What is a community? What is the work of a community manager?

It is not a secret for anyone that ordinary human communication today has moved to a new environment, namely to the virtual one. On the Internet, there are many thematic forums, communities within social networks and blogs, where everyone expresses his thoughts, shares them with others. After all, what could be simpler than inventing a simple name, clicking a mouse and creating a new topic for discussion on the Internet? But few people think about what happens to the community afterwards. After all, some of them lose their audience, while others, on the contrary, are expanding and are popular among users. Most likely, in the latest version, community management is well thought out.

Community concept

community it

To understand the concept of a "community", you first need to understand what the meanings of this foreign word.In the modern explanatory dictionary of the Russian language of the 21st century, the "community" is "the unification of a group of people according to common interests, goals, and ideas."

In the same dictionary, you can find another meaning. For example, a community is a network community (a group of users in a single forum, blog, or social network). Usually such people communicate with each other on the Web, using not the names given to them at birth, but nicknames. It is the last value that 100% represents a concept close to this topic.

Is the community manager a profession of the 21st century?

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The manager in the community is a relatively new profession, so few know about it in Russia and other CIS countries. The situation with a specific and little-known profession is now very much like the situation of zero. At that time, little was known about the work of programmers. Now you can find hundreds of books about them, which describe the specifics of the work and some interesting facts. Unfortunately, community managers will have to study for thematic articles like this.

Although many citizens of the Russian Federation learned about managers in the community only 5-10 years ago, officially such specialists existed back in the 90s.At that time it was a small group of moderators in online games. They were authorized to remove obscene posts, send ban players and track gamers' feedback. This method of interconnection between game developers and gamers proved to be quite successful, therefore, in the future, many began to follow this tradition in “spying” on the actions of the Internet audience.

Definition of a community manager and specialist requirements

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A community manager (or community-manager) is a specialist who administers, supports community rules, and assists members. As a rule, such a person is an intermediate link between the developer (the creator of the community) and the end user (user, community member).

The following requirements are imposed on such a specialist:

  • to have an education in the field of journalism (as is known, the community college has not yet been invented);
  • know the specifics of the community;
  • know the language of the community (communicate with participants in a language that they understand);
  • be online 24/7;
  • know the basics of marketing and advertising strategies;
  • have experience in copywriting (in case the community requires writing articles, posts, news, etc.);
  • constantly improve the community;
  • have knowledge in many areas, including community topics;
  • partly have the skills of a psychologist;
  • it is desirable to be sociable and balanced.

The work of a community manager outside the community

community manager

In addition to the responsibilities in the community itself, there are several other functions that the community manager performs. The work of a specialist is also:

  • in attracting new members;
  • commenting on events, posts and any references to the community or community products;
  • offline events;
  • creating platforms for communication.

It seems that community managers should do almost everything related to the community, and this is true. With the imagination of such specialists, no one will limit, if the community benefits. Therefore, stupid and sometimes even the most ridiculous ideas can be hotly perceived by the developers or the users themselves.

Above all, community managers can organize various promotions with quads, prize draws, creative contests to entertain participants, create memes and viral videos to attract new users, as well as conduct polls and make ratings.Roughly speaking, such a specialist should be able to keep regular members in the community and at the same time attract new ones.

How to understand that a community manager does the job?

The effectiveness of each employee can be evaluated in different ways. For example, accountants have reports, copywriters have quality written text that sells. The manager in the community is:

  • statistics of covered community members and unique visitors;
  • the number of new comments, likes, repost of materials within the community or reviews of the community on the Internet;
  • the amount of unique content that users like.

When these three main factors are taken into account and implemented perfectly, it means that the community has hired a really good specialist.

Future profession

community management

This profession is quite young, so its true potential still remains undiscovered. Although the trend of promoting products through the Internet community is rapidly gaining momentum. Developers are easier to keep consumers close by and have feedback with them. Therefore, in the next couple of years, community managers should gain more popularity than ever.

Even now, more and more advertising of goods passes through popular social networks like VKontakte, Twitter and even Instagram. But every such account, group or page should be monitored, if not round the clock, then at least 8 to 10 hours a day. It is in such cases that community managers will come in handy.

The very same Internet space has been and will be popular. Therefore, if you rely on your future profession, it is advisable first of all to pay attention to the sphere of marketing, advertising and PR. In this section, there will definitely be a vacancy for the community manager.

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