The meaning of the name Indira, character and fate

In Russia and other countries, this rare and beautiful name has become popular thanks to an outstanding Indian politician. If anyone does not know, we are talking about Gandhi, the daughter of the country's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. So what does the name Indira mean? The meaning of the name is revealed in several variants, but among them there are a number of generally recognized ones: “mighty”, “head of the gods”, and in addition, “lunar”, “unearthly”.

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Parents should take into account that the daughter, whose name is Indira, will very rarely listen to their advice. Even at a young age she behaves solely from her own experience. From her early years, she was accompanied by kindness, peacefulness, but at the same time independence and passion for freedom. Therefore, the orders and instructions of the parents will have no effect.

Above, we have already given the meaning of the name Indira. There are several other options that apply specifically to the child - “a person of action from an early age”, “fidget”. Well, when Indira becomes a teenager, she has one more feature - adventurism. This leads to a desire to travel.The girl is constantly in search of adrenaline and vivid sensations, loves a change of scenery and is open to new acquaintances.


From the meaning of the name Indira it is quite clear that its owner in love is fair, strong, but at the same time tries to hide her own romance. On the other hand, she is gentle and gentle with the chosen one. Indira is more suitable for a flexible partner who can compromise without being subordinate. Still, despite all her strength and independence, she would prefer a man who would admire her.

Because of her own impulsivity, Indira does not immediately grow into a serious relationship. Since this girl always relies solely on herself, she may very well get married at an early age. But the marriage will be short, since Indira is not yet ready to live a long life together. Often such hasty unions end as quickly as they begin. Although over time the girl has a desire for a serious relationship, as well as readiness for them.

name indira name meaning and fate

A family

An excellent spouse for Indira will be a man who is much older than her and has enough life experience and wisdom.Thanks to these advantages, he will put up with the impulsive, unpredictable character of his wife and withstand, without prejudice to her emotional outbursts. He will be able to protect his spouse and save him from many mistakes. His insight, logic, balance harmoniously complement his wife's emotion and charisma, which will lay a solid foundation for a full and happy union.

Children are of great importance to Indira and are able to soften her character a little. It is worth noting that the maternal instinct moderates considerably the qualities inherent in this name. A woman treats her children rather harshly, but rightly so, saves them and loves them. And for the sake of the family, she is ready to sacrifice even her own career. We go further.

Indira meaning character name

Career and business

Despite the desire to command and constantly showing the makings of a leader, the owner of the name Indira is usually respected. The essential moment of the relationship for her is love, as well as admiration for her success and achievements. However, Indira reluctantly takes responsibility. This is the main obstacle in order to make a career a successful businessman.

But if she is keen on something and wants to get it, she will make every effort, even with significant difficulties. The girl without hesitation will begin to achieve the goal or to solve the necessary task.

The meaning of the name Indira clearly indicates the appropriate areas for it - business or trade. A woman can start a business and succeed, because she knows that carefully calculated risk always brings rewards. She likes to work in a group, cooperate with others and be useful to them. Therefore, it can easily act in a show or become a theater actress. Dances are also a girl's vocation, because they satisfy her desire for harmony and beauty.


Scientists have no doubt in what country the name Indira appeared. The meaning of the name and the fate of its owners become clear from the etymology. Although on this account among researchers there are still disputes. Some of them believe that the name came from Indra - the main of all Indian gods. In this case, its meaning is the following - "lightning", "thunder". Others tend to come from the Indian word "indu" - the moon.Therefore, the name may well be considered one of those belonging to the goddess Lakshmi. Some sources also found the value "beautiful."

Well, in world history, this name became popular only thanks to Indira Gandhi. At that time it was on everyone's lips. Due to her strong character and ability to convince people, a woman could become not only an outstanding politician in her country, but also a famous person in the whole world.

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The meaning of the name Indira is directly related to its character. Persistent, independent, energetic, demanding of herself, striving to become an example for others - these are her main qualities. Indira is very often frank, honest and loyal. Sometimes it is shy. Inner strength allows the girl to be assertive and independent. When she sees that the people around her are not very good for her, she can treat them arrogantly and even scornfully.

The meaning of the name and character of Indira suggests that this extraordinary woman is able to endure and endure any setbacks. On the other hand, it can lead to a desire to lead all the people around you (even close ones), and also cause pride and vanity.This is especially evident in her youth, and with age, she learns to manipulate not so clearly.

Listing the inherent advantages and disadvantages of Indira, it is impossible not to mention the reliability, as its strongest side. Also, from an early age, the girl manifests the ability to influence others, which leads to the general benefit. Indira is difficult to mislead, as she sees the essence of things. Before making difficult and important decisions, she will weigh everything carefully.

Indira meaning name character and fate

The meaning of the name Indira in Islam

This name is quite popular among modern Muslims. The reasons are simple: beautiful meaning, a small number of letters and easy writing. But for many Muslim women it is categorically unacceptable, as it is associated with the pagan goddess Lakshmi.

Mystery name

In more detail the meaning of the name will reveal the concepts with which it is associated:

  • Animals - doe, seal, rabbit, cat, bull, dove.
  • Names are not noted, because those are absent in the church calendar.
  • The stone is carnelian, aquamarine, sapphire, emerald, chrysolite, beryl.
  • Horoscope name (zodiac sign) - Libra, Taurus.
  • Plants - cauliflower, iris, non-predatory orchids, lady's slipper, forget-me-not, lemon balm, periwinkle.
  • Metal - bronze, copper.
  • The day is Friday.
  • Color - pink, yellow-blue, green.
  • Planet - Venus.
  • Element - water and air.

Famous people

To make sure that the name is interesting and strong people, we list some of them. This is Indira Varma - a popular English actress. Received fame thanks to filming the television series "War of Thrones."

It is impossible not to recall Indira Gandhi, who is the first woman in the history of India to become prime minister. The emphasis was on the development of the country's economy.

what does the name indira mean meaning of name

Name forms in different languages

In translation from Hindi, Indira (the meaning of the name, the character and the fate of the owner are presented above) is “beautiful”, “powerful”. In Spanish, German, French, English translates as Indira. In Ukrainian - Indira, in Bulgarian - Indira.

In Orthodoxy - absent. But there is quite a consonant with him - Inna. The full name is Indira. Abbreviations, diminutive, derivatives and other variants look like this: Indirushka, Indirochka, Indy.

Declination of the name - Indira, Indira.

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