The meaning of the name Peter, the origin, compatibility

Meaning of the name Peterreveals its owner as an intellectual person. He reacts with lightning speed, has imagination and eloquence. The complexity of the character lies in its simultaneous desire for society and avoiding it. Peter craves attention, reverence. He has many talents and abilities in various fields. Men with such a name are capable of becoming actors and musicians, writers and diplomats, doctors and lawyers, military and scientists.

The origin and meaning of the name

The meaning of the name Peter, translated into Russian from ancient Greek, means "rock", "cliff", "stone". This male name is popular in many countries and has a different pronunciation. For example, in Germany - this is Peter, in Japan - Pe to Rou, in Spain - Pedro, in France - Pierre, in England - Peter.

The patron saint of the name is St. Peter - one of the apostles of Christ and the first Pope. The power of the name carries contradictions, unpredictability.Therefore, the apostle Peter combined Christian humility and militancy in his character.

value of the name peter

Meaning of the name Petermanifested in pragmatism, straightness. The life of a man with that name will not be easy. But Peter is not looking for peace. Strength of spirit, energy, inflexible will will accompany him throughout his life.

Characteristic spell name

It is necessary to take into account that the letter “E” is present in the name. Its meaning is different from “E”. Points above the letter reinforce the personality traits, give a pronounced emotionality, passion, character rigidity.

P - philosophical turn of mind, the desire to communicate and reflection. The desire to avoid conflicts and the ability to defend their point of view. Confidence, perseverance.

E - the desire for self-expression, energy, emotion. A lot of effort goes to self-control. The hardness of character is compensated by understanding, by the desire to pacify him.

T - symbolizes creativity in man. Developed intuition. Ambition, rejection of competition make vindictiveness in character.

P - high performance, determination. The ability to properly assess and analyze the situation.Sharpness, unpredictability, courage, tendency to aggression.

Boy character

The significance of the name Peter for the boy is not always favorable. His firm character, perseverance, turning into stubbornness, the desire to insist on his ability to bring a lot of trouble. But inner kindness, avoiding quarrels will help to find a common language with adults and peers.

In childhood, Peter is distinguished by curiosity and interest in many areas of life. He is interested in everything - from the device of a toy car to the relationship of people.

name peter meaning name and fate

Diligent, talented, he easily learns at school. However, restlessness and laziness can stall the process of acquiring new knowledge. Already in his early years, Peter would show a penchant for music and collecting. His love for his mother will be a red thread throughout his life. Peter will always cherish her opinion.

Hot temper, aggressiveness, patience, kindness - such a different characteristics gives the name Peter. Name meaning and fateits owner is largely related to the conditions of education. It should be limited to explosive nature, directing it in a creative direction. Learn tact, elementary politeness.

Male character

Reliable, energetic, a man Peter often relies on his intuition. This is a hardworking and diligent employee. Unpredictability, imbalance of character can impede his career growth.

High demands on themselves and others, striving for perfection will push this man to new professional victories. Peter quickly grows up. The meaning of the name, character and fate - all contribute to the fact that he left the parental house early. In pursuit of independence, Peter will try to get rid of the care of relatives. Responsibility for parents, respect for them will always be the main point of the relationship.

Peter the meaning of the name of the character

Diverse interests, liveliness of the mind, the desire to comprehend the new - these are the main qualities that carry the meaning of the name Peter. Tests, obstacles will always be in the life of its owner. Fate seems to test this man for strength. Despite the vulnerability, emotionality Peter will find a way out of the most difficult situation.

In a leadership position, he can easily slip into despotism. Impatience with the opinion of others, the desire to rely only on oneself, high demands, and mercilessness towards subordinates may subsequently lead to a broken career, loneliness.

Sexy name

Increased sexuality, rich imagination make Peter a passionate lover. He strives for consistency and rarely changes partners. It can be difficult for a woman to understand how much Peter values ​​her. Such mysteriousness attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

meaning of the name of Peter for a boy

Meaning of the name Petermakes reliability in the character of a man. You can trust him, you can cost a long relationship with him. For marriage, Peter will long choose a companion. His idealized ideas about a woman will make him look for a beautiful, loyal, wise, strong-willed partner.

Peter does not tolerate criticism, he remembers insults for years. Therefore, the wife will have to take the husband's temper and his selfless love for the mother.

Name in religion

The name Peter origin and value is interesting. It originates from one of the disciples of Christ. Simon of Zebedee is the real name of the Apostle Peter. Christ called him Cephas, which in Hebrew meant "stone," "rock." The Apostle Peter was characterized by his contemporaries as a hot-tempered, sympathetic, honest, responsible person. Later, when the Gospel was translated into Greek, Kif's name was translated as Peter.

Name in numerology: Peter

The meaning of the name, characterin numerology they correspond to the number 8. It is a symbol of harmony between infinity and the final result. Huge power, hidden potential lies in this number.

name peter origin and meaning

People affected by the eight, have a sense of purpose, will. They are reasonable, wise, organized and able to demanding leadership. These are conceited personalities who demand attention and reverence. They crave power and material wealth.

They are talented, eloquent. Always in the spotlight due to high intelligence and inquisitive mind. Leadership and assertive character will contribute to success in undertakings.

Compatible with female names

Loyalty, reliability, stability personifies the name of Peter. Name meaning and fateimply the best compatibility with Angelina, Alina, Varvara, Vera, Diana, Eugenia, Ekaterina, Larisa, Lyubov, Lyudmila, Natalia, Olesya, Svetlana.

Peter meaning name character and fate

Not suitable for long-term relationships Valeria, Daria, Elena, Zinaida, Irina, Marina, Oksana, Olga, Tatyana.

Name by season

Winter Peter - courageous, energetic. Constantly on the move, looking for new perspectives.Responsible worker. Able to find a common language with different people.

Spring Peter - narcissist, capricious. Emotional changeability, tendency to sensitivity make him selfish. Requires a lot of people, giving nothing in return.

Summer Peter - good-natured, sociable. There are a lot of friends and fans around him. He is confident, impulsive and talented. Conquers the bounty of the soul, prone to infidelity in marriage.

Autumn Peter - enterprising, wise. He has good organizational skills. Able to persuade people to their point of view. It has leadership qualities. Assertive, stubborn, fair.

Mystery name

Peter is very hurt and proud. His energy, assertiveness hide the lack of love and attention. He is able to worry for a long time because of the slightest resentment. His temper is able to inflate a small quarrel to a scandal.

meaning of the name Peter translated into Russian

Peter's cynicism and irony are the outer shell of romance. If you pay attention to him, to say compliments, he is able to shine with original jokes. Rarely perceives another point of view. Peter is annoyed by discrepancies with his life experience and personal opinion.

This man has many talents and wonderful opportunities. Only in the light of love and understanding will they unfold completely. Otherwise, Peter will internally close from everyone, releasing aggression and incontinence to the surface.

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