"The meeting place can not be changed": the actors and roles

Now young people don’t know what it is when the whole country, the streets of all cities are empty, if they show a new and even interesting movie on TV. So it was in 1973, when all the inhabitants of the USSR watched “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, and in the morning at work they shared their viewing impressions. And then, in 1979, Zheglova and Sharapova were also discussed in the movie series "The meeting place cannot be changed." Actors - Vladimir Vysotsky and Vladimir Konkin, who played the role of detectives of MUR, were the most famous in the Soviet Union.

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And the story itself aroused great interest among the audience. Against the background of the great victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany, post-war Moscow in August-November 1945 was flooded with various criminal groups. They felt quite at ease against the background of general ruin and tried to snatch more from the state, which survived the difficult time of the war.

"The meeting place can not be changed": the actors, the story of creation

The basis of the script is the book "The Era of Mercy", which just came out and managed to please many.

When Vysotsky got into the hands of one of the first copies of the book, he went to Arkady Weiner and immediately declared that the film should be made. And in the role of Zheglova should be only him. The writer himself was surprised to say that there are many other good actors: "For example, Nikolai Gubenko or Sergey Shakurov, both are good, talented actors."

Vysotsky agreed that they are good actors, but the image of Zheglov, the police captain, who works not just at the police station, but at MUR, and even in the Department for Combating Banditry, is well succeeded only by him.


The creators of the film "The meeting place can not be changed," the actors and roles were chosen almost unanimously. It was a real struggle for the role of Sharapova. For this role many famous actors have tried. But as a result, Vladimir Konkin was selected and approved.

Actor Leonov-Gladyshev and Andrei Gradov were selected for the role of the “under the guise” of the film “The venue of the meeting cannot be changed” for the role, as they say now. But Gradov refused, Leonov was able to play a small, on-screen time, but a vivid image of a cheerful and optimistic thief Vekshin.And let this role and a small, but in its tragedy, it permanently crashes into the memory of the viewer.

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Blotter surprised everyone

And for the role of Blotter in the film "The meeting place can not be changed," Ivan Bortnik was approved immediately.

The famous scene where gangsters leave the store's basement, surrounded by a detachment of Moscow police, did not work for a long time. The scene went gray and static. The gangsters silently left the store and silently sat down in the “funnels”.

And at the request of director S. Govorukhin, somehow reviving the episode, Ivan Bortnik thought and got into the basement. At the command "motor", a real criminal "blotter" came out of the basement, who shouted and screamed "Garbage, bitch ..." on the move. On the way, I sang the verse "... In the dock." And when the “policemen” led him to the car, passing by Zheglov-Vysotsky, he even managed to spit on his face.

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It must be said that the real officers were playing in the role of the policemen, and when they saw this behavior of the actor, they believed that they were a real criminal. And they began to be treated much tougher and even on the way to the “funnels” they were hit several times. At the same time hit quite noticeably, so that the actor screamed in pain.And then the policemen shouted "Oh, you creature, we will crush you right now!" ...

As soon as the movie “Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed” came out, the actors began to receive letters from viewers. For example, one of the spectators, who worked in court, was struck by how Bortnik conveyed the character of the blotter "blotter". By the nature of her work, she had seen many criminals and was surprised at how accurately the inferiority and stalemate of people of this kind of activity were shown.

Postwar Moscow

Against the background of rampant criminality in Moscow, the Soviet authorities decided to strengthen the ranks of the Moscow police with the military returning from the front. It sounded especially good in the phrase of the junior sergeant Varvara Lisichkina (Natalya Danilova) - “we will soon be replaced by more experienced front-line men.” One of these front-line soldiers turned out to be a former intelligence officer, senior lieutenant Sharapov. And he was immediately "lucky" - he got into the investigation of the murder of Larisa Gruzdeva.

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It must be said that the Weiner brothers took the real criminal case of Yevgeny Mirkin on the charge of murder of his wife and sentenced to death penalty as a basis for the book.After the verdict was passed, the Murovtsi continued the case and found materials that confirmed the innocence of the doctor. Thanks to the work of detectives MUR Mirkin acquitted.

So the story of the gang of the "black cat" is also organically woven into the plot of the film, which terrorized Moscow with its attacks, robbed shops and warehouses. As shown in the film, the criminals did not spare anyone - neither old men, nor women, nor children.

It was against the background of such events that actors were selected for the film “The meeting place cannot be changed”. Blotter was like a collective image of typical criminals of those times.

Charming antihero

In 1975, the New Year comedy "The Irony of Fate ...!" In it, one of the memorable supporting roles was played by actor Alexander Belyavsky.

But the real fame brought the actor the role of Eugene Fox. And so far, the audience with the name of this actor recalls charming git Fox as the main work of this actor.

