The best boxers in the world

Do you know the best fighters in the world? How did they go to their goal? We will answer these and other questions in the article. First we look at the top 10 boxers of our planet. They became elected at different times. These athletes are collected from different weight categories. The top, which we will present to you, was compiled on the recommendations of fans, as well as various magazines about boxing.

To climb the sports Olympus, these people worked a lot on themselves, improved daily.

№ 10. Pep Willy

The best boxers of the world have always been interested in society. So, on the 10th place of honor is Willy Pep. He fought in the years 1940-1966, held 241 duels, won 229 times. In total, this athlete has 11 losses, 65 knockout victories and not a single fight ended in a draw.

This Italian-American boxer has been fighting in the ring for twenty-six years. He has a huge number of victories and a minimum of failures. This is perhaps the most fantastic record for the entire era. Pep belonged to the light weight category. He fought without a loss until 1944, winning 61 times. It is impressive.

top boxers of the world

Some time passed, and he was defeated for the first time by world champion Sammy Angott. A year later, Willie perfected his tactics and then did not lose a single battle.

Pep continued to move in this sport without failures, thereby proving that he is the strongest boxer in the world. He won in 73 fights. This is a staggering record. Pep, without a doubt, is rightfully a great fist fighter of the twentieth century. For this he was brought in 1990 in the hall of fame. From the point of view of the magazine Associated Press, he won first place in the lightest weight.

№ 9. Armstrong Henry

Top 10 boxers of the world passed the great tests before getting into this list. In ninth place is Henry Armstrong. This fist fighter played in 1931-1945, in all, he carried out 181 fights, of which he won 150. He has 21 defeats, 10 fights, played in a draw, and 101 knockout victories.

This master of a leather glove began the advance with a light weight category, and finished - in the middle. Only Henry was able to get three championship trophies in three different weight categories. The result is impressive.

 the best boxer in the world

It is known that he won four titles, but in a duel with Ceferino Garcia was considered a draw.Nevertheless, everyone is sure that it was Armstrong that won the fight then. He defeated the enemy 27 times in a row only by knockouts. This is probably the best performance in boxing.

Armstrong decided to recognize as great boxer his colleagues, who by then were no less famous than Henry himself. The sports magazine The Rihg awarded Armstrong in 2007 the title of the best fist fighter on the planet for 80 years.

№ 8. Marciano Rocky

Do you like boxing? The best boxers of the world fascinate fans of this sport. Eighth place in the famous ranking took Rocky Marchiano. This fist fighter played in 1948-1955, spent only 49 battles, won 49 battles. He has not a single defeat, not a single fight, completed in a draw. He also scored 43 knockout victories. In fact, this boxer remained undefeated.

Rocky became famous for his cruelty to his rivals, he was one of the heavyweights. This unique boxer did not give anyone their primacy in their category. Ricky defended his high title six times.

 the best boxers of the world of all time

Many people believe that he is the best boxer in the world in the history of this amazing sport, however, many also believe that he did not get a worthy competitor in his time.Despite such criticism, Marciano is remembered by everyone as an irresistible fighter of all eras, as well as being in various ratings.

№ 7. Julio Cesar Chavez

Soon we will find out who is the best boxer in the world, and now we will tell you about the fist fighter named Julio Cesar Chavez. This master of leather glove boxed in 1980–2005, conducted a total of 116 fights, won 108 of them. He has 6 defeats, two fights are tied, in 87 fights he defeated his opponent by knockout.

Julio is the greatest Mexican boxer, because he took part in five weight categories. Julio was recognized as the best fighter of the planet for a ten-year period. Chavez is a six-time winner in three weight categories.

This fighter was famous for his strength, constant control of the enemy, crushing blows, as well as a strong chin. In the ESPN rating among the 50 famous boxers, he occupies a decent 24th place. Chavez led 88 battles without defeat, until Frankie Randall defeated him. After that, Chavez won a fight with him twice. Julio was able to beat boxers like Roger Mayweather, Sammy Fuentes, Hector Camacho and many others.

№ 6. Dempsey Jack

So, who is the best boxer in the world? We will answer this question further, and now we will pay attention to the sixth place in the rating. He was worthy of Jack Dempsey. This boxer fought in 1914-1927, held only 83 fights, of which 65 won, and lost 6. He finished in a draw with only 11 battles, and was able to beat the opponent by knockout 51 times.

the best boxer of the world in the history of boxing

Jack Dempsey can surely be called one of the most brilliant US boxers in history. During his battles always watched a lot of people. The aggression and power of this man transformed him into the most famous fist fighter. He was the undisputed heavyweight winner for about seven years. All these years he mercilessly coped with those who sought to usurp the palm.

But over time, Jack still lost her in a battle with Gene Tanney. However, a year later he again defeated him in a fierce battle. In the list of heavyweights The Ring’s magazines, Dempsey is on the tenth line.

Number 5. Mike Tyson

The best fighters in the world are the strongest people in the world. Mike Tyson won the fifth place in the ranking. He boxed in 1985–2005, spent a total of 58 fights, of which he won 50. Mike has only 6 losses and not a single fight, which ended in a draw. Tyson knocked out only 44 times.

