The best scattered columns: description, principle of operation, device and reviews

Making alcohol at home is far from the easiest process imaginable. To do this, you will need not only high-quality ingredients, but also the appropriate devices, as well as skills that allow you to use them effectively. In this article we will discuss continuous mash columns, which are also known as NSC.

NSC and their application

mash columns

They are not very common today, although they have a high level of functionality. On the one hand, people are used to using a standard cube for distillation, so they don’t want to adapt to something new. On the other hand, the cost of such a column is quite high and can reach several hundred dollars. That is why many people involved in the manufacture of alcohol at home, do not go to the beer columns.Our article is intended to describe this device, its principle of operation, as well as the main advantages compared with the standard common method of distillation by the bottom. After reviewing the material, you will be able to decide for yourself which method you prefer.

What it is?

Scrap column DIY drawings

So, first you need to deal with the fact that in general are masses of columns. The NSC is a device that allows you to get the purest raw alcohol from steam through steam generation. As you read this article, you will learn absolutely about all the features of this device and the method of preparation of homemade alcohol. It is worth noting that, due to the high cost of the device and its components, this method is not so common in home distillery, but on an industrial scale it has been used for quite some time and extremely successfully. So if you really want to reach a new level of efficiency, then you should definitely pay attention to continuous mash columns, since they will allow you to achieve the desired result.


 swallow column with their own hands

Naturally, the dream of every home distiller is a bogey column. With their own hands (the drawings will help you with this) everyone can assemble this design. However, it is strongly not recommended to do it yourself, as this can lead to serious negative consequences and can even threaten your health and life. Further in the article will be presented the best models that you can safely buy right now - and then you don’t have to risk and try to build something manually. In the meantime, it is necessary to disassemble with the device of this product, so that you have an idea of ​​what a similar column consists of, and also could safely navigate the drawings, if you still decide not to spend money, but to make a column yourself. So, the device is really not that complicated: the NSC consists of an evaporative tank, the most continuous column itself, a pump, bardoodvodchik, as well as some other parts that can vary from model to model — a heater, a power regulator, a refrigerator, alcohol meters, etc. . Well, now that you know what the device consists of, you can create a masses column. Do not draw drawings with your own hands.You can use ready-made ones (one of them is presented further in the text). Components, of course, have to be purchased. And also it will be necessary to observe extreme caution. And again, you need to repeat: it is not recommended to take risks and make such a device on your own, as this is not fraught with the most pleasant consequences.

Operating principle

best bogey column

Brazhnaya column - an idea for those who want to quickly and efficiently get alcohol at home. But to use the NSC, you need to understand how it works, and not just the device. Accordingly, now you will get acquainted with the process of production of alcohol from the mash. The original raw material, i.e., mash, is slowly fed by a thin stream into the heater located on top of the device. In some models of this element may not be, but with it the device works much more efficiently. From the heater, the mash enters the column from above, and then gradually flows down the plates located throughout the whole structure. At the same time, steam is pumped from the evaporating tank by means of a pump, which is in contact with the descending liquid.As a result, all the vapors containing alcohol come out of it, and the bard reaches the bottom of the column, which is discharged into the sewage system through the bard drain. As for the vapors saturated with alcohol, they rise higher and get into the distiller, where they already acquire their normal state of aggregation - liquid. That's all, raw spirit of the highest quality is ready. As you can see, the continuous tank column works very quickly and efficiently, however, of course, much depends directly on the device model. Some options that you can consider will be presented to you later. In the meantime, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages of this device compared to the usual traditional cube for distillation.

A large number of Braga

mist column idea

Now, when you can imagine a scaffolding drawing, and also have an idea of ​​what is going on inside the device, you can draw some conclusions regarding the functionality of the NSC. The first is that the use of this device is perfect in the presence of any amount of mash. The point is that a standard cube has a limited volume, so only a limited amount of brew can be poured into it, while at the NBK you can fill in brew for at least a whole day.Accordingly, if you plan to make alcohol in large quantities, then this device will suit you perfectly. However, the distillation column has not one advantage, so you should definitely consider each of them in order to fully realize how much more effective and convenient home distillation will be when you purchase the NSC.

