The best solid fuel boiler made in Russia

Solid fuel boilers today are made by many companies in the Russian market. Domestic manufacturers have recently managed to occupy a confident position in this niche, and this is despite the fact that foreign giants of the market supply high-quality equipment. However, Russian-made solid fuel boilers are good in that they are better suited than others to operate in the conditions of our realities. Among other things, you can use such devices on fuel of not the most outstanding quality. Imported models can not boast of this feature.

Another advantageous side of our models is their resistance to power surges, which imported equipment can destroy. Affordable cost is also quite important. This argument is quite weighty for consumers. But Russian-made solid fuel boilers are still lagging behind in functional innovations and the level of automation.

Overview of boilers

Russian solid fuel boiler

Not so long ago, production of pellets began to develop in Russia. This contributed to the growth in demand for the products being described. Pellet granules are made of pressed wood chips and are cylinders whose diameter can reach 10 mm. Their length does not exceed 30 mm.

The source material in the production process is crushed and pressed under high pressure. This indicates that the pellets occupy a smaller volume with the same mass as compared with conventional fuel. But they burn almost without residue. This fuel has a granule-shaped format that allows for automatic feeding with the help of appropriate feeders. Volumetric fuel consumption at the same time remains insignificant. So, at one refueling of the bunker the boiler can work the whole week.

If you decide to purchase a solid fuel boiler made in Russia, then it is worth considering the products of NCC "BiyskEnergoproekt". This company produces one of the most popular solid fuel pellet boilers. Its characteristic feature is a bright orange color, for which the equipment began to be called orange.

The device has an electronic control system and a display with which the consumer can monitor the state of the boiler and its mode of operation. Units from the manufacturer "Start" are focused mainly on work with pellets. However, the design of such devices allow the use of other fuels. If you compare these boilers with others produced in Russia, the latter allow the top load. As for the boilers "Start", then their conveyor is located horizontally.

Boilers brand "Bourgeois"

solid fuel boilers long burning Russian production

If you decide to purchase a solid fuel boiler made in Russia, you should pay attention to the products of the brand "Bourgeois". These boilers are today one of the most popular in the domestic market. Their design is configured to work with the following types of fuel:

These boilers are distinguished by the fact that they are all-welded. Part of the heat exchanger is made in the form of a shirt, but overheating of the internal surface of the device is excluded. This contributes to the extension of the service life.

Boilers brand "hearth"

Russian-made solid fuel boilers

Considering the solid fuel boilers of long-burning Russian-made, you should pay attention to the equipment "hearth".The manufacturer in a relatively short period of time has ensured that these devices are highly valued by consumers. Steel units are distinguished by good quality, they are focused on use in areas within 250 m2.

If you choose a solid-fuel boiler made in Russia for a house that will work to heat water and heat a house, then this solution may be ideal. These devices are universal, each model is complemented by a gas burner. This allows the owner of the house not to acquire a new boiler, if the building will be gasified. Power models equal to the limit of 6 to 31 kW. If necessary, you can adjust the draft.

Boilers brand "Zota"

Russian solid fuel boiler for home

These boilers can be classic or pyrolysis. The former are capable of working on any type of fuel, while the latter are focused on the use of wood and coal. The design provides the ability to supplement the boiler with heating elements, which will be automatically activated when there is a shortage of fuel. As practice shows, not all Russian boilers have such an enviable function.

To adjust the power, the design is supplemented with a special remote control.Production of the body involves the use of sheet blanks, which reduces the number of welds and extends the life of the device.

Boilers brand "Siberia"

solid fuel boiler Russian-made Siberia

Solid fuel boilers made in Russia “Siberia” are distinguished from other offers by the presence of a steel hob. This allows you to use the equipment also for cooking. The device is capable of working on wood, coal, and other types of solid fuels.

The power of the model reaches 30 kW, so it will be possible to heat private households and cottages. The boiler is complemented by a water circuit, represented by a boiler, which is able to provide hot water. Available devices with a water circuit. Water is heated by electric heating elements, which can also be used in the process of cooking. The presence of a built-in temperature controller causes the equipment to turn on to maintain the set temperature.

Evberg TT boiler

the best solid fuel boilers produced in Russia

The Russian-made solid fuel boiler Evberg TT costs 23,450 rubles. Its power is 18 kW. The equipment is characterized by high performance, capable of working on coal and high quality wood, but also wood waste. The main thing is that their humidity does not exceed 70%.The advantages are compact size, good return and easy installation.

Cast iron boiler KChM-5-K-03M1

Russian solid fuel boiler evberg tt

If you are interested in Russian-made solid fuel boilers, then you should pay attention to the model mentioned above. Power can vary from 21 to 80 kW. The heating area is 210-800 m2. To pay for such equipment will have 41 511 rubles.

This solid-fuel cast-iron sectional boiler is a universal model that can be installed in an individual house or at a utility facility. By dismantling the burner, the solid fuel boiler can be converted to gaseous liquid fuel, which is the main distinguishing feature of these devices. For the operation of boilers for the preparation of hot water can be supplemented by a complete set of flow and storage water heater.

Boilers brand "Prometheus"

If you want to choose the best solid fuel boiler made in Russia, you should pay attention to the products of the brand "Prometheus". It has long claimed the role of the industry flagship."Prometheus" is well rated by users and highly demanded. The popularity is due to several factors, among them should be highlighted:

  • affordable cost;
  • durability;
  • non-volatility;
  • profitability;
  • small dimensions.

The operation of the boilers is based on pyrolysis technology. Choosing the most productive models, you can count on power up to 45 kW. This allows the use of devices even in small industrial environments. The main disadvantage of steel is its susceptibility to corrosion, but Prometheus boilers are deprived of this minus, because anticorrosive additives are present in the composition of the base material.

The outer surface of the heat exchanger is enlarged, which contributes to the efficient absorption of thermal energy. The front wall of the device is supplemented with a heat-insulating layer with high thermal resistance. The ash box is simplified, making it easy to remove ash for servicing the boiler.


The internal surfaces of the boiler "Prometheus" have a lining of refractory bricks, thanks to this, the service life of the heat exchanger and the unit itself is more durable.Power can be adjusted, but these actions are carried out automatically by closing and opening the flap. In this case, the manufacturer has foreseen the use of a mechanical thermostat, so the unit works even in conditions of complete absence of power supply. Perhaps, Prometheus boilers can be called the best offer of the market of solid fuel equipment for heating.

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