The most beautiful fish in the world: list, description and reviews

Bright, unusual and beautiful fish in the azure waters of the oceans are like butterflies fluttering on land. The nature rewarded them with the most extraordinary and extravagant appearance. As a rule, all of them are inhabitants of warm seas, and they get to Russia thanks to a thriving aquarium business. Avid exotic lovers are willing to spend large sums of money to admire a piece of underwater tropical paradise in their home.

Our article is about the most beautiful fish in the world. There are many interesting facts about these marvelous creatures, as well as the inhabitants of the deep sea themselves. We offer you a selection of the most original and vibrant (in the literal and figurative sense of the word) representatives of the ichthyofauna.


beautiful fish

With a mandarin from the family of lira hardly anyone can compete in terms of brightness and extravagance. A small fish is one of the most popular inhabitants of exotic aquariums.Her homeland - the waters of the western Pacific Ocean, approximately from the island of Ryuku and south towards Australia. Mandarin oranges are small in size (about 6 cm in length) and lead to a bottom lifestyle. They are inhabitants of reefs and quiet lagoons.

One of the most beautiful fish in the world is also known by such trade names as green or striped mandarin jerk, “psychedelic fish”. In aquarism, it is believed that keeping them in captivity is quite difficult due to the specific diet. In their reviews, the owners of mandarin talk about their "capriciousness." Sometimes, some fish cannot adapt to anything else at all, except for scuds or hay eaters, which they eat in their natural environment. At the same time, the species is resistant to ichthyophthyriosis.


Discus fish is a terrific tropical assortment iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow. Under this name combined several species that are common in the Amazon. Discus has a rounded body, flattened laterally, adults reach a length of 20 cm. These are very beautiful fish with a varied color (pictured below): from neon blue to ultramarine, lemon yellow and brick red. Vertical and horizontal stripes are woven into a fancy pattern.In their natural environment, the ration of discus is made up of freshwater shrimps and insect larvae.

the most beautiful fish

This species is very popular in aquarium fish farming. For the first time in Europe, discus appeared after the First World War, and later in the USSR - in 1957. Their popularity is caused by the large selection diversity represented on the market. The derived forms differ in size, color, shape of the body, fins. The names are no less interesting than the fish themselves: Red silk, Blue diamond, Green ocean, Red diamond, etc.

Aquarists leave very favorable reviews about the discus. They note that the fish is not aggressive and easily gets on with other species. The only thing that can cause problems is water. Discus is extremely sensitive to its purity, pH and temperature. In addition, they are quite large, and therefore require a lot of space.

Zebra fish

the most beautiful fish in the world

Large, striped, like a zebra, a beautiful lion fish can be a real highlight of your aquarium. This is a rather aggressive predator, reaching a length of 30 cm and body weight up to 1 kg. The zebra fish, or, as it is also called, the striped lionfish, is a dweller of the tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea.For the ecosystem of the latter is a serious threat, as it destroys many species of coral fish. She does not have an incredible iridescent color: her body is red with numerous light stripes. However, attention is drawn to the structure of the fins. On the chest and back, they are represented by long ribbons that form a kind of fan. They are hiding poisonous sharp needles.

Zebra fish can be kept in an aquarium; however, this requires some caution. The view is large, so the minimum amount of water should be 208 liters.

Moorish idol

fish beautiful swords

Since ancient times, the fishermen revered the Moorish idol (from which the name went) and with a bow let the fish go if it accidentally got into the nets, and also believed that it brings good luck. Like it or not, it is difficult to answer. However, the fact that this is one of the most beautiful fish in the world is an absolute fact.

The Moorish idol is common in the coral reefs of the Pacific and Indian oceans at a depth of 3 to 180 m. The fish is rather large (up to 22 cm in length) with a high discoid body, flattened laterally, and a characteristic triangular fin dorsal fin. Color: alternating vertical stripes of white-yellow and black.The idol's diet consists of sponges, bryozoans, coral polyps and other invertebrates, as well as algae.

In their reviews, professional aquarists describe the Moorish idol as a fish with unpredictable eating behavior. In captivity, they may refuse the proposed feed and slowly die from hunger, while some claim that they are omnivorous.

Clown fish

beautiful sea fish

This name combines a whole genus of beautiful fish. However, most often under it appears only one type - orange amphiprione (pictured above). A small fish (up to 11 cm in length) with a bright color in the form of black and white stripes on a red background is popularized in movies and cartoons. All species are inhabitants of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, characterized by a symbiosis with actinia, and hermaphrodites.

Aquarists speak of clowns as fairly easy-to-keep fish. They differ in picky food type. In aquariums they can live for a long time (more than 10 years), but become aggressive, and this should be taken into account when choosing their neighbors.

Blue surgeon

Of course, the list of the most beautiful fish for the aquarium can not include a blue or flag surgeon.This is the only species of the genus Paracanthurus. The fish has an egg-shaped body, compressed from the sides, from 15 to 30 cm long. For the blue surgeon, the long anal and dorsal fins are characteristic, as well as the steeply falling forehead. The species is long-lived and in its natural environment (Indo-Pacific region from East Africa to Samoa and Japan) lives up to 20 years. It prefers the outer slopes of coral reefs, crevices of rocks at a depth of 40 m. Plankton and algae make up the ration.

very beautiful fish

Under the conditions of aquarium breeding, a blue surgeon grows up to 10-15 cm in length. The fish is very active and shy. Experts recommend that an aquarium with a volume of at least 400 l be taken away under its content. The owners speak of the blue surgeon as a very peaceful creature, he gets on well with other marine fish. In addition, not particularly picky about food and easy to maintain.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the family of Pomakanty - these are beautiful sea fish with a colorful bright body color. In total there are more than 85 species. They are distinguished by a flat body with a high back and a backward spike located on the underside of the gills. Representative sizes range from 6 to 60 cm.Angelfish are typical inhabitants of the coral reefs of all tropical seas. Nutrition strategies are very diverse. For aquarists of greatest interest are the species presented below.

Angel queen

the most beautiful fish in the world interesting facts

One of the most beautiful fish in the family, also known as the semi-lunar golacant or green kacama. In length, it reaches, as a rule, 30 cm with a weight of up to 1.6 kg. The body is colored bright yellow with rich blue stripes along the edges of the fins and the area around the mouth. The natural habitat is the tropics of the Western Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea. Fish live singly or in pairs at a depth of up to 70 m. They mainly feed on ascidia, sponges, algae, and horn corals.

Experienced aquarists in the reviews recommend to give preference when buying young individuals, because adults transfer poorly. The queen fish gets along well with other species and requires a large aquarium.

Imperial angel

The imperial angel is one of the most popular species in aquariums. This is a beautiful fish up to 40 cm in length. The body is colored blue or blue with bright diagonal or horizontal yellow stripes. Juveniles of black and blue with concentric blue or white circles.Habitat - tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It leads to a near-bottom lifestyle, occurs at a depth of up to 100 m. It feeds mainly on tunicates and sponges, other benthic invertebrates.

beautiful fish

For keeping in captivity the imperial angel needs an aquarium of at least 400 l. As they mature in relation to other species, the fish becomes very aggressive. The imperial angel is demanding on the diet, performance and characteristics of water, therefore it is considered quite difficult to maintain. However, the beauty of adult fish overshadows all difficulties.

You will not find such a fish in the Beautiful Swords, the Volga or on the Don. Our climate is unsuitable for candy-bright inhabitants of the tropics. However, now they are easy to find in specialized stores. This allows you to admire the beautiful fish in home and office aquariums. True, we should not forget that they are quite capricious and demanding care.

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