The most interesting restaurants of Lipetsk for any purse

Lipetsk is an old town with a fairly well-developed infrastructure, located 400 km from Moscow. Here is something to see, where to go and have a good time. In addition to leisure and spiritual food for any visitor, two important questions: where can you have a tasty snack or a full dinner, which restaurants in Lipetsk deserve attention? Therefore, we offer you a selection of interesting restaurants and cafes that are popular with locals.


One of the most expensive and rating establishments of Lipetsk is located in the city center. At the entrance you will be greeted by a doorman, the interior will delight you with high-quality styling for the 19th century. The waiters are extremely polite and a little servile, the dishes are served very well and beautifully served.

restaurants of Lipetsk

The cuisine is Russian and European. The menu is pleased with a large selection, even the most fastidious will be satisfied. The price tag is lower than the capital, but for Lipetsk restaurant is considered expensive. The average bill from 1500 rubles.


This institution is included in the selection of “the best restaurants of Lipetsk” in all guidebooks. However, the information is far from the truth, according to numerous reviews of visitors.

The interior is pleasant, without pathos and kitsch, there are cozy corners with soft sofas, an unobtrusive background music, the menu is pleasantly surprised by the choice of European and Japanese dishes and a low price tag. At this point, the pros end and the cons begin. Most guests of the restaurant say poor service: the waiters are not attentive, and the order has to wait a very long time.

cafes and restaurants of Lipetsk

The background music in the late afternoon becomes so loud that it is difficult to hear the interlocutor. Not always happy with the quality of the dishes, although there is a large portion size.

Therefore, it is worth a good thought to attend this institution or not. After all, there are a lot of places with a good interior: cafes and restaurants of Lipetsk are very diverse.


One of the most popular cafes in the city is located not far from the center, on Plekhanova Street, 1. Although the institution advertises itself as a youth one, people of all ages will enjoy it. This is facilitated by the cozy atmosphere and the romantic atmosphere of the place.

royal lipetsk restaurant

In the cafe you can have a tasty and inexpensive breakfast or lunch, spend a pleasant evening with friends or with family. The menu is surprising: it serves dishes of Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese and Russian cuisines. Do not forget about vegetarians. However, coffee and desserts deserve special attention. According to visitors, they are above all praise. And the average check per person is acceptable: from 300 to 1,500 rubles.


Do you like Italian cuisine and do not imagine life without pasta "carbonara" or a slice of delicious pizza? Then you should visit the "Pizza", deservedly included in the top "the best restaurants of Lipetsk."

Lipetsk piano restaurant

The institution is located near the city center on Pervomayskaya Street, 78. The interior is without any frills, but the atmosphere is cozy and the staff is polite. The main disadvantage: a long wait for the order, although snacks and drinks bring quickly. However, it pays off with high quality dishes. According to the guests of the restaurant, they cook the most delicious pizza here in the city, so you can wait.

Prices are low, the average check per person will be about 800 rubles, including the cost of drinks.

Royal (Lipetsk)

The restaurant has positioned itself as a modern, fashionable establishment with rococo echoes, but without pretentious manners. Is it really you will find out only by coming here.

However, the interior is already impressive at the entrance: guests are greeted with knightly armor, crystal chandeliers and the sounds of a violin.

The trowels decorated the inner space of "Royal" (Lipetsk): the restaurant consists of two zones - the Royal Chamber and the Royal Lounge - with a total capacity of up to 400 people. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail: there is a room for noisy parties with friends and private rooms for business negotiations or a romantic dinner.

restaurant antonio lipetsk

European cuisine, a large selection of dishes on the menu, including the copyright from the chef. The average bill per person from 1000 rubles, excluding the cost of drinks.

“Royal” (Lipetsk) - the restaurant is not cheap, but according to numerous reviews, it is worth the money: the quality of service is excellent, the food is excellent. This is the place to invite, if you want to make an impression.

Restaurant "Antonio" (Lipetsk)

Want to be in the heart of Italy? Take a look at "Antonio" on the street Nedelina, 15v. A charming small two-storey restaurant hospitably opens the doors for visitors. The cozy interior, two rooms located on different floors, and the "highlight" - the Italian cook. The menu, of course, Italian dishes. The names themselves already sound like music: vitello-tonato,Capra Santa, Villagio, Modigliani ... In addition to traditional pasta, pizza and risotto, you can taste rich soups, hot meat and fish dishes, as well as light desserts. Decent wine list, not without its famous Pinot Grigio.

restaurants of Lipetsk

The average bill per person will be 1000-1500 rubles, excluding alcohol.

From pleasant bonuses, one can note periodically held promotions: “a three-course set for 299 rubles” during lunch, discounts on certain menu items depending on the day of the week. For example, pasta lovers are advised to visit Antonio on Monday - the restaurant gives a 30% discount on all handmade pasta, on Tuesday there is a 30% discount on pizza, on Wednesday - a sweet tooth day: a 50% discount on any dessert. On Thursday, the best offer for all the wine - minus 20%.

"Library №1"

Are you interested in banal restaurants of Lipetsk? Then visit the resthouse on Kuznechnaya street, 4B.

The unusual interior resembles a library: bookshelves, neat tables, comfortable sofas. A very cozy and friendly atmosphere, polite staff, unobtrusive background - all this brings to itself and creates a very bright impression.

restaurants of Lipetsk

Here you can drink a cup of coffee with a dessert or a hearty dinner for lunch. European cuisine, the menu offers a large number of dishes, including for vegetarians.

The average check will be 800-1000 rubles.

"Gourmet's Dream"

If you are walking around the city and during the walk you do not plan to visit restaurants in Lipetsk, you can have a snack in a small cafe on Plekhanova Square, 5. The place is very popular among the locals, because here they cook the most delicious shaverma in the city.

restaurants of Lipetsk

A portion can be chosen for any appetite: from small (150 g) to gigantic (400 g). Prices are more than attractive: from 100 to 250 rubles. In addition to shavarmy, the menu includes lula kebab, kebab, grilled chicken, salmon on the coals, hot dogs, pasties, various sauces and drinks.

Despite the large flow of visitors, cook quickly and tasty, than not all the cafes and restaurants of Lipetsk can boast. So if you are no stranger to fast food, take a look at the "Gourmet Dream."

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