The origin and meaning of the word "bastards"

An ever-expanding assortment of curses sooner or later awakens curiosity - why are these very words considered offensive? How strongly do national and religious traditions influence the degree of offensiveness of certain words? For example, the meaning of the word "bastards" leaves little room for misunderstandings - this is a curse word. But the origin is sometimes interpreted incorrectly, and the degree of admissibility in everyday speech also varies depending on the subjective view of each individual person.

the meaning of the word bastards

Origin and History

Surprisingly, initially the meaning of the word "bastards" lay in a completely permissible plane. This is the name given to descendants of unbreeding crosses of animals, as well as children from extramarital affairs, who were considered unacceptable for one reason or another. In zoology, a bastard could be called, for example, a baby from a donkey and a male zebra. Mules also fall into this category.However, very quickly the word acquired a negative connotation.

In Russian, this concept is firmly tied to the word "fornication", "fornication". Since this in itself is a reprehensible phenomenon, the fruit of such connections was declared unfit. The metamorphosis, which turned the letter “y” in the middle of the word into “yu”, led to the erroneous opinion that the “bastard” is a toady that is “by the dish” awaiting handouts. In other words - "sycophant".

The modern meaning of the word "bastards"

The sexual revolution that took place in the second half of the twentieth century removed the seal of second-rate from illegitimate and illegitimate children. At the moment, “bastardism” does not stigmatize, it does not surprise anyone that a woman has decided to give birth and raise a child without a mandatory stamp in her passport. Of course, somewhere in the outback, mossy patriarchal customs are still observed, but in general, society has become more tolerant.

what do you mean bastards

But now you can hear such a curse word as "bastard." The definition is given as follows: this is a worthless person, possessing a whole complex of negative characteristics, unreliable, wicked and vile.

Emotional connotation of the concept

Expressive vocabulary with a bright negative connotation does not leave readers and listeners indifferent - the response and reaction will be in any case. Much depends on the context and purpose for which someone gets such a dubious definition. The concept is so widespread that there are no questions: "Bastard - who is it, good or bad person?" The emotional connotation of this concept is so unequivocal that there are no discrepancies.

Of course, this is an offensive epithet that reveals a vast field for manipulation. To declare a group as bastards means to pre-label them, which will necessarily affect the perception of other people. Such methods are used by propagandists of various stripes and unscrupulous politicians who prefer to influence the emotions of the electorate, rather than take any real positive actions.

bastard who is it

Relevance of use

Overexpression is good if you need to appeal to some feelings of the listeners, but this is a rather rude tool. Now, when an idea of ​​the techniques of NLP can be obtained from available sources, the audience is no longer so credulous as it was only a couple of decades ago.For example, the meaning of the word “bastards” suggests that some people against whom the speaker is trying to direct the anger of the listeners do not have the right to sympathy and understanding already by their very birth - they are initially worthless people whose mothers are surely promiscuous women, gave birth to these terrible personalities. Dehumanization of opponents is a common demagogic device that is considered out of place in the society of cultural, civilized people.

Like other words with negative connotation, which contain excessive expression and a subjective negative attitude, it is almost impossible to replace them with equivalent synonyms. The overwhelming majority of synonyms are more obscene and refer to obscene language. If you begin to figure out what the "bastards" mean and try to translate it into a certain cultural language, then the meaning of the text inevitably changes - sarcastic or even mocking notes appear.

bastard definition

The use of the word "bastard" is appropriate in the works for a more convex transfer of artistic images. In business correspondence and official documents, the use of expressive vocabulary is unacceptable, but in journalism, which should be impartial,such sharp definitions are on the very verge of what is allowed.

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