The meaning of the name Melania. Does the name affect the character?

This name is already famous for the fact that its owners are celebrating exactly under the Old New Year - January 13, at the height of the generosities and pre-New Year festivities, which in some regions of Russia and Ukraine are called Malankami.

Melanka is a darkie?

In order to correctly determine the meaning of the name Melania, you need to understand onomastics (science, specializing in the study of proper names). There are two versions of the meaning of this name, the first of which states that Melania is from ancient Greek “dark, dark”, and the second asserts: this is how girls were called in Italy, or rather, in Ancient Rome, and in translation the name means “generous”.

The first version is more common, but the second one really should not be discarded, because the patroness of all Melanias is none other than Melania Roman, known for her unlimited love for people and generosity.

meaning of the name Melania

The origin of the name Melaniaany clergyman can explain if young parents who decide to name their daughter that way will turn for advice.In the calendar, you can gather enough information about the name chosen for the child.

And the fact that Malasha must be dark-skinned - such a rule does not exist. According to the survey, associations in the name of Melania showed an absolute minority of perceiving him as suitable for a dark and dark-haired girl.

Character, as a consequence of the name?

Fingering femalebeautiful names, you can unwittingly cling to one of the best. Melania - it sounds solemn and light, very much like the word “sweet”, it is conveniently combined with most of the middle names and surnames.

But name researchers warn that the influence of a name on a character is inevitable. There is a certain heavenly matrix (let's call it that), on which are all recorded variants of the name and character. They can vary both in the direction of negative and positive, but the main features are always present, and according to them you can combine the carriers of a particular name.

And what about Melania? What features are endowed with charming owners of an equally charming name? Finding out the meaning of the name Melania,they are beginning to expect from him something brighter than its deepest essence, not once proved by anthroponyms. And as a rule, they search for the light of the name in the character of his mistress.And the character in this case can be very difficult.

beautiful names

But the name, the name ... It was always so sweet to everyone that even well-known toy manufacturers chose it as the brand name for the most beautiful dolls.

Melania. Soul portrait

It is only Melania, due to his natural talent, can see through people - very few people manage to solve it. Since childhood, reasonable and impartial, she is ready to help not only with words, but also with concrete actions. But there is something ineradicably egoistic in this little imp named Milasha: she is friendly, supports and helps only until the threat to her personal interests appears.

girl name melania

The meaning of the name Melania, by the way, warns about it - dark, apparently, not only the hair color is meant.

He is stubborn and very efficient, he achieves everything himself, without any protections, and he has a justifiable pride in this regard. True, their colleagues can be suspected of dishonesty in the way of achieving career goals and often see them as opponents. But for the time being silent about it.

Since childhood, she loves to teach everyone, can not tolerate uniformity in life, is always in motion.

origin of the name Melania

For strangers closed, even outwardly looks cold and detached.To understand that Melania is a very kind person, you can only by close acquaintance. But Milina's kindness lasts exactly until she is out of balance: in Melania’s rage, they are terrible, therefore, in dealing with them the main thing is tact, endurance and maximum good nature.

The name of the girl Melania has many petting and diminutive forms: Slavic Malasha, Mil, Melya, Molya, Malanya, Lan.

Some parents inoculate Western values ​​with their young nails and, naturally, start with a name. Such girls are called in Hollywood manners - Melanie, or Miles, Mila, or Lana.

Profession for Melania

Brave and uncompromising, Melania also likes to shine, conquering the audience, so she chooses public professions. It is rare to find Melanha among accountants or employees of the statistics department. The girl with that name is suitable for the profession of an actress, a journalist, a lawyer, a translator, a writer.

Talismans, symbols, omens

The great thing about this name is that it is directly related to the famous Generous Evening. This forced the parents to assume that fate would be as generous to their daughter as this holiday, during which no one denied anyone any good gifts.

The zodiacal sign of the name is Capricorn, the controlling planet is Saturn, and the meaning of the name Melania directly indicates a happy color — a conservative black. Well, then everything is in restrained colors: the totem animal is a puma, the tree is a dark fir.

The talismans for Melania are most suited to the Morion stone.

Patron saint

In the old days, parents of newborns didn’t pay much attention to beautiful names:in the first place was the protection of the saints, which the baby automatically received along with the name at baptism.

Melania meaning of the name of the church

This tradition has not disappeared anywhere now: the heavenly patrons gladly take care of and help people bearing their names.

If the girl (girl, woman) is called Melania, the meaning of the name according to the church calendar is deciphered as the Roman Reverend belonging to Melania - the woman who put her life on the altar of service to people. Having lost their own children, she and her husband began to help the disadvantaged: the sick, the poor, the wanderers.

One day, accidentally hitting a besieged city, the holy couple saved all of its inhabitants by paying a considerable ransom from their own savings to the invaders.

This is what St. Melania remembered to ordinary townspeople — kind, ready to sacrifice for the sake of people who worked miracles through prayer.

The days of St. Melania are celebrated twice a year: January 13 and June 21.

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