The drug "Konvalis": instructions for use, description, reviews, prices

Do you know about the use of Konvalis? Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of the above means will be presented below. Also from this article you will learn about the form in which the medicine is produced, what is included in its composition, whether it has side effects and contraindications.Convalis instructions for use

The composition, packaging, form of the drug "Convalis", a description of the drug

Instructions, reviews of doctors and other specialists state that such medication comes in the form of small yellow capsules. Inside they contain a white or yellowish powder that does not have a pronounced smell.

One capsule of the drug includes 300 mg gabapentin. In addition to the active substance, auxiliary substances (corn starch, yellow iron oxide, talc, titanium dioxide, lactose monohydrate, gelatin, magnesium stearate) are also included in the composition of the drug.

In which package is Konvalis medicine sold? Instructions for use of the drug is enclosed in a pack of cardboard, which can contain both 30 and 50 capsules. The latter are placed in blisters.

pharmachologic effect

How does the drug "Konvalis"? Instructions for use (description) contains information that the drug is anticonvulsant, antiepileptic and anesthetic.

The structure of the active substance of the drug is very similar to gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is a neurotransmitter. This element is able to bind to the alpha-2-δ-subunit of the calcium channel and stop its current. This effect suppresses the transmission of nerve impulses, which significantly reduces pain syndromes.

What other properties does Convalis have? The description of the drug, the instruction enclosed in the package, informs patients that it is able to reduce glutamate-dependent neuronal death, increase GABA synthesis, and also reduce the severity of neurotransmitters released from the monoamine group.

Convalis instructions for use price tablets

With the right drug intake and its normal concentrations in the blood, it does not have any effect on other GABA receptors, including glutamate, benzodiazepine, and others. This element does not interact with sodium channels.

Pharmacokinetics of medication

How long does Konvalis take? Instructions for use, reviews of doctors say that if you increase the dosage means, then its bioavailability will decrease.

The highest concentration of the drug in the blood occurs in approximately 2.4-3 hours. With regard to bioavailability, it is approximately 60%.

Meal, including with a large amount of fat, does not affect the pharmacokinetic properties of the tool.

The half-life of the drug substance is 6 hours. At the same time, the active component does not have the ability to bind to plasma proteins.

Can the drug "Convalis" accumulate in the human body? Instructions for use (the price of the pill will be listed below) states that this tool does not cause the induction of liver enzymes, and does not accumulate in the body.Its output is carried out through the kidneys (with urine).

We can not say that the elderly, as well as patients suffering from liver disease, the clearance of gabapentin is slightly reduced.

Patients with impaired kidney function, especially those on hemodialysis, need to adjust the daily dose of medication.Convalis instructions for use analogues reviews

Indications for use

What is prescribed medication "Convalis" (capsules)? Instructions for use indicates that this drug is very effective in:

  • epileptic seizures (especially with secondary generalization);
  • epilepsy in adults and children from 12 years of age (used as part of complex therapy or as an independent means);
  • for the treatment of neuropathic pain syndrome.


In what cases it is not recommended to prescribe tablets "Convalis"? Instructions for use of this drug informs that it should not be given to children before the age of 12, and also used in the following cases:

  • in the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the drug;
  • in acute pancreatitis;
  • people with lactase deficiency, lactose intolerance and glucose-galactose malabsorption.

It should also be noted that the above remedy is prescribed with special care to people suffering from renal failure.

Drug "Konvalis": instructions for use

Price, analogues of this drug will be presented below. In this section of the article we will tell you about how to properly take this tool, in what dosage.

The drug is taken only inside, not dividing and not chewing the capsule. Reception can be carried out regardless of food intake.Convalis instructions for use price reviews analogues

For epilepsy and epileptic seizures, the initial dosage of the drug is 300 mg per day. After some time, the daily dose is increased to 900 mg. Moreover, it is taken at equal periods of time. If necessary, and also according to the recommendations of the attending physician, the amount of medication per day can be 1200 mg.

The maximum daily dose of gabapentin is 3600 mg (taken orally every eight hours). The interval between taking the medication should not be more than 12 hours.