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Vladimir Vysotsky proposed Belyavsky's candidacy, an urgent telegram was sent from Odessa to Moscow with a proposal to act in a film. Interestingly, the artist himself was not in Moscow.At this time, he mastered the received six acres in the village of Ershovo. But once he found out that Jurassic, Vysotsky, Konkin, and Dzhigarkhanyan were supposed to participate in the film, he put off farming and boarded a plane.

As the director S. Govorukhin himself says, the actors played the role of the negative character in the film “The meeting place cannot be changed”. Fox, just like the director intended, was only made by Alexander Belyavsky. Although originally Khimichev was approved for this role.

By the recognition of the actor himself, this role, if it made him famous, but for a long time ruined his film career. After directing the Soviet blockbuster to broad screens in the country, many directors did not see Belyavsky in a different role, except as an "antihero."

Oh, Manya! ...

Manka Bond performed by Larisa Udovichenko became a bright and memorable role. And this is despite the fact that she was originally offered the role of Wari. But the actress immediately declared - either she would play the Bond, or she would not appear in the film at all.

For this role in the film "The Meeting Place can not be changed," the actors tried themselves and others. The audience could see the artist Lyubov Polishchuk in this image.

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But now the already famous phrase: "Abligation or Bond?" tightly connected with the image of Manka performed by Larisa Udovychenko.

The audience, not spoiled by Soviet cinema, wrote letters to the actress even from prisons. And she had to turn to the real police for help with the request to protect her from the attention of such fans.

Musical arrangement

And, of course, it was not without music and songs. But no matter how he wanted Vysotsky to sing in this series, and even had plans to include in the final scenes of each series songs performed by the beloved bard, but it was decided to abandon these plans. And this decision allowed the film to preserve the spirit of that time.

The only episode where a small excerpt from Vertinsky's song was included was performed by Vysotsky, but the lyrics were interspersed with a conversation with Sharapov.

But not without music in the film has not done. The scenes in the restaurant were played with the participation of the famous singer. In the background, among the restaurant orchestra, Sergey Mazaev plays the saxophone.

Also in the episode of waiting for the beginning of the film in the cinema in the lobby, the song “Unsuccessful Dating” was performed.

The songs themselves were performed by professional musicians for the film “The meeting place cannot be changed,” the actors of the track track only played up.

Also in the film sounded the song "Bombers", where she was sung by members of the MUR, traveling on a bus on a Saturday.

In the episode, where Fox is dancing with a waitress, the tango Jalousie ("Jealousy"), which was written in the 20s by the Dane Zhokob Garde, sounds.

A thief in law

Actor Yevgeny Evstigneev, already known at that time, brilliantly played the thief in law.

venue can not change actors blotter

He managed to convey the image of a professional thief who had a narrow specialization - things from a theatrical wardrobe. Here, without the help of beauty can not do. It was she who carried things out from the wardrobe according to the number, which was also able to get Ruchechnik from the pockets of rich viewers. For many TV viewers, there was a catch phrase that he said during interrogation with Zheglov: “And what is it today, fast day?”.

I said hunchy!

On the role of gang members in the movie "The meeting place can not be changed," the actors got close to the picturesque too. Gang members played:

  • Sasha Belyavsky.
  • Victor Pavlov.
  • Valeria Zaklunnaya (the mistress of "Brokeback").
  • Ivan Bortnik.
  • Oleg Savosin.
  • Volodya Zharikov.
  • Tatyana Tkach (Fox's friend).
  • Alexander Abdulov.
  • Rudolf Mukhin (gang driver).

And, of course, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (the leader of the gang Karp).

venue can not change the actors and roles

It is now known that the role of Karp was offered to the actor Rolan Bykov. Despite all the artist’s excuses for his small stature, this role was given to him.

But during the shooting of episodes with Karp, Bykov got to the clinic with a heart attack. And then it was urgently decided to invite Armen Dzhigarkhanyan for this role. And despite the fact that at that time he had never heard anything about the novel "The era of mercy," he agreed to the shooting. And now it is difficult to imagine another "hunchback" instead of A. Dzhigarkhanyan.

Start shooting

After the show “The Meeting Place cannot be changed” on the blue screens, the actors and the roles they played became famous all over the country in a flash. I must say that the film was not marked by state awards, although it came out on the holiday of the Militia Day.

32 years ago on May 10 in the city of Odessa began shooting this five-part film. During the absence of Stanislav Govorukhin, Vladimir Vysotsky continued working on the film. And I must say, the process of filming with his leadership was greatly accelerated. If the process of the episode was calculated according to the scenario for seven days, Vysotsky managed to shoot for four.At the same time, the whole troupe took part in the discussion of how best to shoot a particular episode.

The film became popular

Now this project is firmly in the cage of the most favorite films for many fans of Soviet cinema. And the phrases from the tape: "There is a suspicion, dear man, that you are snookers," "Coffee-maker ... What coffee maker?", "Well, you have a face, Sharapov!", ... "- many people often said, especially trying to emphasize the hoarse voice of Vysotsky.

The film itself “The meeting place can not be changed”, the actors, film photos became the property of many movie lovers sites.

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