The camera does not work on a laptop, what should I do?

In the age of modern technology, it is no longer something frightening and fascinating for anybody, when a close person waving, smiling and talking from a screen of some incomprehensible device or away from distant lands. Video messaging through specialized computer programs, video signal transfer devices and, of course, the availability of high-speed connection to the global Internet has densely entered the lives of people around the world and is an integral part of their daily lives. Particular attention should be paid to how convenient it became to communicate with friends and business partners from anywhere, because now you can find an Internet connection almost everywhere, and devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones already have a built-in video camera. Such a camera is usually called a webcam, since it is designed specifically for “web communication” (from the English web - web). Day after day, people spend long hours in such communication, but suddenly there is a problem - the camera on the laptop does not work. Panic.What to do? Without understanding the cause of the malfunction, it is difficult to do something, so the article will reveal the causes of malfunctions and their solutions on the example of laptops from popular manufacturers.

how to connect a camera on a laptop

Causes of malfunctions in the integrated cameras of laptops

A number of factors and causes can affect the performance of the laptop's integrated webcam. Fault may occur as a fault of the manufacturer, or due to improper handling of the device by the user. It so happens that the laptop does not see the webcam, and she is now very necessary for communication. Here the reasons may be:

  • factory defect in the production or final inspection of products;
  • damage from falling, impact or hit of foreign objects and liquids in the laptop case;
  • software error of drivers, operating system or specialized programs for camera operation.

Learn more about all types of faults and how to connect the laptop camera back to the device, below.

the camera does not work on a laptop

Factory negligence

The process of producing embedded webcams for laptops involves a semi-automatic conveyor assembly on a printed circuit board, so not every camera that came out of the assembly will meet all quality standards.The assembly robot could have missed the soldering or made it uneven, the workshop staff could incorrectly attach the part and so on. For such cases, there is a special quality control of products, involving the conduct of cyclical tests of device performance. However, given the volume of production and very short contractual delivery time, it is possible to weaken control in order to comply with the contractual relationship. How to find out that the camera doesn’t work on a laptop because of a factory error? Very simple. If when buying a laptop the camera worked fine and served its warranty period, then the reason is different. Otherwise, it is necessary to take the purchased computer device to the manufacturer’s service center and carry out a free warranty repair.

laptop doesn't see webcam

User Physical Damage

A frequent reason for the camera not working on a laptop is physical damage to the device in the event of an “accident” in which it fell, knocked, was subjected to strong pressure, changes in temperature or high humidity. It is very important to understandthat most ordinary laptops are not suitable for such treatment and work in extreme conditions, so any event from the above can affect the performance of the webcam. She can:

  • work incorrectly;
  • triggered through time;
  • spontaneously disconnect;
  • react to pressing the case of the laptop near it.

These symptoms, which appeared after these events, indicate a malfunction in the hardware of the camera or the laptop itself. Therefore, in the case when this state of affairs no longer suits the user, it is necessary to take the device into service and make paid repairs, since the warranty does not apply to damages caused by the user.

laptop asus camera not working

Software crash

The most likely event that led to the fact that the camera is not working on a laptop is considered a software failure. There are several common reasons for this:

  • The laptop does not see the webcam due to the fact that it is disabled. This happens when the user involuntarily presses a key combination that turns off the device.You can solve the problem by reverse actions (usually this is Fn + F1-F10 - depending on the laptop model).
  • No driver is installed for the webcam. You can check this by going to the section: "Control Panel" / "Administration" / "Device Manager". Here you will see an unknown device with a yellow question mark. This designation says that the laptop has a device with an uninstalled driver (perhaps this is a webcam). To install the driver, you will need a driver disk that came with your laptop. You can also go to the website of the computer manufacturer and download the necessary driver installation file. Here, in the "Device Manager", by right-clicking on an already installed camera, you can turn it on or off.
  • The utility responsible for turning on the camera does not work on it when opening a special shutter. In this case, you will need to reinstall the program from the disk or from the manufacturer's website.
  • The driver or programs for the camera work got into the antivirus isolated storage as malware due to high activity and suspicious actions. In this case, you will need to create an exclusion rule in the settings of the anti-virus program, specifying the path to the camera files.
  • Damage to the operating system files after installing various programs containing malicious code. How to connect a camera on a laptop in this case is hard to say. The situation is complicated by the fact that it is impossible to predict how the damaged system will behave after certain manipulations. You can determine the OS crash by noticing spontaneous reboots, “blue screen of death”, inhibition of work, the constant emergence of error windows and other things not inherent in the normal operation of the laptop. This problem is treated by reinstalling the operating system in the service centers or place of purchase of the device.

 asus laptop does not work camera

The camera does not want to work on an Asus laptop

Beautiful design and the latest technology has always been a laptop "Asus". The camera does not work and he, too, for all the reasons listed. However, it is worth noting that the manufacturer can place on the device case a special switch that closes the electrical connection circuit of the “peephole”. Here it is - Asus laptop. The camera is not working? You should check all the reasons and look for the "wonderful" switch.

hp laptop does not work camera

HP laptop camera does not work

Next up is the HP laptop.The camera does not work on it in the same cases as that of Asus and other manufacturers. You also need to check the entire package of pre-installed branded software - maybe some program fails.

laptop lenovo does not work camera

Lenovo: laptop with a faulty camera

The successor to American IBM is the Lenovo laptop. The camera does not work on it in all these cases, or if there are special built-in technologies such as a "wonderful" switch, touch-on or off the camera when the battery is low. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the full functionality of the laptop by reading the "User Guide".

Verdict - she died

If it became clear that the built-in camera of the laptop “died”, you can always replace it in the service center or hang a new external one on the screen. External cameras are distinguished by better video transmission quality, but they create certain inconveniences for their bulkiness. How to connect the camera on a laptop? Very simple! You just need to insert the plug into the USB-connector of the device and install the driver.

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