Everyone has heard the name of this greatest boxer. The whole world knows him.He is known for being able to overcome absolutely any opponent in a couple of seconds, or only during the first round. They constantly made bets on him and only watched how many minutes the opponent could stand against Mike.

It is believed that Tyson - the toughest puncher in history. For the fastest and most powerful knockouts, he was placed in the Guinness Book of Records. Tyson has nine knockouts that he completed in less than a minute. Among other things, Mike is the youngest favorite at heavyweight.

№ 4. Johnson Jack

We continue to find out what makes the best boxers in the world good. The fourth place ranking is Jack Johnson. This boxer played in 1897-1945, spent only 114 battles, of which he won 80. Jack suffered 13 defeats, 12 fights ended in a draw, defeated his opponent by knockout 45 times.

the best boxer of the world in the history

Jack is a fairly famous African American fist fighter. He was an absolute triumphant heavyweight champion for ten years! Jack got into all sorts of boxing ratings. No one could win him for a long time, so many boxers disliked him.

Johnson is an extraordinary boxer. He owned a personal style of conducting a duel, which the opponents could not solve.He is also known for being well able to elude his opponent’s blows.

No. 3. Sugar Ray Robinson

How did the best fighters of the world of all times and nations climb the glory pedestal? Consider the achievements of a boxer named Sugar Ray Robinson. This fist fighter boxed in 1940-1965, only spent 200 battles, of which he won 173. He lost 19 battles, finished in a draw 6 battles, defeated the enemy by knockout 108 times.

boxing top boxers of the world

Almost everyone calls him an outstanding boxer. Robinson participated in seven weight categories, it has all the best properties of this fist fighter. Robinson was very strong, had a firm chin and had increased stamina. He won his welterweight and middleweight titles. Robinson proved to everyone that he deserves to be a great master of leather gloves. And many influential publications give him exactly the first place in similar ratings.

№ 2. Mohammed Ali

Almost all the best fighters of the world of all time from an early age dreamed of becoming champions. And they became them! The second place ranking was taken by Mohammed Ali. He fought in the years 1960-1981, he had a total of 61 fights, won 56. He had five defeats and not a single match that ended in a draw.Mohammed was able to win by knockout 37 times.

This fist fighter has become famous throughout the world. He was awarded the title "Boxer of the Year" five times, he is recognized as the best fighter of the past ten years. In the heavyweight division, Ali received the title of world champion, but was deprived of it due to the fact that he refused to go to fight in Vietnam.

Muhammad was considered invincible. The state often tried to humiliate him. However, this did not stop him: he was able to stand on his feet and reach his heights. After some time, he returned to the ring and resumed his illustrious path.

№ 1. Joe Louis

Many fans believe that the best boxer in the history of boxing is Joe Louis. And he really ranks first in the ranking. This boxer played in the years 1934-1951, held a total of 72 fights, of which he won 69. He suffered 3 defeats and not one fight ended in a draw. Joe won by knockout 57 times.

This is the greatest and invincible boxer of the planet in history. Louis was very tall and everyone thought it was impossible to defeat him. However, he still lost one battle to the German Max Schmeling. The winner wasn’t happy for long, as Joe later took an awesome rematch, winning Max in just one round.

10 best boxers of the world

Then he lost two more fights as he didn’t keep his form: he had financial problems and he couldn’t train all the time.

All began to call Louis a symbol of the United States. He was present in the hearts of people during the Second World War. It is known that during the war no one could become such a politically authoritative fist fighter like Joe.

People crowded around the radio and the ring to learn about their battles with opponents. It gave people hope for tomorrow and faith in the fact that life will improve. Joe Louis is the only boxer recognized as the best of the best in the world.

WBC and AIBA version

So, you already know the best boxer in the world of boxing history. Consider now the rating, which was composed of the two largest federations AIBA and WBC, responsible for all processes in the world of boxing. For several decades after the end of World War II, experts tried to create a canonical list of the top boxers in the entire history of our planet. And then, finally, in 2015, he waspublished by:

  1. Paceirod the Great, five-time Olympic champion, 5th century before Christ, Hellas, Rhodes.
  2. Laszlo Papp, triple champion of the Olympic Games (1948, 1952, 1956), the first Eastern European - the world's favorite among the masters, Hungary.
  3. Mohammed Ali (or Cassius Clay), champion of the 1960 Olympics, famous super champion virtuoso in heavyweight, USA.
  4. Stevenson Teofilo, triple Olympic favorite (1972, 1976, 1980), Cuba.
  5. Sugar Ray Leonard, Olympic champion in 1976, the best professional lightweight boxer in history, the United States.
  6. George Foreman, champion of the 1968 Olympic Games, one of two eternal opponents of Mohammed Ali in the super heavyweight masters, USA.
  7. Mike Tyson, the last legendary master super heavyweight, USA.
  8. Joe Frazier, the 1964 Olympic favorite, is one of two (with Joe Foreman) cult opponents of Cassius Clay in super heavyweight among craftsmen, USA.
  9. Valery Popenchenko, USSR, 1964 Olympic champion, possibly the most skillful fighter in boxing history.
  10. Savon Felix, three-time favorite of the Olympic Games (1992, 1996, 2000), Cuba.

With the compilation of this list, initially there were many problems. We must not forget that in addition to the contradictions between the two aforementioned federations, that is, subjective obstacles, there are also objective obstacles.

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