of a dream - fishing with hands - for a long time there will be prosperity in products;
  • the tail flies over the water - soon everything will be settled;
  • floating in the well - transferred to another city;
  • Carp dreamed - his wife will become pregnant, great happiness awaits you;
  • arrange the grid - get a reward for the forces spent;
  • grab a fish or beat it - you will feel bad;
  • catch the bait - fate will always give you a chance for happiness;
  • fish among the trees - circumstances are not on your side;
  • floating in the water - improving the financial situation;
  • dream of a dream - the fish is big and beating - will suddenly become popular, they will talk a lot about you;
  • a small fish lays caviar - fate is on your side, you can safely begin new, complex cases;
  • let go into the water - feel free to dream, the universe will fulfill your desires;
  • shrimp becomes a fish - a business that was predicted to succeed, will result in failure;
  • We went into the river with fish - if you are careful, diseases will pass by.

Oriental dream book for women:

  • catch, buy - wait for replenishment in the family;
  • watch the float - the children will bring you joyful chores;
  • catch fish in a dream and let go - it will take a long time before you get pregnant.

fried fish in a dream

Dream interpretation of the XXI century, for the whole family

  • Fish swims in clear water - wait for generous gifts from fate.
  • Dead - a symbol of loss and serious failure.
  • The girl sees a lively and beautiful fish - very soon you will meet a person who will win your heart.
  • Catching a fish in a dream - on the path of life, there are many obstacles that you can walk through without losing faith in the best. Happiness awaits you in the final.
  • Watch how someone catches - if you take the initiative, all plans will come true.
  • They didn't catch anything - the reason for your failures - big ambitions and high levels.
  • Dreaming net for fishing - a good investment, good shopping.
  • A bad fishing rod is a misunderstanding in a relationship.
  • Cook the dish - the atmosphere in the family now depends solely on you.
  • Cut - you do not distribute responsibilities in your home.
  • See fishing hooks - success depends entirely on your efforts.
  • There is a fish in a dream - the atmosphere in your family will soon change.
  • Clean - very soon you are waiting for unpleasant news.
  • Big catch - a lot of things are waiting for you at home.
  • The nets are empty - soon you will meet a person who will not bring any benefit to your life.

Help for careerists

  • To fish in troubled waters - the area where you are now involved in the head, will not justify the expended forces.
  • Tailed splashes in a clean pond - the path to success will be without obstacles.
  • You sit in a boat, and the fish itself jumps towards you - you will reach the goal only if you do not refuse to help your friends.
  • The reservoir is filled with fish - many good opportunities.
  • Saw a dream - a big fish slips out of your hands - an easy thing will bring a lot of trouble.
  • Scales grow on you - be attentive to the diseases that worry you now. They may be the first symptom of a serious illness.
  • Fish of unusually large size - the case for which you undertook, will bring significant financial gains.
  • To dream a lot of small fish - wait for the hassle.
  • Buy fish on the market without a tail - be careful, you can become a victim of a complex scam.
  • Stealing fish - someone else's responsibility will fall on you.
  • A dream comes true - “I catch fish with my hands, and the stranger suggests a net” - the management expects new ideas from you. For the initiative will be a reward.
  • You kidnapped the fish you caught - for the work that you did, the other person will get the money.

to fish in a dream for a woman

Image space

Fish is a silver color in the range of dreams. This shade symbolizes treason, on the one hand, and success, on the other. But in one, specialists from different fields agree - this symbol reflects the inner state of a person and his struggle with himself.

This may apply to any area of ​​life. If you have a broken rod, which is responsible for achieving goals, then in night visions you have to observe unpleasant pictures of fish. But when you are confident in the choice of dreams - the water inhabitants will be beautiful, strong and big.

A separate stage are the products and dishes. Usually in this way the body tells us what exactly it lacks for normal functioning. Fried fish in a dream may indicate that a person lacks phosphorus, iodine or fluorine.

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