How should neuropathic pain be treated? How to use the drug "Convalis"? Instructions for use (analogues of this tool have the same active substance) says,that with such a diagnosis, the patient is given first 300 mg of gabapentin (on day 1), and then 600 mg (in two doses) and 900 mg (on the third day, three times a day). Subsequently, the dosage of the drug can be increased to 3600 mg.

Patients with kidney disease referred to the means prescribed depending on the results of the analysis:

  • if creatinine clearance is 50-80 ml per minute, then 600-1800 mg per day are taken;
  • if 30-50 ml / min, then 900 mg;
  • if up to 30 ml / min, then 600 mg;
  • with clearance less than 15 ml per minute. You must adhere to a dose of 300 mg per day.

Patients on hemodialysis, after each 4-hour session should be given 300 mg medication. When dialysis is not performed, it is not necessary to increase the daily dose.

Signs of overdose

What are the symptoms of overdose can cause the drug "Convalis"? Instructions for use states that patients may develop diarrhea, dizziness, dysarthria, diplopia, and drowsiness if this drug is abused.Convalis instructions for use price analogs

In order to eliminate undesirable effects, the patient is washed the stomach (only in the first hours), and then symptomatic therapy is carried out (enterosorbent administration, hemodialysis).

Side effects

Does the drug Convalis cause negative reactions? Instructions for use states that this tool is capable of provoking the appearance of many undesirable effects. We list them.

When using the drug to treat neuropathic pain in humans, there may be:

  • diarrhea, dry mucous membranes, constipation, abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea, excessive gas formation;
  • ataxia, dizziness, memory loss, tremor, confusion, hypostezia, drowsiness;
  • swelling, weakness, asthenia, headaches, weight gain;
  • amblyopia, skin rash, shortness of breath.

If the medication was prescribed to treat partial seizures, then the following side reactions may develop in patients:

  • vasodilation, blood pressure lability, inflammation of the oral cavity (for example, diseases of the gums and teeth);
  • purpura, leukopenia;
  • gingivitis, flatulence, constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, pain in the field of epigastrium nausea and increased appetite;
  • itchy skin, acne and various rashes;
  • muscle inflammation, back pain, brittle bones and arthralgia;
  • runny nose, pneumonia, cough;
  • problems with tendon reflexes, dizziness, nystagmus, depression, anxiety, disturbed thinking, depression;

convalis instruction manual price reviews

  • dysarthria, hyperkinesia, insomnia, paresthesia, impaired motor coordination, amnesia, tremor, confusion;
  • impotence, decreased libido;
  • the development of infections in the genitourinary system;
  • fatigue, impaired visual acuity, swelling of the face, diplopia, asthenia.

The manifestation of undesirable reactions in the form of ataxia, dizziness, nystagmus and drowsiness (depending on the dose taken) is also possible.

Often there are reports that patients against the background of taking the mentioned drug develop acute renal failure, diseases of the pancreas, mastitis, gynecomastia, hallucinations. The following manifestations are possible in some groups of people: thrombocytopenia, dystonia, tinnitus, dyskinesia, anuria, and palpitations.

With the abrupt cancellation of the drug in patients may experience signs such as nausea, sweating, pain in various places, sleep disturbance, anxiety.

Post-registration experience of use

Possible cases of unexplained death have nothing to do with Convalis treatment. In the process of gabapentin therapy, patients may experience only adverse reactions that are manifested by all body systems (digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, urogenital, etc.).

If the undesirable effects specified in the instructions, as well as other phenomena that were not listed in the description of the drug, are aggravated, then you should immediately inform your doctor.

Drug interaction

What you need to know before using the drug "Konvalis"? Instructions for use of this tool contains the following information:

  • The drug "Zimetidin" in combination with the described means can increase the time of removal of gabapentin from the human body.
  • The combination of the drug with morphine (in the event that the latter was taken 2 hours before gabapentin) can lead to an extension of the AUC of the drug by about 50%, and also increase the pain threshold.
  • Simultaneous medication with oral contraceptives, which contain norethisterone or ethinyl estradiol, does not cause any interaction.
  • Antacids contained in aluminum or magnesium reduce the bioavailability of the drug. Accept these funds preferably with an interval of 120 minutes.

