Passage of "Ilya of Murom and the Nightingale the Robber": heroes, objects and tips on passing

Each player would like to find himself at least once in an amazing world filled with ancient tales and brave heroes. Especially for such dreamers, the exciting game "Ilya of Murom and the Nightingale the Robber" was released. The passage begins with a colorful introductory video. The Russian village was under the attack of the villain and it seems that no one can save her. However, everything changes with the advent of a brave warrior named Ilya of Murom. He and his brave friends will be able to return justice to the Russian land!

We have prepared a small guide on the passage of the game "Ilya of Murom and the Nightingale the Robber", but first let us pay a little attention to such an important element as the interface. He will help to get acquainted with the basics of gameplay and give confidence at the start.

The passage of Ilya of Murom and the Nightingale the Robber


  • Esc button - allows you to go to the main menu.
  • RMB (shortcut for the right mouse button) - used for flipping rollers.
  • A small hand of green color (on the cursor) - with its help you can start a conversation with the characters of "Ilya of Murom and the Nightingale the Robber."
  • Yellow hand as a cursor - grabs items.
  • At the top of the screen is a strip of inventory.
  • Characters can talk until they finish sharing all the useful information with the player.

The passage of Ilya Muromets and the Nightingale the Robber is divided into several chapters for greater convenience in navigation. Some of them, because of their long duration, have an additional division into parts.

Chapter 1. Kiev. Arrest Nightingale the Robber

After the introductory video, we will talk to Babusey, who will tell you that the village was attacked. From her it is possible to find out the place where the Nightingale the Robber sits with all the stolen good. Let's go to the left of the collapsed hut and exit to the bridge. A Nightingale will be sitting there, who, when trying to arrest him with his whistle, takes the player to the previous location. We need to feed Illya so that he gains strength.

We take him back to Babus, but she can not help us. We decide to go to the mill and see a bag of flour there - we take it and ask Grandma to bake bread. She agrees to prepare the dough and gives several instructions: to go for salt and water. We arm ourselves with a rocker and a bucket (combine them together) and go to the well. Salt can be obtained from Tikhon, which we passed at the beginning of the game (the ruins of the hut). Let's pay with a birch bark newspaper. Since Babusi’s stove doesn’t work, we’ll use the one next to Tikhon. Throw logs and put the dough; eat the resulting bread.

Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber game

We try to arrest the Nightingale once again, but again we fail. We return to the mill and remove the two wheels, then we find and pull out the pole of the well crane and fasten it with the lower millstone. We start the wheel in the mill and go for the Nightingale.

Unfortunately, at the direction of the prince, the robber is released. That, in turn, hides in the thicket of the forest, taking with him the horse of Ilya and the whole royal treasury.

Chapter 2. Part 1. At the far outpost

We go on the road with the prince. We are transferred to the second location in the game "Ilya of Murom and the Nightingale the Robber" - an outpost. There we meet the sleeping Dobryni. We try to pour it with water from the scoop - to no avail.We go in the hut and see Elisha, who tells us what is the matter. It turns out that Dobrynia lost its biorhythm.

We try several ways to wake up the hero. We first try to do this with shields and a pen, but fail. Again we go to the hut and look for some alarm clock, and when we return, we see that Dobrynya has disappeared. Instead, we find a map indicating the location of the Nightingale.

Chapter 2 Part 2. The rescue of Alenka

In the forest we stumble upon a cave, the entrance to which is blocked by boulders. In order to unlock it, we find in the next location "Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber" a big tree. In his crown hidden sword and saber; to get them, we need a cudgel lying by the cave. We throw it into a tree, and the first item falls to us. Use the sword to cut one of the branches. Now we throw it and finally get the sword. We return to the cave and remove the stone from the bottom.

Talk to the grandmother

Solve a simple puzzle and go inside. Ahead we are waiting for a closed door, for which we need to find the key. He gives us after a fight with the robbers. To activate this event, you must perform several actions:

  • combine the following items together: a wooden coil, an arrow and a bow (all this can be found inside the cave);
  • we go out into the street and throw it all into the fire, we also send a bush growing nearby; when there is a lot of smoke - gangsters will appear.

Having received the key, we return to the same locked door and open it - inside we see Alenka and her horse.

Chapter 3. In the forest. Getting a visa

Going on the advice of Alenka in the thicket, stumble on a fork. On the right path is Goblin, who refuses to budge. The only thing you can buy from him is with a cuckoo clock. We check the remaining roads: on one we find a ring under a huge boulder, the other returns us to the previous location, and the third - to the mermaid. The prince comes the idea to marry her, so we give the ring. Mermaid gives us an hourglass; grab some more sweatshirt and cat food.

Well Crane Post

The fourth road leads towards Koshchey the Immortal. He offers a deal: we scatter the pigeons, and he gives us a cuckoo clock as a reward. Make a scarecrow from a sweatshirt, a rake and pumpkins and carry out the task. Ready - we have watches, only they are broken.Now we have to catch the cuckoo, which sits on a tree. We try to pour food and even call the prince - it gives nothing. Then call Koshchei again. When he leaves, the cuckoo begins to consider his age, but fails to cope with this and faints. We lift it and combine it with two clocks: sandy and broken. Satisfied Goblin willingly passes us on.

