The film "Avatar": actors and roles

Somewhere in the inconceivable Universe is Pandora - a planet inhabited by human-like creatures of na'vi. The local population has outstanding physical abilities and an unusual blue shade of the skin. Na'vi are in complete union with nature, do not aspire to the blessings of civilization and live on huge beautiful trees. But in the peaceful existence of amazing Aborigines, the corporation for the development of resources from the Earth intervenes, discovered a valuable mineral anobtanium. To study life on Pandora, genetic scientists project special body-avatars, which are a hybrid of man and na'vi.

"Avatar", released on screens in 2009 year, became the highest grossing film for all time of existence of a cinema. Also this high-budget and high-tech picture gathered a huge army of fans. Critics took the film no less welcome. Of course, the actors of the movie "Avatar" in combination with the colorful history revealed by James Cameron, looked more than convincing, helping the viewer to experience the unfolding drama and plunge headlong into the plot. Thoughtful details, a serious theme, raised by the creators, impeccable stylistic fulfillment - all this makes "Avatar" a unique film, worthy of attention.

But it should be noted that with all positive assessments, if we carry out a thorough analysis, it turns out that the plot is still quite predictable and has already appeared more than once in other cinematographic works. For example, you can see some strokes from the movie "Dancing with wolves", as well as "Pocahontas". The director himself calls some other sources of inspiration. There is a high probability that the script was written under the influence of the works of Ursula Le Guin and Paul Anderson. The nature, very reverently created on Pandora, sends the viewer to the animated film "The Valley of Ferns", by the recognition of Cameron himself, who impressed him very much in the early nineties.

When creating the movie "Avatar", actors and roles were selected outside the framework of any status and fame. Moreover, the director tried not to increase the already huge budget and deliberately invited to the main roles of not very stellar actors of the acting world. The actors who got into "Avatar" played flawlessly and, becoming part of such a grandiose project, attracted close attention to their personalities.

Sam Worthington

The Australian actor with a charismatic and manly appearance played the role of the former Marine Jake Sally, suffering from leg paralysis. At first, Sam appears in the form of a tired, broken man, dreaming of curing and ending with a stiffening physical imperfection. Gradually, the hero reveals himself to the viewer, becomes brighter, he is captured by the amazing life on Pandora, the locals, who are far from stereotyped images of uneducated and near-native aborigines, and, of course, Jake gets physical freedom through his avatar, rather than enjoying it fully. The character of Worthington is immersed in a new, unknown culture, he finds himself at a crossroads, feeling that the old ideals and the foundations of the worldview are receding into the background. It should be noted that Sam became the "cornerstone" of the movie "Avatar."Avatar actors

The actors, who embodied the other images, acted as a kind of frame for the unfolding plot. In the course of the development of history, the internal battle in the soul of Jake Sully grows into a war already on a real battlefield, where representatives of the human race very cruelly demonstrate their values ​​while destroying strangers.

The main character changes his perception of the world, revealing something more, he captures a new world with his simple, clean, but sublime life cycle organization. The absolute harmony that reigns among the people of Na'vi takes his heart, and Jake goes over to the side of the original potential enemy. This situation is often the subject of a dispute between fans and opponents of the picture, the latter called Jake a traitor and an apostate.

Zoi Saldana

It is almost impossible to imagine such a film without a love story. For the romantic component was chosen Zoe Saldana, who played a mysterious, kind and feminine Neytiri.Avatar actors and rolesThe character of Neytiri was strengthened and adorned with "Avatar". The actors in the lead roles (Sam and Zoe) very subtly conveyed the tragedy of the communication that had arisen between them, with full awareness of the possible consequences. The alien girl is the thread that connected Jake with the alien and initially hostile world of Pandora. She helped to look at the world through the prism of her attitude, which completely changed the consciousness of an infantryman, once devoted to the Motherland.

Sigourney Weaver

Often the heroes, who are not assigned the main role, leave a bright trace in the memory of the viewer. The film "Avatar" was no exception. Actors of the second plan, among which the well-known Sigourney Weaver, were incredibly fit in the plot, embodying the forces of good and evil. Weaver reincarnated as Dr. Grace Augustine, who leads the research project "Avatar." The understanding, gentle and responsible Grace embodies kindness and mercy, she teaches local children and has all the na'vi for herself, writes books about the amazing nature of the planet, sympathizes with Jake, trying to help him later, and finally accepts his position.Actors movie avatarDespite the absolute unity of the whole tribe in an attempt to save Dr. Ogustin, her life is tragically interrupted, but the heroine has won the love of fans around the world. Grace began to appear even in computer games related to the movie "Avatar." Actors and roles performed by them, for a long time remained in the hearts of the audience.

Steven Lang

The antagonist and undisputed negative hero is Colonel Miles Quoritch. This character - a real "warrior", he is completely devoid of sympathy, cold-blooded and cruel. Miles also has a strong inner core, hardened willpower, and he is certainly smart and cunning. James Cameron has repeatedly said that Stephen became his friend, and work with him was unforgettable.Star AvatarIt is known that at the moment the second part of the sensational film is being actively withdrawn, and practically all the actors of "Avatar" take part in it. Photos from the filming arrive regularly, which warms the already growing interest in this grandiose, great, but to some extent ambiguous creation of Cameron.

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