The best resorts of Spain to the sea. Ski resorts in Spain

Throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions and other nuances, people from different countries of the world come to Spain. On the territory of this state there are many recreation areas, but most importantly - here are the city-museums, which are the basis of the cultural heritage of Western Europe. The resorts of Spain are the seashore with the blue lagoon, and the high mountains covered with white snow, and just cities and towns that amaze with the beauty of their architecture. Well, modern service, amenities and care for each guest of the country will allow to spend a vacation not just interesting, but also very comfortable.spain resorts hotels

Spain: resorts

Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Cadiz, asturian quiet beaches, the bustling Balearic Islands and the exotic Canarian archipelago are all located in a rather small country. Despite the fact that the resorts in Spain are very different (both because of their geographical location, and because of cultural aspects), tourists rest in almost every city here.The coast, which stretches along the Mediterranean basin, welcomes guests from April to October, while the sun in this region shines most brightly. With the onset of cold weather in the country opens the winter season. The Pyrenees Mountains meet all lovers of skiing and snowboarding at resorts such as Baqueira Beret and Sierra Nevada. Well, all year round, at any time you can come here to inspect architectural monuments.spain resorts

A few words about summer vacation

Of course, the most popular are those resorts in Spain, which are located on the Mediterranean coast. This is a chain of cities that begins with Barcelona and ends with Marbella or even Cadiz. In addition to such common recreation areas, there are also equipped and very picturesque places in the north of the country. The local resorts in Spain are a bit cooler, but still the bay of the Atlantic Ocean is warm here, the sand warms up very well. And most importantly - the nature is primeval, quiet and peaceful. A wonderful summer holiday within this country can be spent on the islands, which are its provinces.This is the Balearic archipelago, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Here are the world resorts bearing loud names - Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca. And, of course, the most respectable and expensive resorts of Spain are located on the distant Canary Islands, which are located between Africa and America. Reviews of tourists who have been here at least once say that these beautiful places will be able to please a person with any tastes and expectations, because there is absolutely everything.spain resorts to the sea

Mediterranean Coast - South

A large number of tourists from April to October goes to the continental resorts of Spain. The sea is warm and pleasant to rest here. Places are the most diverse, suitable for lovers of solitude, and for noisy companies, and for adventure seekers. So let's start exploring this country from the south, where the famous Costa del Sol recreation area is located. Here are the most fashionable hotels, penthouses and villas, as well as yacht clubs, surfing training schools and much more. The only drawback of the area are cold currents, which often fall into the coastal waters.A little to the north is Costa Blanca (ivory coast), within which the most modern and noisy resorts of Spain have grown. At the sea, students come here mostly to visit, who attend local nightclubs, beach parties and other events.the best resorts in spain

North coast

In the middle of the coastline we are met by the Costa Dorada, which translates as the "golden coast". The best resorts in Spain, designed for families with children, are located in this place. In each of the cities or towns that are located within the Costa Dorada, we find really golden sands that come right up to the blue water. The entrance to the sea itself is very gentle and smooth, so it’s definitely not worth worrying about your children. Due to the fact that the entire coast is in the bay, there are no winds here, storms do not rise, and the sun shines constantly, which makes the local sands even more sparkling. Of course, the very popular and sought-after resorts in Spain are concentrated on the coast called Costa Brava. Here is the unique city of Barcelona, ​​which is full of architectural monuments of different eras.The tourist industry is also well developed in the region. All hotels, regardless of the number of stars, provide their guests with full service and comfort. The sea is always warm, the shore is shallow, which allows you to relax with children here.spain resorts barcelona

Islands that bathe in the sun

It is believed that the best resorts in Spain have grown precisely on the provincial remote islands. This, of course, the famous trinity, which is located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea: Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Each of these islands is unique, therefore we will consider them separately. Mallorca is a universal resting place. There are quiet places where you can spend your honeymoon, and quite noisy villages with a vibrant nightlife. Menorca is considered a peaceful paradise. Here are very beautiful natural landscapes, white sand and a gentle entrance to the sea. The place is great for holidays with kids or for private holidays. Ibiza is a paradise for clubbers. Discos, contests, entertainment, concerts and other programs never end here. All year round, Ibiza lives its club life. But the Canary Islands - this is a natural riot.Perhaps none of the famous oceanic archipelago has such a powerful tropical and green vegetation. On the islands there are mountains that protect the coast from winds and hurricanes. In the Canaries, the tourist industry is very developed; therefore, such famous resorts as Tenerife, Fuengirola, Maspalomas and many others constantly receive holidaymakers.spain resorts reviews

Winter fun

Ski resorts in Spain are spread in the Pyrenees mountains. Here the snow falls in the middle of November, and low temperatures maintain it on the surface of the ridges until April. Pyrenean winter resorts are considered the southernmost in Europe, what is their uniqueness. Tourists gather here constantly to study winter sports in one of the local schools. The largest recreation area is Baqueira-Beret. Many stars, politicians and other celebrities come here to spend their holidays. Prices are very high, but there are hotels, as they say, for every budget. To the south, not far from Granada, lies the southernmost resort - Sierra Nevada. In this area, the mountains are much steeper than in Baqueira, because most often this place is visited by professionals who are not afraid of difficulties.Also note that the ski resorts of Spain, due to the fact that they are located in southern latitudes, have trails with bulk artificial snow. Sometimes the weather here is unpredictable, so you have to do everything to ensure that every tourist’s holiday leaves only bright and vivid resorts spain

Spain: resorts, hotels

In this country there are no public hotels that would work according to a single standard. Each individual city or region decides for itself what conditions it will provide to tourists and what prices will be set. For example, the northern part of the Mediterranean coast (Costa Brava and Costa Dorada) is characterized by hotels 2-3 *. Here you can relax in the budget, but the service and maintenance will be purely European. Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol are already prestigious regions, where there are many five-star hotel complexes with golf clubs, spa salons and other additional services. On the islands are rented as rooms in large hotels, and individual cottages or villas. Of course, relaxing on a budget, here you can find hostels, various boarding houses, and even private rented apartments.


Spain is a country that is perfect for any holiday. With kids or just with your other half, in a noisy group of friends or in the company of tourists who are discovering new territories - in any case, you will have a great vacation. This country will be a real discovery for you. Here you will find wonderful beaches, ski slopes and historical sights that will leave you with pleasant colorful memories.

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