Convenience and order

Those people who have ever used a cube for distillation, know that after using it, a person is waiting for a long cleaning, as the bard does not merge anywhere, and you need to wash the cube after each use. If you have a beer column, the bard obtained during the distillation process is directly discharged into the sewer system through the bard drain valve, eliminating the need to spend time and energy every time cleaning the cube. Thus, as soon as you decide that distillation is enough for today, you just need to turn off the steam generator and stop brewing. That's it, you can immediately go about your business, as there is no need to clean and clean anything.


mini bogey column

If we are talking about the fact that you save time on cleaning, it is worth noting that you can spend less time on distillation in principle. The fact is that the NSC uses the technology of heat recovery, and it, in turn, provides an impressive increase in efficiency. Accordingly, you can get the same amount of ready-made alcohol in a shorter period of time, spending much less energy on it. As you can see, the advantages of the NBK are numerous, and you should consider and evaluate them all in order to be able to come to the conclusion that the Brack column is the best assistant of any distiller acting at home.

The quality of the finished product in the cube

 continuous mash column

All the previous advantages are very pleasant, but none of them is so impressive as to force the distiller to switch from the traditional method to the use of the mash column. Of course, the lack of need for cleaning, the ability to process more brewing and easy saving of time and energy are pleasant bonuses. But so far the most important advantage has not been affected.The fact is that when using the NSC, you can get raw alcohol of much higher quality and much cleaner. Why? In fact, everything is quite simple. When you use the bottom method, the process of evaporation of alcohol from the brewing takes a long time. During this time, other chemical processes are launched, during which the yeast contained in braga, as well as some other substances, which all ultimately give the finished alcohol product additional flavors and flavors, are “boiled”. Naturally, when using high-quality equipment, these smells and tastes are barely distinguishable, but still they are present, which significantly reduces the organoleptics of the raw alcohol.

Quality of the finished product at the NBK

If you use the NSC, the process of evaporation of alcohol from the mash is incredibly fast - a maximum of fifteen seconds. During this time, none of the side processes have time to reach such a stage as to give a couple of flavors and tastes saturated with alcohol. Accordingly, when using the NSC, raw alcohol is obtained as clean and of the highest quality, and this is what puts the mash columns much higher than even the most advanced cube.

NBK Vilenoff (6kW)

You will now get an idea of ​​what the NBK has on the current market.The product, which will be discussed now, is the best column of beer that can fall into your hands. Its capacity is 6 kW, which allows the device to function more than efficiently. The unit has a fairly large height - just over two meters. The evaporative tank is located at the very base and has a volume of 93 liters. If we talk about the supply of mash, it is adjustable, that is, you yourself can control how much product will be fed into the column. The maximum rate is 70 liters per hour, but you can reduce it to any level at your discretion. The approximate yield of raw alcohol is 13.5 liters per hour, but this indicator is not stable - it largely depends on the quality of the mash you use. This NSC is the best available for each column, but it is far from the only one you can get.

NBK AP-480

The previous product is worth more than six hundred dollars, and not everyone wants to spend such an impressive amount. So if you still want to purchase the NBK, but at the same time do not have such means, then you may need a mini-column.It has a much smaller size, it lacks some elements, such as, for example, an evaporative tank, which you will have to attach separately, and it also has less efficiency due to the fact that its capacity is only 2.5 kW, which is much less than the previous model. However, the device still remains incredibly functional, and most importantly, it will cost you only three hundred dollars, which is two times less than the full-size, high-functional NSC. Accordingly, you can choose one of these options - or go in search of some other option. You are not interested in any beer column? You can build an analog with your own hands. And although this is not the best and safest option, you cannot just ignore it and say nothing about it.

Create your own NBK

 mash column reviews

The easiest way out is to purchase a ready-made device, but if you want to experiment, you can try. Perhaps you will have a full-fledged column of brigandine - it’s quite difficult to make a device with your own hands, although everything on the diagram may look simple.As you already understood, you need to ensure that in the upper container, which can be served, for example, an inverted glass jar, the vapors are saturated with alcohol, and the waste bard flows down. Evaporation should occur in the funnel, which must be achieved at a certain temperature. If you understand such devices, then you will have the chance to build something similar. If not, then you are unlikely to get something quite effective, and most importantly, it is far from always an improvised device that turns out to be safe.


What do people think of such a device as a brew column? Reviews of this unit are overwhelmingly positive, but so far not as numerous as we would like. People say that the NSC functions just fine and allow to achieve high efficiency in the production of high-quality raw alcohol. In addition, many note the practicality of such devices - no need for constant monitoring of the process, cleaning after its completion, and so on. So if you are interested in this product, but you are not sure whether the manufacturer’s advertising messages and the seller’s recommendations are true, you can be sure.The real people who write real reviews fully support the use of the NBK.

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