Next we meet with Baba Yaga, who tells that the robber received a visa and left for Constantinople. If we want to follow his example, we need to go for a necklace of a mermaid. She will part with her treasure in exchange for the fang of the Serpent Gorynych, which can be won in the house of Koshchey. Prince suddenly comes the idea to go to Kiev.

Chapter 4. Part 1. At customs

We continue the passage of "Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber". We meet Alenka, who was detained at customs because of illegal crossing. We find a sailor, and he invites us to join him in a team with one condition: we must be able to unravel the sea knots. This task is under the power of Alenka, but she is still under protection. You can get it out with the help of a special document, which must bear a seal. We combine glue, feather and a piece of birch bark, and then carry the paper to the Sailor.If you add glue to his glasses, he will put a seal, confusing our document with a cargo declaration.

We release Alenka and go to solve the puzzle with nodes.

Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the robber outpost

Chapter 4. Part 2. Feed the Elephant

The sailor tells us that it will not be possible to sail to Tsargrad because the captain has disappeared. We descend into the hold and find the elephant in the cage, and under it - the hatch. We rise back to the top and look for a basket of vegetables. Feed the elephant does not work, because he refuses to eat carrots. Then, on the advice of Alenka, we can offer him pineapples, grapes and bananas, which lie in the cabin. However, in order to take fruits, we will have to exchange them with foreigners for something edible. Go to the fried eggs! We take out an egg from the nest, take the paddle and the core from the cannon. We enclose the last under the elephant and we get a flattened equivalent of a frying pan. We remove the porthole and combine the remaining items with it (for this you need to click on the deck).

Finished eggs are exchanged for fruit. We hang the basket on the hook and begin to rearrange the paddle in the grooves in the ceiling and floor so that the elephant can reach its goal and eat. Open the hatch and find the missing captain, who admits that the ship was lost to foreigners. In order to return it, we will have to take part in several games.We continue the passage of "Ilya of Murom and the Nightingale the Robber" in the next chapter.

Chapter 5. Part 1. Tsargrad

Arriving at the new location, we begin to ask all the characters about the whereabouts of the Nightingale the robber and the horse Ilya. After that we try to go through the gate - this is the entrance to the beach. In order to be missed, you need to get a medical certificate. We approach the yoga, he offers to get what we need, in exchange for a dose of snake venom. Let us turn to the Exorcist for help and give him a special glass. After that, his snake will gladly share his poison with us.

Having received everything you need, we easily go to the beach. There we meet Alyosha Popovich and Lyubava, who bask in the sun. The bogatyr says that he saw a horse, and all the sand was trampled down by his hoofs. We select gold and go further.

Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the robber big tree

Chapter 5. Part 2. In Prison

At the gate we see a guard, who is very bored, and he refuses to share information. In order to talk it, sculpt gum from a bush of mint and tar lump. The guard will tell you that the prince was recently taken into custody. On the advice of Alenka, we are buying a special tune from the Summoner and are preparing to send an elephant to the prison walls.But before that, one of us should go to jail. Volunteer called Alenka. We throw a cobblestone and fall into the portrait hanging at the gate - for this we are arrested.

In prison, we learn that neither Alenka, nor the prince, nor the prisoner can play the tune. Hide the tool in the nightstand and take part in a mini-game. The losing prisoner proceeds to the destruction of the lattice, and at the same time a guard enters the cell. We provoke him to play at the tune. Ilya manages to break through the walls and save the prince, but Alenka still remains in custody.

Chapter 6. The Last Battle with the Nightingale the Robber

We are trying to get into the palace: for this we remove the cover from the sewage system and with the help of a pipe we force the elephant to suck all the water out of the ditch. We see that the tower is supported by wooden poles - we break them with the help of the same sewer cover. The window is still far away, so we knock it out with a bench and climb inside the palace.

Before us is the throne room and the door, which is closed by some kind of mechanism. In order to open it, we will need the help of the prince: first, he climbs onto the throne and gets the power for us, then we set him down to a candelabrum and get a scepter.The last item is the crown, which lies under the seat.

Open the door and fight the Nightingale the Robber. The process is a bit like a fight with gangsters in the forest, so it will not be difficult to sort it out. After the victory, watch the final video. Congratulations!

Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber 2

"Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber 2" - we continue the adventure

In 2007, fans of the cartoon was waiting for another gift. A new game called Ilya Muromets and the Nightingale the Robber has been released. A military case, which was performed in the genre of a logical puzzle. Together with their favorite characters, the players again go to Constantinople to defeat the villain. On the way you will meet a huge variety of logical tasks, aimed at checking attentiveness, ingenuity and logic. This game is a great addition to the first part, which allows you to once again plunge into the familiar and fascinating atmosphere of a fairy tale.

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