The most unusual flowers of the world: a photo with the names

The diverse and amazing nature is able to amaze and inspire with its beauty and singularity. Sometimes it is even difficult to imagine how delightful and many-sided can be the flower world that surrounds us. The corners of our planet are full of incredibly diverse in their beauty of colors, some of them can really surprise or even discourage their appearance. The kingdom of flora is full of the most unexpected surprises and mysteries of nature. The most unusual flowers of the world with photos and names will be presented to your attention later.

Aconite Jungar

The bright perennial flower of the family of buttercups is also called the Dzungarian wrestler.

the most beautiful and unusual flowers

The seductive colorful flower is very deceptive, as it is known not only for its graceful beauty, but also for the dangerous properties that make it one of the most poisonous flowers on the planet. Toxic are all parts of the plant, but the largest accumulation of alkaloids is in the tubers.When a large concentration in the human body, the poison can cause paralysis of the respiratory system and the heart muscle. Moreover, the flower is so dangerous that it can kill even a large animal.

Amorphophallus titanic

the most unusual flowers

One of the largest tropical plants of the aroid family, attracting attention with an unusual shape and large size is titanic amorphofallus. A large, rare flower about three meters high was discovered at the end of the 19th century in West Sumatra. Now he is the property of many botanical gardens of the world.

Externally, the flower giant is a thick stalk with a single leaf. The inflorescence consists of a core wrapped with a leaf-shaped petal. The inner part of the bud has a rich burgundy color, the outer one is colored green. An unusual plant, inviting appearance, can extremely repel an unpleasant smell, which can be compared with the smell of rotten eggs or rotten fish.

The initial habitat of titanic amorphophallus was the forests of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Over time, the view was almost completely exterminated, so now it is mostly bred specifically and you can find one of the most unusual flowers on the territory of various botanical gardens.


Wolffia is the smallest perennial flower plant of the Earth about 1 millimeter in size and weighing less than 200 micrograms. A few grains of table salt have the same weight with this tiny miracle. The small record holder belongs to the subfamily of Lesopard and lives on the surface of standing reservoirs. Does not have leaves and roots.

the most beautiful and unusual flowers

The habitat habitat of Wolfia without roots is the standing water of small bodies of water in the tropical forests of Europe, India, Africa and the Mediterranean. Occasionally can be found on the territory of Russia. A tiny representative of the plant world prefers bright diffused lighting, to the temperature regime is quite unpretentious. Wolfia does not require special care, so it is quite often bred at home.

Rafflesia Arnold

 photos of the most unusual colors

The representative of flowering plants, a parasitic plant, one of the most unusual flowers on the planet and one of the largest - Rafflesia Arnold. It was first discovered and described by a German botanist in the early 19th century, while traveling to Sumatra.

The diameter of an amazing giant can reach one hundred centimeters, and the weight of a plant can reach up to 8 kilograms.The reddish flower consists of five large petals, has no stem and even roots, it parasitizes on other plants, fully feeding at their expense. During flowering, a blooming bud gives off an unpleasant odor, which can be compared with rotten meat.

It prefers humid climatic conditions, therefore the habitat of rafflesia is the tropical forests of the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra. Amazing giants are endangered.

Lithops, or Living Stones

the most unusual flowers of the world photo

Perhaps Lithops are not the brightest flowers on the planet and are not champions because of their size, but, of course, they are one of the most unusual succulents representing flowering plants. And they are owners of one of the most unusual color names. The plant consists of two coalesced sheets with a small gap between them, looks very much like stones. Flowering lasts about 10 days and falls on the autumn period.

Not only an unusual appearance makes Lithops amazing. The peculiarity of this plant in the ability to mimic, that is, change the color of the leaves, adapting to the appearance of the terrain, which further increases their similarity with pebble stones.

In order to admire such a representative of the fauna, it is not at all necessary to visit botanical gardens or go to far-off countries, Lithops completely successfully treat themselves at home.

Venus trap (flycatcher)

the most unusual flowers in the world

Incredibly, the plant can also be a predator. Most of the plants receive nutrients from the soil, but there are also such amazing representatives of the flora, who have adapted to survive even in unfavorable soil, receiving the necessary substances from the outside. Nature is very inventive, and the Rosyanka family is a clear confirmation of this.

The Venus flytrap is a member of the Rosyanka family, a carnivorous plant with a unique structure of leaves, which is a trap for insects. At the edges of the leaves are sensitive hairs, when stimulated by insects, the slamming mechanism works. In order to avoid slamming, for example, from raindrops, nature has provided an amazing slamming mechanism. The trap is triggered only after several hairs are stimulated with a short time interval.When ingested, the victim resists, thereby continuing to stimulate the hairs, which provokes compression. Only after the sheets are completely closed, the release of enzymes begins, and the insect is digested. It takes about ten days to digest one insect in a flycatcher.

Psychotria sublime

most unusual color names

Perhaps the most seductive plant in the world can rightly be called a sublime psychotheme, or a kiss flower. The bud during flowering becomes rich bright red color, acquiring similarities with the female lips. Thanks to such an unusual form, the inflorescences of psychotria attract a large number of hummingbirds, butterflies and various insects for pollination.

Psychotrias inhabit tropical forests, preferring high humidity and bright lighting. Unfortunately, recently the number of species has been noticeably decreasing, because of regular deforestation, entire families of plants have been disappearing. But due to the colorful appearance, sublime psychotheme is quite often grown at home. Such an unusual "kiss" will be a great decoration for your home and complement any design decision.


the most unusual flowers of the world photo with the names

The most beautiful and unusual flower of perennial passiflora, or passionflower, just can not go unnoticed. This herb is one of the most beautiful on our planet. Its buds consist of several layers, have an unusually bright color and can be blue, red, white or purple. The flowers of passion flowers have a delicate sweet aroma and reach about 10 centimeters in diameter.

Passionflower prefers a warm and very humid climate, flowering begins in the summer. Among the diversity of species, edible passion flowers are the most popular, they have delicious sweet fruits. Among other things, the flower has medicinal properties and is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nepentes attenborough

the most beautiful and unusual flowers

A real find of our time is a woody plant belonging to the genus Nepentes, the family of Nepentie - Nepentes Attenborough. The discovery of a large predator took place in the 21st century, on the Philippine island of Palawan on the slope of Mount Victoria.

Shrub can reach a height of about one and a half meters, quite sprawling. A large flower in shape resembles a jug, forms a trap and sometimes contains not only insects, but even rodents.The volume of the largest trap found reached 1.5 liters, and this is the largest size among all representatives of insectivores.

This is just a small list of extraordinarily mysterious and amazing flower wonders. How many more unexplored and amazing things are fraught with the enchanting kingdom of flora. Perhaps nature is the biggest inventor, and the creations she made never cease to amaze. You can also see the photos of the most unusual colors in our article.

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