The drug "Pyrostop": instructions for use in veterinary medicine, analogues and reviews

In the spring and summer periods, animals often have parasitic invasions. From mid-spring to the end of June, epidemics such as piroplasmosis are recorded in many regions. This parasitic invasion is associated with a period of active reproduction of ticks and fleas, which, biting animals, bring microorganisms into their blood. Fortunately, there are drugs that can fight against such diseases. One of them is discussed in the article.

"Pyrostop" for dogs: general characteristics and features

This medicine is designed to combat parasites that live in the blood of an animal. These are microorganisms that cause significant damage to the health of the pet, since they destroy its red blood cells. The animal suffers from signs of poisoning of the body, which are fraught with the development of severe disorders of the liver and kidneys.

The dog may become infected with parasitic infestation after a walk in the park or in the forest, where there is a danger of flea and tick bites in the period of increased activity of these insects.

pyrostop instruction

In some animals, infection with such microorganisms occurs as a result of blood transfusions. Each owner would like to protect his pet. One of the means for the treatment and prevention of parasitic invasions is "Pyrostop". Instructions for use, features and reviews about it are discussed in sections of the article.

Description and release form

The medicine is produced in glass packages. Each of them contains ten milligrams of the substance. The active component of the drug is imidocarb dipropionate. In addition, the product includes benzyl alcohol and propionic acid, as well as purified water for injections. The drug is sold in cardboard boxes, each of which contains vials (with a capacity of ten or twenty milligrams) with the substance pyrostop.

pyrostop instructions for use

Instructions for use are present in each package. When treating an animal, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules specified in it.

When is the drug recommended?

Several years ago, to prevent parasitic invasions transmitted by tick bites, veterinarians prescribed the medicine Pyrostop. The use of the drug today is also recommended for the treatment of already acquired diseases.

Not a single dog, even one that only walks in the city, can be fully protected from ticks and fleas.

Pierstop for dogs instruction

If an owner comes to a veterinarian with a pet who has signs such as diarrhea, vomiting, apathy, lack of appetite, fever and blood in the urine, a specialist may suspect the presence of piroplasmosis. If the tests carried out confirm this hypothesis, the doctor may prescribe "Pyrostop" for dogs. The instructions say that it is used for the prevention and treatment of such parasitic invasions as piroplasmosis, theileriosis, nuttalliosis, and anaplasmosis. It is necessary to carry out an injection in a dosage of from 0.25 to 0.5 milligram per ten kilograms of dog's weight.

special instructions

After the injection, the animal needs to remain in the veterinary clinic for fifteen minutes, so that the experts can monitor its condition, as there is a chance of developing allergies.Since the drug leads to the death of parasites, signs of poisoning may appear, the drug acts on the liver. Therefore, before the injection it is necessary to give the dog “Heptral” or “Essentiale”. If a pet is found in such parasites as babesies, it is prescribed antihistamines.

pyrostop instruction for dogs

Sometimes it is not enough to have a single injection of Pirotostop. The instructions for use for dogs said that in the presence of piroplasmosis, the procedure is sometimes repeated.

Precautionary measures

After injection, the drug begins to act within 24 hours. The duration of the effect varies from four to six weeks. The drug accumulates in the liver and kidneys of the animal. In case of redness and swelling at the injection site, it is not recommended to take any measures to eliminate these phenomena, as they disappear by themselves after about two days.

It is necessary to follow some rules when using the medicine "Pyrostop". The instructions for use in veterinary medicine says that the shelf life of the product is 2 years. After this time period, the drug should not be used. It is necessary to store an open bottle with medicine no more than twenty eight days. The tool must be kept in a dry, dark place inaccessible to children.

If the drug has accidentally penetrated the mucous membranes, they should be thoroughly washed with soap and water. The only contraindication to treatment is the increased sensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug. It is manifested by such symptoms as increased salivation, clear discharge from the eyes, a decrease in heart rate, tremors, and dysfunctions of the urinary tract. When these symptoms occur, atropine should be administered to the animal in the form of a one percent solution.

Side effects

An animal may experience unpleasant symptoms while using the drug. Fortunately, since the drug is not too toxic and slowly accumulates in the dog's body, it is not always that it has side effects during therapy with pyrostop. The instructions for use indicate possible symptoms such as:

  • Swelling in the place where the injection was placed (as a rule, the swelling disappears the next day after the procedure).
  • Accelerated heart rate and fast breathing.
  • Increased discharge of tears, saliva and urine.
  • Upset stool.
  • Trembling limbs.
  • Excessive perspiration.
  • Allergy.
  • Lack of appetite.

Analogs. The advantages of means before them

The following drugs are also used to treat parasitic invasions:

  • Imizol.
  • "Tryponil".
  • "Forticarb".
  • "Veriben".

However, unlike Pyrostop, they are more toxic.
Other drugs can cause such side effects as vomiting with an admixture of bile, seizures, loss of vision, swelling of the brain. These actions are not indicated in the description of the drug "Pyrostop", in the instructions for use. The course of treatment is usually relatively easy, the tool slowly accumulates in the body of the animal. It is even suitable for treating pregnant dogs.

pyrostop veterinary instructions

Some owners describe cases when not only the female but also her offspring survived even after therapy.

Veterinarian reviews

In general, animal health professionals are pleased with the effect of this drug. Pyrostop is effective in preventing parasitic invasions during periods of increased activity of ticks and fleas. Also, many veterinarians say that the tool has become a real salvation for many animals that have already fallen ill and were on the verge of death.

Pyrostop course instructions

However, when treating with Pyrostop, instructions for use are extremely important to follow.Since if you do not follow certain rules and do not calculate the correct dosage, you can give the dog a lot of discomfort, because the procedure itself is painful, and the drug has a certain degree of toxicity.

Also, veterinarians are advised to give the animal as much water as possible during treatment, so that harmful substances are eliminated from the body through the kidneys. In general, the drug almost does not cause side effects. Many veterinarians often recommend it to pet owners and recognize its advantages over other similar means.

Opinions dog owners about the drug

Many owners speak positively of this medicine. It has proven effective even in severe cases of parasitic invasion. The drug acts quickly and gives much less side effects compared to other drugs. Some argue that the drug should be used for prophylactic purposes, as sprays and collars are often useless means of protection against fleas and ticks.

pierstop for dogs

Sometimes after a walk, animal owners remove insects from dogs that have already drunk blood.And then they turn to the vet, and the doctor performs an injection to prevent parasitic invasions. It is especially important to carry out such a preventive measure in the case of advanced age, weakened immunity or the presence of chronic diseases in the pet.

pyrostop application

Also, many noted the convenience of the drug Pyrostop. Instructions for use are very simple to follow, short-term treatment course (1-2 injections). However, in some animals, allergic reactions, weakness and signs of poisoning arose during the treatment. This may be due to the death of parasites as a result of the action of the drug. Therefore, Pyrostop should be used in conjunction with antihistamines.

In addition, the injection is very painful, and the tool has a negative effect on the liver. Therefore, when using it, dogs must be given hepatoprotectors. Some animals after therapy for some time, there are problems with the functioning of the liver and pancreas. However, this happens, fortunately, quite rarely.

Healthy, young, not weakened animals, as a rule, tolerate the drug quite well, and its side effects are insignificant, pass quickly and do not too worsen the general well-being.

However, there are owners who say that the medicine is not suitable for sled dogs. Not only does it bring no benefit to them, but sometimes it even leads to serious malaise and death.

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