The biosphere is ... Basic definitions

The biosphere is the active shell of the Earth. Today, when scientific and technical thought accelerates progress, special knowledge acquires knowledge about the processes of life on Earth. An important role in these processes is performed by living organisms.

The biosphere isDuring the existence of our planet, theseorganisms filled the atmospheric air with oxygen and nitrogen. They largely freed it of carbon dioxide, formed deposits of natural gas and oil.

In the process of development, an unusual shell, the biosphere, has formed on our planet. The biosphere is an area of ​​active life.

The name of this shell was invented by Edward Suess. Borrowing in Greek the word "bios" (life), in 1875 he introduced a geological term - the biosphere.

The biosphere is one of the geological interlayers of the Earth.

It contains both living organisms and their modified habitat.

It can be assumed that if on our planetthere is life, then it exists in other corners of the universe. Scientists admit that the biosphere is a widespread phenomenon. They are trying to find life beyond the boundaries of the Earth. But so far our planet remains the only one where it exists.

Earth's biosphereLife can not arise by accident. Too complex this phenomenon. We must admit that we do not know anything about the processes that led to the emergence of life on Earth.

But anyway - there is a biosphere of the Earth, which makes possible the existence and prosperity of being on our planet.

The earth is 4.5 billion years old. The history of its existence scientists divided into two huge epochs: Cryptozoic and Phanerozoic. The Cryptozoic era is the era of the "hidden life". Geologists in the layers of this period traces of elementary life on the planet have not been found.

The Phanerozoic era, which began 570 million. years ago, was marked by an explosion, which was called Cambrian. It began with the Paleozoic. At this moment, living beings are born: worms, mollusks, chordates, etc. Therefore, this time was called an "explosion".

A hundred million years after the "explosion" the first vertebrates appeared. Another 400 million years have passed. Life from the water began to get out on land. So there were amphibians.

Note that life has appeared in the water, andFor a long time I had no opportunity to go out on land. There was no oxygen atmosphere, as well as an ozone layer that could protect all life from the deadly radiation emitted by the Sun.

Biosphere DefinitionWith the advent of the first primitive living organisms - prokaryotes, the biosphere also appeared. The definition of this period is quite clear - the Archean eon.

In our time, life on Earth is boiling. It is in the ocean, in the mountains, in the ice and in the vents of volcanoes.

Here live animals, microorganisms, plants and mushrooms.

The biosphere is, in essence, an uninterrupted space where many kinds of organisms live. Biological connections allow them to interact with each other, forming a huge ecosystem.

Earthly nature allows living organisms to adapt to different conditions. Due to this, a number of natural areas with its exclusive environment and living species were formed on the Earth.

Specialists of the company "Microsoft" are completing work on creating a computer model of the biosphere. This will allow scientists and politicians to really assess the ecology of the Earth and make the right decisions.

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The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions The biosphere is ... Basic definitions