Convalis drug description instruction reviews

  • When a drug is taken together with other anticonvulsants (for example, valproic acid, phenytoin, carbamazepine or phenobarbital), no interaction occurs.
  • Simultaneous intake of the drug with "Naproxen" leads to an increase in the time of absorption of "Convalis".
  • When the drug is combined with ethanol, adverse reactions can be noticeably intensified in patients.

special instructions

What should the doctor of your patient inform before prescribing a drug like "Convalis"? Instructions for use (the price of the drug is not very high) must necessarily be studied by patients. It contains the following information:

  • In rare cases, after starting a medication for patients suffering from diabetes, it may be necessary to adjust the dose of hypoglycemic agents.
  • When taking "Konvalis" it is highly recommended not to drive vehicles, as well as perform actions that require high concentration of attention.
  • When conducting a urine test for protein (using litmus paper), the values ​​may be incorrect. In this regard, it is recommended to perform such a survey using another method.
  • If during the treatment the patient has symptoms of acute pancreatitis, the therapy should be stopped.
  • Replacement or cancellation of tablets should be carried out gradually over a period of 7 days. This is associated with an increased risk of seizures.
  • During therapy, it is recommended to carry out timely monitoring of the patient's mental state, since there is an increased risk of developing depression, including the occurrence of suicidal acts and thoughts.

Lactation and pregnancy time

It is necessary to use the considered preparation during childbirth only according to recommendations of the doctor. This is due to the fact that data on the use of the drug in pregnant women is limited.tablets convalis instructions for use

As for breastfeeding, it is better to stop lactation while taking the drug. Otherwise, it may adversely affect the health of the future baby.

Synonyms and analogues of the drug

Now you know what a drug like Convalis is. Instructions for use, analogues, reviews of the drug are presented in this article.

If for any reason you cannot take this medicine, you can replace it with another. The most common analogues of this drug are the following: “Algerica”, “Carbamazepine”, “Gerolamic”, “Lamotrin”, “Lamictal”, “Lamitor”, “Normeg”, “Keppra”, “Lamitril”, “Vimpat”, “Latrigil” "," Epitrizhin "," Topiramin "," Epiramat "," Levetiracetam "," Epileptal "," Levitsitam "," Topilepsin "," Lyrica "," Topamax "," Epimil "," Neogabin "," Topilex ".

As for the synonyms of the presented medicine, they include: “Gabalept”, “Gabagamma”, “Newropentin”, “Gabantin”, “Meditan”, “Grimodin”, “Gabalept”, “Neuralgin”, “Gabapentin”, “Tebanin” .

Cost of drug

How much does Konvalis cost? Instructions for use (the price of the tablet will be provided right now) of this tool does not contain any information on this account. Therefore, you can find out the cost of the medicine only in a pharmacy.

According to patients, this drug is not very expensive. For 50 capsules you will have to give about 450-470 Russian rubles. However, it should be noted that some patients need to take up to 12 capsules per day. Given the duration of treatment, such therapy is quite expensive.Convalis instructions for use description

Patient reviews about the drug

Above, we told you about the purpose of which Konvalis is prescribed. Instructions for use, price, reviews are also presented in this article.

Most patients respond to the mentioned medication quite well. It treats epilepsy most effectively. As for adverse reactions, most often patients have headaches, digestive problems and nausea. Also, some patients complain of the onset of withdrawal syndrome (in the case of abrupt discontinuation of capsules).

Experts say that the drug under consideration effectively copes with the task. However, they recommend taking it only after consulting a doctor. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the prescribed treatment regimen.

In addition to the positive, negative reviews are often left about this drug. Patients claim that pain syndromes subside only while taking the medication.After completing the course of therapy, pain always returns.

Storage conditions

Anticonvulsant and analgesic drug "Konvalis" is released in pharmacies only by medical prescription. It is desirable to store it in a dark place where there is no access for small children. Shelf life of antiepileptic drugs is exactly three years. After this time, the drug is prohibited to use.

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